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Found 72 results

  1. https://www.ign.com/videos/2018/12/20/crackdown-3-new-single-player-gameplay-footage-and-details-ign-first
  2. number305

    Microsoft M$ GWG and Game Pass

    Last month I signed up for Game pass and so far it has been a fantastic deal. Games I have played so far from game pass: Forza Horizon 4 Zombie Army Trilogy Rush: A disneyPixar Adventure (kids) State of Decay 2 Strange Brigade Below Mutant Year Zero (I beat this - Great game!) Agents of Mayhem (bad game, but one I had wanted to try for a while) Also they are adding new games like crazy so I'm sure there will be fresh stuff every month to try. In addition this year games I know I will be playing from this service: Ori and the Will of the Wisps Crackdown 3 Gears 5 On a related note the game Celeste is currently M$'s games with gold game for the month. I have been playing that too and I like it a lot. I got the game pass 12 month for $70 on sale before Christmas. It seems so far like one of the best deals I have gotten in a long time!
  3. Ark Survival Just Cause 3 Life is Strange 2 Absolver https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2019/01/02/xbox-game-pass-january-2019/ I have two of these for PS4, but wouldn't mind replaying Absolver especially with the new DLC and I haven't really touched Just Cause 3.
  4. Celeste, WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship, Tomb Raider: GOL and Farcry 2
  5. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/halo-infinite-will-feature-four-player-splitscreen/1100-6464059/?utm_source=reddit.com
  6. Did the Skeletons thrones last night with @Emblazon and @kittykat. Man it's weird how such a simple task can become an adventure especially when dealing with other online players. We had to find another crew to help us find and sit on the thrones but had no luck. The first sloop we approached to help us was out at sea. It looked like he was all for cooperating. When we got to the island to search for the Throne, Kitty Kat and Emblazon went on the island while I stayed on the boat to look out for other pirates, the ship we thought was gonna help us out start shooting cannon at our galleon. I didn't realize it was him that was sinking us as I went down to the bright to repair our boat. Then he boarded the boat and started slashing at me yelling "arrrrg". Our boat sank so we spawned elsewhere to look try again to find a friendly crew to help us. The second sloop we found was in the middle of digging up some treatsure. We slowly rolled right next to them using our megaphone stating our intentions and they freaked out and booked it. We had the winds at our back so we caught up quick and we yelled at them that we don't want to loot them but they just kept sailing away so we just let them go. We switched servers and found a sloop out in the distance. As we tried to sail towards it we get attacked by the Kraken. This would be the second time we gotten attacked by the Kraken in the span of 1 hour or so. The sloop just sailed around us watching the Kraken tear up our ship. We managed to get away but then a storm fell right on top of us. We were running low on planks and felt the game really didn't want us to complete this event. We managed to find our way out of the storm and as the sun came out we see the sloop anchored at a sunken ship. Me and Kitty Kat hop on their sloop with treasure. We see one of the players AFK. Kitty Kat waves at Kim and I'm just jumping around with the treasure in hand to show that we are friendly. He comes back to and he thinks we want his loot. We explain that we want thrones and they agree to help us. In return we would give them a mauraders and captains chest for their services. As we pull up to a nearby Outpost so they can turn in their loot before we head off for the Thrones another galleon apporached us. We try to communicate to the that we are friendly and are on our way to do the weekly event. Well they fired their cannons at us so it was on like Donkey Kong. They had no chance against us and the sloop working together. We fired away and did a good amount of damage to them. So they retreated. We continued with offloading our loot and they decided to come back for seconds. But once docked it was an all out battle for the island. We killed most of them and suck their ship. They spawned back and we left stranded at the Outpost with no ship. It didn't have to come down to this if they hadn't fired on us Well after a total of 4 hours we completed the weekly event. I had a blast and working with another crew is definitely the best aspect of it. Nothing like sailing with like minded pirates. Here are some picks of our adventure.
  7. Updating so it can be updated. December 2018 ----------------------- The Gardens Between (11/29) Mutant Year Zero (12/4) Strange Brigade (12/6) November 2018 ----------------------- Sniper Elite 4 (11/1) Olli Olli 2 XL Edition (11/1) Sheltered (11/1) Rise and Shine (11/1) Grip: Combat Racing (11/6) October 2018 (Halloween Additions) ------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Neighbor Dead Island: Riptide DE Outlast >observer_ October 2018 ----------------------- Forza Horizon 4 Wolfenstein: The New Order Metro 2033 Redux Westerado: Double Barreled Shantae: Half-Genie Hero LEGO Indiana Jones: Original Adventures (X360) Split/Second (X360)
  8. From what I understand, this person called the other MS acquisitions as well (or at least most of them) and has some insider knowledge. Speculation I'm seeing on Reset is Ready at Dawn. Since Housemarque is small, Quantic Dream likes working with Sony, and Supermassive said they have exclusives in the works with Sony, that does make some sense. Could also be a developer like Sanzaru.
  9. I didn't see the old thread we had before the board was rebooted so I figured I'd start a new one. Three more games were added to B.C. this week, Dante's Inferno which was also added to EA Access, Silent Hill HD remaster And Silent Hill Homecoming I'm happy MS is still supporting B.C. They need to add The Saboteur and Ninja Gaiden 2 soon, though.
  10. December 2018 Q.U.B.E. 2 (12/1) - X1 Never Alone (12/16) - X1 Dragon Age II (12/1) - X360 Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction (12/16) - OGX November 2018 Battlefield 1 (11/1) - X1 Race the Sun (11/16) - X1 Assassins Creed (11/1) - X360 Dante Inferno (11/16) - X360
  11. Honorable mention: Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors Full results: Damn good selections guys. It's hard to argue much with this list, IMO. Voting method seems to work. Thoughts on what console (or handheld) we should do next?
  12. "We've had one hand tied behind our back; now, no longer."
  13. In addition to the new console, there will be a ‘disc-to-digital’ program that, as the name states, turns your physical games into digital downloads. The idea is that you can take your disc to a participating retailer (like the Microsoft store) and trade in your disc for a digital download.
  14. Date: Saturday, Nov. 10th Times: 1pm PST/4pm EST Duration: 2 hours Office website: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/X018 How to watch: Mixer app (available on Xbox/PC/Mac/iOS/Android) HYPE!!! There will be a special two hour long Inside Xbox live stream during the event, where you can expect major "E3-level" announcements. Spencer noted that previously at X0, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Rare. Acquisitions indeed... RUMORS! Rocksteady to announce, MOAR BATMAN! Splinter Cell, Finally? Something Banjo Kazooie? Gears, Fable, Halo, oh my!
  15. One person with knowledge of the deal told Kotaku they’d heard it was “90%” finished. Said a second person: “It’s a matter of when, not if.” There is little doubt in my mind that Obsidian is DOA without this deal.
  16. Confused because when I look at the map there are other markers for other online players, but the forzathon aspects are greyed out and not available.
  17. Speaking on Microsoft's FY19 Q1 earnings call, the firm discussed its increased cross-platform presence with the Xbox brand. Now, following the success of Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One's Netflix-style subscription service for games, Nadella announced plans to expand to PC.
  18. skillzdadirecta

    Microsoft Crackdown 3 "Still Needs Work"

    Delay coming in 3, 2...
  19. I got an extra code if anyone wants it. Pre-load is up now, beta begins Oct 23rd.
  20. I don't have either of the L4D's but I popped in the Orange Box and played a bit of Half-Life 2 and it looks pretty damn good. Still not 60fps, but the 4k resolution eliminates the jaggies that were so bad in the original 360 version at least. Powerlines, fences, etc. used to flicker badly but it seems to be cleaned up pretty well. On top of that it looks like the textures have been given a boost. I don't know how comparable it is to what the PC version looked like at max settings, but since I've had the Orange Box since it came out back in 2007 this is a nice bonus. P.S. I think Portal got the bump too, but I don't know if they bothered with Team Fortress 2 since the console version of that was always pretty meh.
  21. Xbox has finally got the Dolby Vision support it promised. Well it's in the Insider Program for now but should be out for everyone soon @Spork3245 This is pretty cool because my Xbox One X is my UHD player so very happy that I can watch the movies that support it. EDIT: It's currently only supporting Dolby Vision via Netflix and not the UHD player hopefully that gets patched in soon. Along with Dolby Vision Xbox One is getting voice command support such as Alexa or Google home. It's a nice feature since no one uses Kinect but everyone jumped on Alexa Last are Avatars. They're back. That's cool I suppose. I made mine and notice friends avatars pop up when my screen goes idol. I just hope they have a lot more customization than they did in the beta.