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  1. Let's face it: neither Sony nor Microsoft really seems to have their heart in actually launching the next generation this autumn...and honestly why would they?!? Look at these headwinds working against an enthusiastic launch: (1) A global pandemic that appears to be showing no significant signs of abating. (2) An international economic situation that can be described as "precarious" at best and is probably closer to "catastrophic". (3) Political and social unrest in many parts of the world, exacerbated by (1) and (2). And quite frankly, the level of enthusiasm among the gaming community is pretty muted if not completely non-existent for the most part, largely because of the same factors listed above and because this current generation is still trucking along quite nicely. I really get the sense that Microsoft and Sony are launching this autumn because they feel they "have" to as opposed to actually "wanting" to. So, Sony and Microsoft, please don't feel compelled to launch the next generation this autumn - it's quite alright to postpone it to spring or even summer 2021. We'll be just fine! I mean, have you SEEN our backlogs?!?!
  2. Teaser on Twitter today... Banished as the main antagonists? Yes please. I still do need to play Halo Wars 2, but the Atriox trailers were awesome. Edit - While this is for Halo Wars 2, and I don't know if Atriox will even be in the new Halo, I liked the idea of the Banish far more than whatever we were fighting in Halo 4 and 5.
  3. Did the Skeletons thrones last night with @Emblazon and @kittykat. Man it's weird how such a simple task can become an adventure especially when dealing with other online players. We had to find another crew to help us find and sit on the thrones but had no luck. The first sloop we approached to help us was out at sea. It looked like he was all for cooperating. When we got to the island to search for the Throne, Kitty Kat and Emblazon went on the island while I stayed on the boat to look out for other pirates, the ship we thought was gonna help us out start shooting cannon at our galleon. I didn't realize it was him that was sinking us as I went down to the bright to repair our boat. Then he boarded the boat and started slashing at me yelling "arrrrg". Our boat sank so we spawned elsewhere to look try again to find a friendly crew to help us. The second sloop we found was in the middle of digging up some treatsure. We slowly rolled right next to them using our megaphone stating our intentions and they freaked out and booked it. We had the winds at our back so we caught up quick and we yelled at them that we don't want to loot them but they just kept sailing away so we just let them go. We switched servers and found a sloop out in the distance. As we tried to sail towards it we get attacked by the Kraken. This would be the second time we gotten attacked by the Kraken in the span of 1 hour or so. The sloop just sailed around us watching the Kraken tear up our ship. We managed to get away but then a storm fell right on top of us. We were running low on planks and felt the game really didn't want us to complete this event. We managed to find our way out of the storm and as the sun came out we see the sloop anchored at a sunken ship. Me and Kitty Kat hop on their sloop with treasure. We see one of the players AFK. Kitty Kat waves at Kim and I'm just jumping around with the treasure in hand to show that we are friendly. He comes back to and he thinks we want his loot. We explain that we want thrones and they agree to help us. In return we would give them a mauraders and captains chest for their services. As we pull up to a nearby Outpost so they can turn in their loot before we head off for the Thrones another galleon apporached us. We try to communicate to the that we are friendly and are on our way to do the weekly event. Well they fired their cannons at us so it was on like Donkey Kong. They had no chance against us and the sloop working together. We fired away and did a good amount of damage to them. So they retreated. We continued with offloading our loot and they decided to come back for seconds. But once docked it was an all out battle for the island. We killed most of them and suck their ship. They spawned back and we left stranded at the Outpost with no ship. It didn't have to come down to this if they hadn't fired on us Well after a total of 4 hours we completed the weekly event. I had a blast and working with another crew is definitely the best aspect of it. Nothing like sailing with like minded pirates. Here are some picks of our adventure.
  4. There was a time when I would've thought an NFL-less football game would've been a pointless endeavor... but, nowadays, it's not so silly a thought. There are several reasons for this; for one, pretty much everyone is tired of EA's bullshit. Madden has been a joke for years, and now we've learned that EA has secured the exclusive NFL license for at least the next few years. It feels like we won't ever get to play another good football game, ever. I think people would be willing to play a great football game, even if it didn't have licensed teams. I know, 2K tried this with All-Pro Football back when it lost the license, and it bombed, as it was extremely generic. But that was then. That was before online streaming, before deep character and decal customization, before e-sports. If e-sports have proven anything, it's that it doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's fun and there's a healthy community. If only there was a way to get people in with a really low cost of admission... oh, hello GAME PASS. Bring back AMPED, toss Forza Motorsport under the umbrella, and you already have an Xbox branded sports network tied together by game pass and xbox live. MLB doesn't hold onto its license nearly as tightly as NFL does, so that wouldn't be off the table either. Also, I would totally play a generic Wrestling game if it was a throwback to WCW vs NWO with excellent character customization. C'mon MS, do it. Doooo iiiiiit!
  5. Because I don't want to continue to clutter the Xbox Series X Information Thread, but I also want us to keep posting the funniest shit I've seen since the slow-motion collapse of American society started picking speed, feel free to lost every meme featuring the "Halo Infinite Brute" in this thread! I'll kick it off with my personal favorite:
  6. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/07/16/players-first-you-are-the-future-of-gaming/ I think most of us expected this, but good to know. After trying Stadia a little more, and trying some xCloud beta as well, I think there is definitely a place for Game Streaming. This deal is essentially a Stadia killer in my opinion. Stadia needed a Netflix type library available to stream immediately from, not a bunch of older titles everyone's played, that you need to rebuy. It's going to be huge for Game Pass, where some games I kinda want to try, but don't necessarily care enough to download it. Now you can instantly try the huge catalog of Game Pass games in seconds. If you like it enough, download it for the optimal experience. Now if Microsoft can deliver with a solid slate of quality games from its large portfolio of studios, this could really be a big win for Game Pass.
  7. Just because we had to delete and repost this doesn't mean these games aren't still coming soon! pro tip: play Gears 5 on Sep. 6 (4 days early) with XGP Ultimate all dates: https://t.co/TcXYjowLUz pic.twitter.com/0CCThbSCMd — Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass) September 4, 2019
  8. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-07-09-how-minecraft-and-mojang-taught-xbox-how-to-buy-studios Really good read. Great to hear they are taking a far different approach than how they used to handle 1st Party. Also, sounds like we can definitely expect more acquisitions.
  9. A couple of users here know about my issue that I had this past week but I figured I'd post it here and see what you guys' thoughts are. So I have spent the past three months of the pandemic with my parents across the country from where I live (Los Angeles). I have an Xbox One S here at my parent's house and now a PS4 and a Switch along with my laptop so I'm pretty well supplied as far as gaming goes. Last week I had to fly back to my place to take care of some things and I was shocked to discover that my day one Xbox One X Scorpio edition had died. I would try to turn it on and it would power on for a second or two then cut out. I tried all of the troubleshooting steps, reseting the power supply, plugging it into a different outlet. No dice. Now I had been gone from the apartment for almost four months and the console should have been powered off during that time. I don't believe there were any power surges or outages in the apartment because no other electronics were affected and my clock in my bedroom still displayed the correct time. So I ruled out an electrical issues but here's where it gets weird. I went to power on my OG Xbox in my bedroom and that one was bricked too That one wouldn't even power on at all. So the only conclusion I could come to was that an update, pushed by MS during the time I was gone bricked these consoles. It's the only thing I can think of as again, no other electronics in the apartment displayed any issues. So... what say you?
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