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Found 126 results

  1. Xbox One: Inside: Big Crown Showdown Xbox 360: Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Meet the Robinsons
  2. So Basically Lockhart will not be needed due to Xcloud Lockhart never made any sense in my book anyway the original rumors said that it would have a gpu weaker then the one in the 1x. why not just add the 1x gpu to the zen2 soc. That should have been the way they did it
  3. Over 100 titles will be available on the service with more info to be provided at E3.
  4. PM me if interested. You can still do the ultimate games pass stacking for another 2 weeks if you haven’t gotten around to it
  5. This means that the Galaxy 2.0 client could be used to manage PC Game Pass titles.
  6. There are now two ways to stream Xbox games: the previously revealed xCloud, and now, console streaming. With xCloud, it's a Stadia like, cloud based streaming service to various devices. With Console streaming, your Xbox One becomes a streaming server, allowing Xbox games to be played anywhere. They didn't really give a lot of details on how this will work, or what exactly is launching in October (is it xCloud and console streaming, only the latter?). Personally, I like the idea of console streaming, but I mostly want it to work on other TVs in my home.
  7. Microsoft hints at next-generation Xbox ‘Scarlet’ in E3 teasers New Xbox app for PC At least one studio acquisition announcement
  8. Naturally, this is in partnership with the parent company of the Axe product line.
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