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Found 319 results

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2’s easy-to-miss moments are built for Twitch and YouTube (Polygon) But a gorgeous virtual world doesn’t quite feel like a living world until you put humans (and, in this case, animals) in it. The most exciting element of that stunning vista was the people I saw crisscrossing the landscape on horseback or in a carriage — and the idea that I could gallop over to each person and have some kind of interaction with them that might be unremarkable, unforgettable or anywhere in between. Just like in real life. The Biggest Takeaways From Our Red Dead Redemption II Hands-On Demo (Game Informer) There’s a lot more to the game, but I’m going to have to keep some of it under wraps for the time being. Suffice it to say, Red Dead Redemption 2 is more than just a visual update to an old favorite with a new character. There are elements that are familiar, but Rockstar is very clearly not content with making a safe sequel. Red Dead Redemption 2: We Played It On PS4, Here's Everything We Saw (Gamespot) A lot of work has obviously been poured into the game's world, animation and cinematic presentation, in an attempt to create an experience that looks to impress you at every stage. It's little surprising how superficially familiar Red Dead Redemption 2 feels at first--this absolutely plays like a Rockstar Games title. But that's not a bad thing, and there's a lot to be said for the sheer amount of new, intricate systems which apply to the world, your weapons, your horse, Arthur himself, and how all of that can interact. We've only had the briefest of glimpses at the laundry list of genuine additions, but the level of depth that they suggest is certainly an incredibly enticing prospect, and we can't wait to experiment with them further. Two Hours With The Amazingly Detailed Red Dead Redemption 2 (Kotaku) What I could see sold me on the idea that Red Dead Redemption 2 aims to be as detailed and involved a video game western as we’ve ever seen. I’m equally sold that the changes Rockstar has made to their formula appear to be for the better. There is potential for them to have created their most interesting and interactive gaming landscape, one that gives much more life to the interactions between the character we play and the many others we meet, to make events unfold more naturally and for everything to feel more organic. In just about a month, we’ll find out for sure. Red Dead Redemption 2 hands-on: "I'm ready to kiss goodbye to 2018… and probably the rest of my life" (Games Radar) Most important of all will be the real consequences of making Arthur an honorable white hat or a total scumbag. The system will need to deliver much more than BioWare's binary Paragon/Renegade stuff, and so far I've only seen the tip of what's likely to be one of the biggest games in several years. That said, even after this brief glimpse, I'm ready to kiss goodbye to the end of 2018, and - now that Red Dead Online has been confirmed to the surprise of precisely nobody - probably the rest of my life too. Red Dead Redemption 2 hands-on preview – survival mechanics and a reactive, beautiful world (VG 24/7) Sandbox games are everywhere in 2018, but nobody does it quite like Rockstar, and Red Dead Redemption 2 could be the most reactive, surprising open-world game yet. Geoff Keighley Twitter thread: IGN: Gamespot: Easy Allies:
  2. Open critic: https://opencritic.com/game/6213/dragon-quest-xi-echoes-of-an-elusive-age US Gamer: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/dragon-quest-xi-echoes-of-an-elusive-age-revie https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/dragon-quest-xi-pc/ PC version will natively support 4K. No word yet on performance, but Square's promising better than Neir Automata's PC troubles. I'm jumping in on it.
  3. Bethesda helps 12-year-old boy with rare cancer fulfill his wish of playing Fallout 76 Just days after doctors told Wes' family they thought it best to stop his treatment, he realised he probably wouldn't get to play Fallout 76, due out in November. In a Facebook post, Wes' parents revealed Matt Grandstaff, assistant director at Bethesda, drove four hours from the company's headquarters in Maryland to the family home with not just a copy of the game, but a prototype of the Power Armor helmet due to come with the Power Armor Edition of the game, signed by Bethesda Game Studios chief Todd Howard. Nintendo fulfills wish of terminal cancer patient to play Smash Bros. Ultimate After gaining support from the community and catching the company’s attention, Nintendo followed through by allowing Chris to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ahead of release. Chris says two representatives stopped by his house early today and was given an opportunity to play the E3 demo
  4. Reports today state The Walking Dead developer Telltale Games is shutting down. Various posts on social media from multiple staffers at the studio seem to confirm the report, according to Gamasutra. The Verge is reporting that a staff of 25 will be retained.
  5. CastlevaniaNut18

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    This can be the new "what are you playing this weekend" thread. Lately, I've been completely absorbed in Persona 5. It's amazing. I played 10 hours when it first released, quit for over a year, now I'm back at it, hardcore. Just completed the 4th palace last night. I absolutely adore the mix of traditional turn-based RPG play and social simulation. I'm over 40 hours in and still have a looong way to go, but I'm enjoying the ride quite a bit.
  6. http://www.capcom-unity.com/devil_may_cry/blog/2018/09/19/tgs-2018-dante-crashes-the-party-with-a-brand-new-devil-may-cry-5-trailer
  7. Figured we needed a thread where we can come together to complain... er... um.. chat about all things Destiny 2.
  8. mikechorney

    General Gaming Forza Horizon 4 OT

    Given the GOTY is just a few weeks away, just thought I would create a place to post all things FH4. Edition Comparison -- Note these are different than FH3 Base Game ($59.99) -- FH 4 Formula Drift Car Pack Deluxe Edition ($79.99) --Base + Car Pass Ultimate Edition ($99.99) -- Deluxe + VIP + Expansion 1 + Expansion 2 + Day One Car Pack + Play 4 days early That's right -- the Deluxe edition does not contain VIP this year, but has the car pack instead. HOWEVER, the Ultimate Edition seems to have tremendous value -- all of the content from the FH3 UE -- plus both expansions included! This cost $35 extra on FH3.
  9. Played an hour this morning, it's pretty good. Love that you can't spam Q to spot now (no spotting at all).
  10. Long Island represent!!! http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-metro-fortnite-loser-threatens-teen-20180918-story.html