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Found 1 result

  1. So a couple weeks ago, I ended up snagging a pair of SONY MDR-XB950N1's for listening to podcasts/music on the go via bluetooth and they're pretty solid for sure when priced at a measely $100. This got me thinking about what I have as a headset for gaming (old Astro A50 Master Chief edition) which were bulky, had drop outs a lot and far too many wires. Fast forward to today where I stopped into Gamestop to snag a few hundred bucks in XBL money to pre-order incoming games for the fall and my eyes befell upon the Plantronics RIG 800LX wireless Dolby Atmos headphones. I had enough points to get an extra $25 off so I paid $125 for them. I won't have time until the end of the week to really test these out but upon a cursory look at reviews, it seems as though I made a solid choice. Just was wondering what everyone else uses and also, if you have the set that I just bought, tell me about them and what you like/dislike!?