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Found 85 results

  1. It's a strange time to be a football fan. After week 2 all of the quarterbacks you know and love aren't playing anymore. Gardner Minshew is the starter for the Jags Luke Falk is the starter for the Jets A different QB each quarter is the starter for the Dolphins The Daniel Jones era is officially starting for the Giants Cam Newton might not play so Kyle Allen would start for the Panthers Mason Rudolph will be starting for the Steelers And the saints will be rocking a two QB system between Bridgewater and Taysom Hill But you could always still love Joe Flacco if you're into that... 😧
  2. I figured with games starting on Saturday (Florida vs Miami), now would be as good a time as ever to start up the ol' college thread.
  3. We almost had a 3 way tie for first place, but Keyser_Soze just edges out the competition by just $100! Despite losing a conservative bet on the Feature Game, he was the only player to call all of Question 5 correctly to earn the bonus and put him over the top! ########## WEEK 2 RESULTS ########## Week 2 Feature Game - Philadelphia Eagles (-1.5) at Atlanta Falcons In an entertaining, hard hitting football game, the Falcons knock off the favored Eagles by a score of 24-20(-1.5). Bets on Atlanta win. 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Eagles TD, Eagles FG, Eagles safety, Falcons TD, Falcons FG, Falcons safety, or other? ($400 for the correct call) Matt Bryant was good on a 43 yard field goal for the first points of the game. Atlanta FG is the call. 2) How many turnovers (combined) will occur in the Feature Game? 0-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, or 8+ ($400 for the correct call) These teams just couldn't help throwing the ball to guys in the wrong jersey. Add a fumble to the 5 picks and there were 6 turnovers in this contest. Nobody called this one. 3) Name the player that will score first in the Browns @ Jets game on Monday Night ($400 for the correct call; as always "score" means "the person holding the ball in the endzone") Nick Chubb took the ball off the left tackle for a 19 yard score for the first TD of the game. No player guessed Chubb. 4) Name the QB that will have the highest number of pass attempts in Week 2? ($600 for the correct call) Cam Newton hucked the ball 51 times in a losing effort against Tampa. Too bad none of those 51 passes were for touchdowns... 5) Call the winners: Minnestoa at Green Bay Buffalo at NY Giants Indianapolis at Tennessee ($300 for EACH correct named game winner, $800 bonus if you call all 3 correctly) Several people got 2/3 but only Keyser_Soze got 'em all right to earn the bonus. 6) Name both the highest and lowest scoring teams of Week 2 ($500 for each correct guess) Patriots vs. Dolphins simultaneously lived up and down to everyone's expectations! This was basically a free $1,000 for half the players in the MGT. 7) How many total Field Goals (not PATs) will be converted during the Bears @ Broncos game? ($500 for the correct answer) 5 field goals were hit in this game, including a 30 yarder to win with 00:31 on the clock. 8) Name the player who will rush for the most yards AND the player that will have the most receiving yards in week two. ($1,500 for each player named correctly, $3,000 bonus if both names are called) Dalvin Cook ground out 154 yards rushing and Demarcus Robinson got his hands on 172 yards worth of passes to be your Week 2 offensive leaders. Nobody called either player. ######### LEADERBOARD ######### @Keyser_Soze - $4,100 @AbsolutSurgen - $4,000 @RedSoxFan9 - $4,000 @Biggie - $3,850 @thewhyteboar - $3,550 Slug - $3,200 @Kal-El814 - $2,900 @BasemntDweller2 - $2,800 @johnny - $2,500 @SFLUFAN - $2,500 @Dodger - $2,300 @Greatoneshere - $1,300 @Jose - $600 As always, if you think I mathed wrong let me know. ########## THE SEASON ######### Week 1 Week 2 ############################### WEEK 3 FEATURE GAME AND QUESTIONS FOLLOW THIS POST
  4. Thursday Night's barn-burner guarantees one of these teams will have a win. Carolina has lost 8 of their last 9 games and Tampa Bay has lost 5 games in a row stretching back to last season. Buffalo is looking to shock the world and string together 2 wins in a row and have 1/3 of the wins they had last season! Miami looking to also chock the world and channel the juju they put on the Patriots week 14 last season where they came away with a miraculous victory only if they do it this week it will be even more miraculous! The Gardner Minshew era begins for the Jaguars this week but will he be enough to defeat the Texans? New Orleans and Rams have a rematch of the NFC Championship game from last year but now they have instant replay on pass interference so does that mean New Orleans wins this time? Chicago is ready to take all their rage out on Joe Flacco. Cleveland gets a Monday night game and will they still be the Browns or will they act like the team people thought would win a lot of games?
  5. The NFL season starts tonight with a rematch of last year's week 1 game that had Aaron Rodgers coming out of the locker room to erase an 20 point deficit in the 4th quarter. Can he do it again? If he does @Emblazon will let us know how he feels ITT. The rest of the week looks kind of shit except for Steelers vs Pats, but maybe some team will surprise us!
  6. AbsolutSurgen comes out swinging with a big bet on the Feature Game and hits several of the higher dollar questions correctly to take the early lead going into Week 2! ########## WEEK 1 RESULTS ########## Week 1 Feature Game - Pittsburgh Steelers (+5.5) at New England Patriots In the most underwhelming national game of opening week, the Battle of the Six Rings saw New England lay waste to Pittsburgh by a score of 33-8.5(3+5.5). Bets on the champs win. 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Steelers TD, Steelers FG, Steelers safety, Patriots TD, Patriots FG, Patriots safety, or other? ($300 for the correct call) This one kicked off early, with Brady throwing a 20 yard strike to Gordon for the first score of the game (Pats TD). 2) Which QB will be sacked the most in the Feature Game; Brady, Roethlisberger, or will it be a tie? ($200 for the correct call) Both quarterbacks were sacked one time each. Calls for a tie win. Keyser_Soze was the only one to call it even. 3) How many penalties will be thrown and accepted in the feature game? ($500 for the correct call) 13 total penalties were assessed in this contest. Nobody called this. 4) Which team will have more turnovers in the Week 1 match-up between the Bills and the Jets? ($300 for the correct call) The Bills lost 2 fumbles and had 2 passes picked off, compared to the Jets' 1 fumble lost. Guesses on Buffalo get the cash. 5) Call the winners: LA Rams at Carolina Detroit at Arizona San Francisco at Tampa Bay ($300 for EACH correct named game winner, $800 bonus if you call all 3 correctly) The draw between the Lions and Cards hosed everyone up here. No bonus awarded. 6) How many total points will be scored in the late Monday Night game (Denver at Oakland)? 0-10, 11-24, 25-36, 37-45, or 46-55 or 55+ ($500 for the correct guess) Oakland sent their rivals packing by a score of 24-16, for a 40 point combined total. Only AbsolutSurgen, Greatoneshere, and Slug saw this coming. 7) Name the player who will score the first touchdown of the Washington @ Philadlephia game (by "score" we mean "the player holding the ball in the end-zone; don't name a QB unless you are guessing a rushing TD by them) ($400 for the correct answer) Fred Davis showed everyone that he is still an athletic freak despite being 800 years old. Nobody except Case Keenum called Davis' number. 8) Excluding players who played Thursday night (Bears and Packers' rosters): Name the player who will rush for the most yards AND the player that will have the most receiving yards in week one. ($1,000 for each player named correctly, $3,000 bonus if both names are called) Marlon Mack rumbled for 174 on the ground to lead all rushers in Week 1 and Sammy Watkins pulled in 198 through the air to lead all receivers. Nobody called either player. ######### LEADERBOARD ######### @AbsolutSurgen - $3,150 @johnny - $2,900 @Kal-El814 - $2,900 @RedSoxFan9 - $2,900 @Biggie - $2,150 @thewhyteboar - $2,050 @SFLUFAN - $2,000 @Dodger - $1,500 @Keyser_Soze - $1,200 @Greatoneshere - $1,100 Slug - $1,000 @BasemntDweller2 - $600 @Jose - $600 ########## THE SEASON ######### Week 1 ############################### WEEK 2 FEATURE GAME AND QUESTIONS FOLLOW THIS POST
  7. Inaugural season kickoff is tonight at 8 on CBS. You will get Atlanta @ Orlando or San Diego @ San Antonio depending on your market. Enjoy!
  8. Let us rejoice at the return of the BEST part of the NFL season! First up, the Arizona Cardinals
  9. So there I was. Watching the Bears derp away a season opener at home against a hated division rival. The game was awful, but it didn't matter: football was back and all was right in the world...mostly. Something was missing. The air was cool, my beverage was cooler. Fans were booing crap play. Colinsworth's commentary was garbage as usual. This was football season. Everything seemed like it was as it should be, but there was still this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that something was just..off. A thought, dancing on the edges of my mind, just outside recollection. As the game ended with...what's the opposite of a "bang"? I shook the feeling off and went to bed. Fast forward to this morning. As I lay in that hazy, half in and half out of sleep state the precedes waking it hits me. I sit bolt upright and loudly exclaim, "Holy shit I forgot to post the Mock Gambling Thread!" My wife, startled awake, glares at me through angry, sleep-interrupted eyes and growls, "What the fuck is the Mock Gambling Thread?!" "Well, honey, let me explain..." The Mock Gambling Thread is a competition that is a part gambling, part predicting, and part forecasting contest. The competition lasts for the entirety of the NFL season and is open to all regular board members. Each player starts with fictitious $1,000 that you can gamble as much or as little as you like on the week's Feature Game. There are two ways to increase your cash: Bet on the outcome of the Featured Game each week (with the spread). The featured game will be chosen each week from among the nationally televised games with the line set from when I post the thread. There will be a number of questions that will ask you to make predictions or to forecast certain outcomes across the NFL during the week. Correct answers earn you cash. You do not lose cash for wrong answers. The types of questions will vary each week, as will the amount of cash they can earn you. The competition continues through NFL season and post-season. At the conclusion of the Super Bowl the user with the most "cash" left will be the winner. THE RULES 1. You make your bet and answer the questions simply by posting on the thread each week with your pick for the featured game along with your bet, followed by your answers to the prediction questions. 2. Everyone starts with $1,000. If a user doesn't start until week 3, they still start with $1,000. Your best bet it to get in early and play every week. 3. If you somehow reach $0 you are not out of the competition. You can't bet on the feature game during weeks that you are broke, but you can answer the prediction questions and hope to earn cash to gamble the following week. 4. IMPORTANT: I will set a deadline for getting your entries for the week in (usually before kick-off of that week's first game). It is imperative that you make your post before the deadline. The entry thread will be locked at the deadline so if you don't get your entry in by then you lose out on the chance to make money that week. 5. I work full time AND am 24/7 on-call AND frequently travel for games AND have a near crippling gaming addiction AND probably drink too much! Responsibilities and personality flaws allowing, I will attempt to post the results and the next week's game/questions each Tuesday, as early as possible. Keep in mind though that there may be some wackiness here and there based on my schedule and hangovers. Pay attention. 6. For the official recording of stats/yardage NFL.com will be used. Whatever their site says on Tuesday morning is what counts. No whining. 7. Accounts created within the current calendar month are not eligible to play and any entries from such accounts will not be considered. If you have any questions, ASK! Prize(s): The winner will be declared the Champion of the 2nd D1P Edition of the Mock Gambling Thread and also take home a $50 Fanatics.com gift card so you can get some swag from your team! Can @BasemntDweller2 defend their title? Let's find out as the 2019-20 MGT season commences! WEEK 1 FEATURE GAME AND QUESTIONS FOLLOWS THIS POST @thewhyteboar @johnny @Keyser_Soze @Alpha1Cowboy @Biggie @SFLUFAN @Jose @Greatoneshere @Rbk_3 @RedSoxFan9 @Kal-El814 @ Any other potential contenders!
  10. Antonio Brown on the move?
  11. Enjoy watching @Biggie's 3rd string Falcons play @IPS Temp Admin's 3rd string Broncos! The non-debut of Joe Flacco for the Broncos should be exciting to see!
  12. Mentally worn down https://es.pn/2U34tng
  13. I haven nothing to say really, seems like it's not a very exciting class this year. Here's the draft order
  14. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/jets-fire-general-manager-mike-maccagnan-name-first-year-coach-adam-gase-acting-gm/ Some reactions:
  15. The resolution of this matter is subject to a confidentiality agreement so there will be no further comment," said a joint statement by his lawyers and the NFL.
  16. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/02/10/alliance-american-football-opening-night-highlights-ratings The caveat, of course, is that the XFL originally drew big ratings as well, but they quickly crashed. Let's see how the AAF does over time! The XFL debuts next year.
  17. Yep. Sorry, I'm calling it. I have mad respect for Nate B and Jason W and they do support it, but I am not buying it. 499 rec, for 5,390 yards and 30 TDs at 32 years old doesn't cut it, regardless of playoffs. Especially not in this era.
  18. https://aaf.com/san-diego-fleet/ San Diego Fleet coached by Mike Martz and offensive coordinator Jon Kitna
  19. Date: Sunday, February 3, 2019 Game Start Time: 6:30 pm ET Location: Mercedes Benz Stadium - 1 AMB Drive NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30313 Please enjoy this rematch of Super Bowl XXXVI from 2002 (Brady also played in that game) and the Patriots 3rd consecutive Super Bowl appearance. Also, enjoy the halftime show, Maroon 5, the best music Georgia has to offer!
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