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Found 62 results

  1. The Fold looks fucking amazing. Only starts at $2000.
  2. Last week the WSJ reported that (Lenovo owned) Motorola is planning on launching a $1500 RAZR phone with a foldable screen. Now we might have our first look with this IP drawing: So far the foldable phones we've seen have been less than impressive. Samsung has teased their folding phone, but the concept leaves a lot to be desired. Essentially you end up with a very thick phone with an oddly small screen, that opens to a small tablet with an awkward, almost square, aspect ratio. The RAZR, as pictured, might actually be kind of cool. It would end up being rather thick, but short, while folded. You should get that very satisfying feeling of flipping it open, and a screen with a pretty usable aspect ratio. I'd be shocked if the first generation is actually a good phone, much less worth $1500, but it does give me hope that folding devices are coming soon and might actually be worthwhile. EDIT: The new RAZR has finally been revealed.
  3. https://www.apple.com/apple-events/livestream/ it seems like it will be a boring event (unless apple has managed to keep the lid on leaks) Apple might announce their own Tile tracker, which would be nice
  4. Apple also announced that the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR are coming in December. Ive goes out, design improvements come in. Can't explain that!
  5. https://www.apple.com/airpods-pro/ $249.00
  6. Basically all the reviews of this as a phone are right. It’s bulky, the screen is subpar, the 3D effect is scketchy, and the audio from the phone itself is atrocious. But it’s kinda fun? The 3D for photos is pretty lame IMO, but it works decent for video. They have some test clips of Ready Player One and Fantastic Beasts that look pretty good. The big issue is still ghosting and a relatively dim screen compared to 2D. I dunno, I ordered it mere minutes after it went up for pre-order and then stopped paying attention the last year and a half. I got an email a couple of weeks ago our if the blue from Jim Jannard himself saying the titanium model I ordered was even more delayed, so they sent a free aluminum version to keep and the titanium model will come later. One of the best things about Red is how they try and do right by customers, and that was quite the gesture. Honestly, I’m very skeptical that the titanium model will ever be made, I’m skeptical that the modules will ever be made, and I’m unsure of whether Red will even make a second generation phone.
  7. Microsoft is holding a Surface event tomorrow to show off all their new hardware, but most of it was leaked yesterday. The new Surface Pro 7 seems to finally have a USB-C port, there's a 15" varient of the Surface Laptop, and most interestingly, there's a all new ARM based Surface. Almost certainly powered by Qualcomm's 8cx chips, I'm personally very interested in how MS handles this second attempt at building an ARM based Surface. I believe in MS's ability to get Windows, web browsing, and Office working well on such a device, but I'm pretty dubious as to their ability to get anything else. What exactly this device will bring to the table is an open question, but it has me personally interested. The leaks also mentioned Windows 10X, likely a fork of Windows that will be used on an upcoming dual screen Surface product. If we see that product tomorrow, it will steal the show, even if it's not entirely ready. People have been speculating about dual screen Windows devices as far back as the Courier concepts, so it'll be exciting to see something real.
  8. On Tuesday December 5th, at 12:37am after 18 hours of labour over 3 days, my new home theatre was born. It is healthy and quite lively and weighed in at 239.8lbs. At the heart of this new sound system is an Onkyo TX-NR787 Receiver powering the Atmos and DTS-X capable 5.1.4 setup. Centre Channel is a Polk S35, with twin Polk S60 tower speakers for the Left and Right Channels. Surrounds are handled by Polk S20 Bookshelf speakers and Subwoofer is a beefy Polk HTS 12. Since they all fall within the same “Signature” line, they are nicely timber matched. For the height channels, I repurposed the satellite speakers from the old Sony HT-DDW795 system that was my previous home theatre for the last decade and wall and ceiling mounted them angled towards the central seating positions. The home theatre system is a nice compliment to the 65” LG B7 OLED 4K HDR TV, so that the benefits of 4K UHD Blu-rays can be fully realized in both video AND audio. The other children are excited to enjoy the new 3D positional soundscape, and we hope they will have many happy memories together over the coming years! I thought I would share some photos of the man cave, because everyone loves to share photos of their newborns. Behind the couch has a good chunk of the movie and game collection, though far from all. 95% of my games are digital downloads these days though. The movies are generally ordered alphabetically within genre - unless they are part of a series, in which case they are grouped chronologically with the series together, such as the MCU movies or Disney animated movies or X-Men movies. If anyone has some suggestions for great Atmos or DTS-X movies to put the system through its paces, let me know in this thread! Thanks
  9. I have to get rid of some old stuff, an old smart TV that no longer powers on and an old laptop... same problem. What's the best way to dispose of this stuff so that I have some piece of mind lol?
  10. So it seems that my Gen 4 iPad I bought in November of 2012 has given out on me. It's been dropping charges rapidly, despite not being used a ton. I've waffled on upgrading for a while, because I don't use it just a ton these days, but the time is finally here. I need some recommendations. I mostly use my iPad when traveling or watching videos during cooking and at the dinner table. Its biggest use is for streaming video. When I upgrade, I'll probably use it a bit more heavily at first, since it'll be something new. Question is, do I go for another iPad or make a switch to something else? I've been in the Apple ecosystem for so long I don't know what Android tablets are out there or how they compare. Help me out, good people.
  11. My receiver is old and doesn't have HDMI, but I'm not really inclined to drop the money on replacing it because I can't set up surround in the apartment I'm in. I'm looking at Monoprice and they have some open box deals on HDMI switches with 5x inputs but looking at the pages for them I'm not really clear on how to choose which one to get...? https://www.monoprice.com/category/adapters,-switches,-&-splitters/audio-video-distribution/audio-video-switches?&menuDisStr=audio video switches&sort=sellingPrice asc&TotalProducts=48 I pass back an optical connection from my TV to my receiver so I don't NEED that, but not knowing what else I'm looking at here the ones that say you can force a stereo out might be good since for example Netflix on the PS4 doesn't seem to let you select stereo/surround and sometimes it seems like it's picking surround, based on hard to hear dialog. Unless I'm misunderstanding what that stereo/surround toggle on the switch would be doing.
  12. https://www.apple.com/apple-events/ https://www.macrumors.com/guide/wwdc-2019-what-to-expect/ https://www.macrumors.com/2019/06/01/apple-wipes-itunes-facebook-instagram-pages/ June 3, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. PDT cross platform apps revamped mail and reminders apps iOS dark mode iPad as Mac external display new Mac Pro 6k 31.6" monitor
  13. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/05/report-samsung-will-strip-the-galaxy-note-of-its-headphone-jack-and-buttons/
  14. I finally caved in and switched back to Android, to the OnePlus 7 Pro. Getting everything set up now, but damn is this screen nice, and it might be the snappiest phone I've ever used.
  15. A bunch of tech journalists have been given early copies of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold just as pre-orders open to the public. Early impressions were surprisingly positive, suggesting that perhaps the concept phone was closer to a real product than many had thought. After only a day or two of use though, it seems some of those journalists are having issues. And then there's MKBHD, who just accidentally broke it: Maybe folding screens are still just a bit too futuristic for the present.
  16. The article says $400 for the non-XL but the Fi site says $449. Also, the Fi site lists them as $449 and $499, respectively, but I'm including the $20 you'll have to pay for a month of Fi service: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/04/google-cuts-the-pixel-3-price-in-half-for-project-fis-birthday/ At that price I'm kind of tempted to buy the small one just for the camera, and just keep it in airplane mode.
  17. Intel was reportedly struggling to produce 5G chips in time for the 2020 iPhone.
  18. Oppo Designs Phone with a Secondary Pop-Up Screen Because Why Not Pop-Up Cameras Are Just the Start as Oppo Dreams of Phones with Pop-Up Screens
  19. https://techcrunch.com/2019/03/29/apple-cancels-airpower-product-citing-inability-to-meet-its-high-standards-for-hardware/
  20. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/03/reds-hydrogen-one-smartphone-wont-actually-get-those-camera-modules/
  21. The software is almost certainly a complete mess. The unfolded aspect ratio is almost completely square. It starts at $2,600. It's entirely unclear how well the plastic screen will hold up over time. We have no idea how long the battery will last. Almost no one will or should buy this phone. Still, unlike Samsung's Galaxy Fold, The Huawei Mate X is a much more compelling vision for the future of foldable phones. By wrapping the screen around the outside The Mate X looks like a compelling phone even when folded up. While folded it has a 6.6", notch free screen with very minimal bezels. If you need to take a selfie, flip it over and you get a smaller screen, but you're using the primary camera. Of course, the real party trick is unfolding it to get a nearly square 8" screen. Very few have gotten any real hands on time, so it's not clear how well this phone actually works, but to me at least, it looks like a far more compelling concept than the other folding phones we've seen. Lots of questions need to be answered, lots of software will need years before it's as flexible as this phone is, the price will need to come down dramatically before anyone will buy it. Still, I'm far more intrigued by the Mate X than I have been by a phone in a long time.
  22. 5G wireless is finally coming, but before it's even arrived, there are already multiple battles brewing over the tech, naming rights, and it's ability to live up to the hype. I think it's important to know that 5G is, in part, a very different technology than previous cellular standards. Part of the 5G spec does involve the typical application of new technology and methodologies to get more speed out of the same spectrum. 4G LTE used wavelengths between 700 MHz and 2600 MHz. 5G radios will expand that to a range between 600 MHz and 4700 MHz, and should get both 15-20% more speed and at lower latencies than 4G LTE. That evolution is nice, but the exciting part of 5G is that it also includes a spec for a second frequency range between 24 GHz and 40 GHz (sometimes referred to a millimeter wave), allowing theoretical speeds of up to 20 Gbit/s at very low latencies. 5G phones will likely be announced by the dozen during WMC at the end of this month, but it won't really matter yet since the infrastructure isn't really there yet. Verizon put out Home 5G in a few cities, but their tech wasn't based on the final 5G standard, and won't be rolling out anywhere else. AT&T did something similar, rolling out very tiny bits of 5G coverage, and they've been getting pretty good speeds, but it's unclear when they'll have real 5G available. In the meantime, AT&T has decided to just lie about the availability of 5G by updating 4G phones (including iPhones) to say "5Ge" instead of 4G. The same thing happened with 4G, but this time other carriers aren't following along, Sprint is suing AT&T for false advertising. 5G's availability is also running into some significant roadblocks, especially in more rural places in the country. Part of the problem is that the 5G equipment is expensive, and the really high speeds require a lot more of the high frequency antennas to cover a similar area. Huawei makes slightly cheaper equipment, but there are significant security concerns that might block their adoption. Then there are questions as to if our fiber infrastructure is capable of handling the promised speeds of 5G even if it is deployed widely. 5G is the most exciting leap in wireless since 3G, and even has the potential to supplant wired internet for some homes and businesses, for the time being it's a minefield questionable promises, shady practices, and outright lies. I think it's safe to say that you can ignore 5G branding (especially from AT&T) for now, but hopefully we'll start seeing real 5G trickle out this year.
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