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  1. Is anybody else watching this? After the pilot episode I wasn’t sure what to think. I didn’t really like it but there was a few interesting things. From episode 2 and on it’s been a good to great show. Episode 4 is probably one of the best TV episodes you’ll see all year (9.3 on IMDb). A lot of people have complained that “high school isn’t really like this” and those people are idiots. You’re watching a TV show. But the problems that the characters have are very real and they are turning in fantastic performances, and many of them are nobodies. This is either Zendaya’s first gig where she really needs to “act” or it’s the first one I’ve seen from her, but she’s amazing. This is Hunter Schafer’s first role and she is killing it. The villain of this show is supervillainy but I don’t mind it so far. If you hate millennials like @Jason does then it’s probably not for you. If you appreciate good filmmaking like @Greatoneshere I suggest at least checking it out to see if you like it or not. If the synopsis sounds at all interesting to you, check it out.
  2. Currently the show streams on Amazon Prime after its BBC America first run.
  3. For the first time ever, Neon Genesis Evangelion is readily available in the US thanks to Netflix. It's sure to bring with it a renewed discussion of the divisive classic. Polygon has done some good work on the topic, especially this piece on history of the show and its creator and this piece about the hoops you had to jump through to watch the show until now. For myself, I first watched EVA in college thanks to our campus wide file sharing program. At the time I was intrigued, but didn't find myself enjoying the original ending or End of Evangelion. I'm going to go back through the series and I'll be interested to see if I get anything different from the show now, especially given my increased awareness of the creation of the series and its creator. I've also seen the rebuild films, and am very curious to see how the fourth one comes out. I thought the first was fine, the second was great, and the third kind of dropped the ball. So, who all is going to watch the show again? How about for the first time? Any good reads about the show to share?
  4. According to Deadline Great list... some of these I was not aware of.
  5. I know that @Bitgod and I are the only ones watching this show but the other thread got eaten so I figured I'd bring it back. Season 4 was quite strong and I probably wouldn't watch the 5th season without seeing that season first if you're planning to jump in. I know a lot of people were fed up with how formulaic the show was, or whatever, but season 4 broke the mold. That being said every season is a bit different so really it breaks the mold every year. In any case, really looking forward to season 5!
  6. Batman Beyond is getting a remastered release to celebrate the landmark series' 20th anniversary. Batman Beyond: The Complete Animated Series Limited Edition will arrive on digital on October 15 and Blu-Ray on October 29.
  7. While I was more into Season 1's detective noir bits, I still enjoyed the second season quite a bit. Looking forward to digging into Season 3 this weekend.
  8. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. For those of you whose only experience with Warhammer 40K is the hulking Space Marines, the Imperial Inquisition is a bit different. This is what Inquisitor Eisenhorn looks like:
  9. The show was much ado about nothing. I'd ask to share your favorite lines and scenes, but then people would just post images of a DVD box set of the entire series or a screenshot of it on Hulu.
  10. The topic title says it all. As a HUGE fan of The Sandman, I'm extremely excited for this, if it ends up happening. https://www.slashfilm.com/sandman-tv-series/
  11. From Sony Pictures Television and the studio that makes The Expanse and Netflix’s upcoming Witcher show
  12. https://deadline.com/2019/06/michael-chabon-showrunner-star-trek-picard-cbs-all-access-series-1202638580/
  13. Anyone else watching this? I love this show. The first episode of season 3 was very good. Sadly, season 3 is the last, but hopefully they wrap it up well. I trust Noah Hawley.
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