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Found 189 results

  1. TwinIon

    Television DC's Titans Trailer

    Titans is the first original series for DC Comics' new streaming service, which I didn't even realize was going to be a thing. This is taking the unbearable grittyness of the Snyder-verse, cranking it to eleven. I suppose the real mercy here is that it'll be stuck behind a pay wall where no one will see it.
  2. Amazon’s Tales From The Loop will tell the story of the alternate reality 1980s created by Stålenhag’s work, a sort of Stranger Things meets Welcome To Night Vale hybrid where high-tech machines, people, and monsters live side-by-side thanks to “The Loop,” a secret government project Simon Stålenhag website An example of the imagery from the art project (which you can buy in a book).
  3. https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/rugrats-tv-relaunch-movie-1202874434/
  4. Barry Keoghan, best known for his work in Dunkirk and The Killing of a Sacred Deer, will star in the series as “Yorick Brown,” the lone survivor of an half-extinction-level event that wipes out most of mankind. Emphasis on man.
  5. I'm starting a thread early since the boards are slow. The reviews are all positive so far (though there are only 15 counted on RT): https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/g_l_o_w_/s02/
  6. This released around the time the boards went down so I’m unsure if there was ever a thread about it... I actually only realized it came out a few days ago The few reviews I skimmed claim it’s one of/the best Marvel-Netflix shows yet. I only watched one ep so far, though.
  7. AT&T warns HBO employees of a "tough" first year under AT&T ownership.
  8. Anybody been watching this? I just finished today's episode and can't stop thinking about it. This show has really grabbed me and I'm obsessed! Season 1 was just okay. I almost didn't bother with season 2 because the first was "meh", but I was curious to see what the show does without going by the source material. I'm glad I did. This season far surpasses the first and the writing is superb. Anyone else been watching this? Season finale next week!
  9. ... and yes this is currently the best DC show on the CW right now. So fun and irreverant and I love the pop culture references and homages they do. They are clearly having fun with the show. I met one of the writers on the show some months back and she said they are the red headed step children of CW superhero family.
  10. 'Old Man' From 'Pawn Stars' Dead at 77
  11. Figured it would be a good time to start this thread since we have a fresh start and there is so much TV out there now to watch with all the streaming options. @SFLUFAN can you sticky this and the movie thread when you get a chance Billions season 3 This is a consistently excellent series with extremely fun and interesting secondary and minor characters. It also has to have the geekiest writers of any non-geeky show around. This season had a Netrunner tournament, discussion about what Rush's best album is and a 2 minute dissertation on the movie Pi. 9/10