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Found 275 results

  1. For the first time ever, Neon Genesis Evangelion is readily available in the US thanks to Netflix. It's sure to bring with it a renewed discussion of the divisive classic. Polygon has done some good work on the topic, especially this piece on history of the show and its creator and this piece about the hoops you had to jump through to watch the show until now. For myself, I first watched EVA in college thanks to our campus wide file sharing program. At the time I was intrigued, but didn't find myself enjoying the original ending or End of Evangelion. I'm going to go back through the series and I'll be interested to see if I get anything different from the show now, especially given my increased awareness of the creation of the series and its creator. I've also seen the rebuild films, and am very curious to see how the fourth one comes out. I thought the first was fine, the second was great, and the third kind of dropped the ball. So, who all is going to watch the show again? How about for the first time? Any good reads about the show to share?
  2. US Christian group condemns Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s story as ‘making satanism appear normal’ – but petition wrong company
  3. I'm LTTP on this show that I should have been watching from day one. Every episode makes me love Jonah Ryan more and more. I was seriously crying after watching this scene. It's my favorite sitcom line ever now. The delivery of the line, the zoom out to reveal where he is, and the argument right after are just pure fucking genius. Also (in regards to Hamilton): "Then why the fuck did they write a musical about him? He's our first Puerto Rican president." I'm in season 6 right now.
  4. I dunno. As much as I liked Drive, I don't know if I can handle 10+ hours of his particular brand of BS.
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/my-little-pony-introduces-its-first-lesbian-characters-with-same-sex-couple-making-cartoon-debut/ar-AACNY7r?ocid=AMZN I'm shocked it took this long tbh.
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/10/media/vice-news-tonight-canceled-hbo/index.html
  7. https://www.today.com/popculture/alec-baldwin-says-he-s-done-playing-president-trump-snl-t155789
  8. I was looking to get a streaming stick like Roku or similar device. Which ones work the best?
  9. A combination of North Carolina reneging on a tax rebate and "creative difficulties" led to the cancellation.
  10. https://deadline.com/2019/06/spongebob-squarepants-cg-animated-prequel-series-kamp-koral-greenlighted-nickelodeon-1202626441/
  11. I knew I wanted to see it because I've loved everything I've seen from Anna DuVernay. I watched two episodes of this last night and goddamn, I was feeling emotions. I've never really known much about this case, aside from the basic facts. It just seems insane these boys were convicted by an actual diverse jury. Somewhat surprised no one has made mention of it on here that I've seen.
  12. I didn’t see a thread but if one exists feel free to merge it. Ive only watched the first episode so far but it was PHENOMENAL. Looks like it’s going to stick closer to the book than American Gods has so far. This show captures the vibe of book so so well, it’s really impressive. Can’t wait to watch the rest tomorrow.
  13. This is a bit of a hidden gem that my sister got me on to. It apparently aired on The CW in the US but I've been watching it on Netflix. It's about a girl who was working as a lawyer in New York and moves to West Covina, CA with the hope of getting back together with her former ex-boyfriend that she was with for two months at a summer camp when they were 16. It's a musical comedy that also has a lot to say on social issues, but it's primarily just damn funny. It can be surprisingly dark though. The trailer on YouTube doesn't really do it justice, I think, but here it is: It's been really loved by critics (it has a 98% on RottenTomatoes) but the viewership has apparently been astoundingly low. They just wrapped up their fourth and final season. It's really worth checking out for anyone who is looking for a new comedy with tons of heart and laughs. I'd recommend giving it a couple episodes to really give it a chance if anyone is interested.
  14. It's not Charlie you son of a bitch!!! Watch this show!
  15. You have to see this, the last 3rd had me laughing nonstop, it hurt from laughing. I don't know why, nothing in stand up quite hit me like that before. Esther, the cheese
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