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  1. Exclusive: A Deeper Look at the PlayStation 5 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Microsoft and Sony both "lamented" how next-gen console pre-orders went, Xbox boss says WWW.EUROGAMER.NET
  3. Sony PS5 VR headset met haptische feedback | LetsGoDigital NL.LETSGODIGITAL.ORG Sony heeft een nieuwe PlayStation VR headset in ontwikkeling met LED verlichting en haptische feedback. Middels sensoren wordt de correcte pasvorm bepaald.
  4. The Nioh Collection announced for PS5, launches next February BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM Celebrate the franchise’s 4-year anniversary with remastered editions of both games featuring 4K and up to 120FPS support.
  5. Just noticed today that PSN has AppleTV available!
  6. Preface: this comes from Reset, and rumors there have to go through the mods. The mods have talked with the user in question and the user has agreed to a ban if this doesn't materialize by the end of February 2021. However, that they're allowing this makes me think there might be something to it. The rumor: linear-gradient(310.77deg, #29AA9F 0%, #098EA6 100%) [RUMOR] Sony to acquire Bluepoint Games very soon Rumor | ResetEra WWW.RESETERA.COM I talked/teased on the forum about something I've heard from someone I know personally a few day
  7. http://www.nytimes.com//vi-assets/static-assets/apple-touch-icon-28865b72953380a40aa43318108876cb.png PlayStation 5: The Next Step in Sony’s Rebound - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM The gaming console, coming out in its latest version on Thursday, has become the Japanese giant’s centerpiece product. According to Reset, before Ascension came out, "the series... sold 22 million meaning 29 million sold since then predominantly GoW 2018." Can't wait for Ragnarok. And well done on Ghost -- fantastic game.
  8. So I picked up FF7 remake the other day and played a bit of it, the first chapter or so, but tonight when I went to play again it tells me in needs to install again. WTF is up with that?
  9. PS Plus Collection: From Worldwide Studios: Bloodborne Days Gone Detroit: Become Human God of War Infamous Second Son Ratchet and Clank The Last Guardian The Last of Us Remastered Until Dawn Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End From our third-party publishers and developers: Batman: Arkham Knight Battlefield 1 Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Edition Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Fallout 4 Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Monster Hunter: World Mortal Kombat X Persona 5 Resident Evil 7 biohazard
  10. PlayStation 5 Launches in November, starting at $399 for PS5 Digital Edition and $499 for PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive BLOG.PLAYSTATION.COM New games announced at PS5 Showcase, including Final Fantasy XVI, Hogwarts Legacy, and a new God of War title
  11. Web Store - Latest STORE.PLAYSTATION.COM So now its a pain in the ass to look at games and check tabs for sales PS plus deals and free games. And worse of all they dropped support for PS3, PSP, and VITA purchases. Seriously, how much of an effort is it to keep PS3 games on there. And you can't even check your old purchase as well. Sony arrogance rearing its ugly head again. Fuck you sony
  12. https://kotaku.com/the-latest-patch-for-the-last-of-us-remastered-reduced-1845476777 The first loading screen in the game used to take 1min 30sec. Now it takes just 14 seconds. Loading across the entire game has also improved. Impressive!
  13. One of the most unique games I remember on the PS2, Shadow of the Colossus blew me away by its sense of scale. While there wasn't much to do in the world, there was a hypnotic element to it that made many of us want to explore it. As Cory Barlog said when talking about exploration of God of War, he loved going around SOTC, getting some place, and thinking, "I'm the first person who found this place," even though any player can get to the same area. I remember on IGN, the common criticism of the slowdown was that it was a PS3 game on the PS2. And so we eventually got a smoother gam
  14. Such a lovely seven years. Soon we'll be off to a new generation.
  15. Metacritic: https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/dreams Currently sitting at 92. Gameinformer has an early access review up. 95/100. https://www.gameinformer.com/review/dreams/bringing-your-imagination-to-life https://www.ign.com/articles/dreams-review https://attackofthefanboy.com/reviews/dreams-review/ Love it.
  16. So I am running through my Backlog of Playstation games I've missed. I was gonna wait for the PS5, but got a PS4 Pro for $320 recently, and figured I'd just start to knock out some of the PS exclusives I've missed over the years. I have never played any God of War games. A few weeks ago, when buying PS+ Subs on sale, I accidentally bought 2 years worth of PSNow subs. I saw they have the original God of War HD, and God of War 2 on PSNow. Should I play all the games in the series before moving onto the newest PS4 game. I own GoW 3 Remaster on PS4, so I can play that
  17. Anyone have any suggestions, places, ideas for the best way to secure a pre-order for the PlayStation 5? I keep hitting a wall trying to pre-order so I figured I'd see what some of you guys did or places that might be taking pre orders soon etc
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