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  1. I've been looking around for a new monitor and struggling to decide for myself. I'm currently on an old LG IPS236V, and its served me well. I've fallen in love with the IPS panel at this point because of it. But I'd like to take a step forward and get at least 144hz at 1440p, and maybe a little lower than 5ms(granted if I can snag another good IPS, 5ms will suit me just fine). So my goals are 27" 1440p 144hz, and lower than 5ms would be a plus, and IPS would also be a plus. But from what I've seen, I'll have to compromise somewhere, the first 3 points are my main concern anywho. My budget is pretty loose, honestly less than $700 would be nice, as I mostly just want to get something I'll be satisfied with for a long time, since I'm coming up on the 9-10 year mark with my current monitor and I'm lazy with upgrades, but always the cheaper and most bang for my buck, the better. Mostly for gaming. Like to play Overwatch and other FPS's and prefer to "try hard" and play competitively, so excited to be able to do so and feel like I have the system, monitor, and other peripherals that can compliment that for the first time. So perfect colors for editing aren't a necessity, but pretty colors and deep blacks would be nice to have. Specs for what its worth: R5 3600 980ti (Thanks @Spork3245 :3) 16gb RAM
  2. Nothing like waking up to a dead PSU, turn my pc on started to watch a video and like a light switch it powered off. Thinking maybe something tripped the breaker I checked that, the outlet itself and obviously my PSU which is dead no power at all, there was no smoke, pops or any attempt to power itself back on. So my nice Corsair RM550 PSU shit the bed, since I am dead broke until unemployment kicks in I had to settle for a cheap $50 EVGA 500 watt from microcenter, sure it's not great but it's more than acceptable for the time being. Upon doing some cable management I came across my CPU backplate, it was a bit loose maybe from 5 years of use? so hoping I get some better temps from tightening the bracket down. Also suddenly my PIC-E x16 #1 slot is working again out of the blue which is strange, at least now my RX480 will be running at x16 might gain a frame or two heh. What a day, never had a PSU just shut down and die, I've seen them burn up and pop but never just shut down.
  3. I want to spend around $1,000.00, maybe like $1,300.00 at most. I plan to use it heavily for VR, and would like it to play AAA games at 4k/60fps, etc. I've been out of the loop on which brands, etc. are the best or most popular lately. Any thoughts?
  4. In the summer between 7th and 8th grade my family agreed to get me a computer for school as I was often over at family member's house working late at night on HW assignments that needed to be typed ( 2 finger typing yay!) So my uncle took my parents and I to Korea Town in L.A. and they got me a complete system with Pentium 1 @ 100 MHz, 4 MB of RAM and an ATi Video card, and CD-ROM This computer was interesting because it came with a removable 1 GB hard drive that could be pulled from the case with a special handle. I had some Sony Speakers that were fucking amazing and lasted me 15 years. We were there all day and we went out to dinner while they worked on the computer, finally we came back in the evening. I was so fucking happy i was getting a computer but I kept eyeballing Doom II and while my Dad was finalizing the deal he went ahead and got it for me as well. And I played the shit out of that game when i was 14
  5. Just as the title says. After pressing the power button, everything powers on for a second before completely shutting down. There does not seem to be any cables or parts that are loose inside my case. I replaced the power supply about 6 months ago as well. Any fixes I can try or is my 7.5 year old PC just gone at this point?
  6. Alleged AMD Next-Gen Flagship Navi ‘Radeon RX’ GPU Specifications Leaked – 5120 Cores, 24 GB HBM2e Memory, 2 TB/s Bandwidth
  7. I have a Yoga 13 which is getting pretty long in the tooth, at 7 or 8 years old. It has been a great computer and is still running quite well, thanks to relatively frequent reformatting and reinstallations of Windows 10. My only complaints are that its hard drive is pretty small (128 GB) and its battery only lasts about an hour these days. It has 8 GB of RAM, which is usually enough, though with enough Chrome tabs open it is getting nearly maxed out. The computer does pretty much everything else I need it to do, except for its small hard drive, which is sometimes an issue with me working on larger datasets for school... I've got about 200 GB of data I'm working with, so I'm frequently having to shuffle data around between my laptop and desktop (which is also 8 years old but at least has a 4 TB HDD ). Even the battery life isn't that big of an issue, since I'm pretty much always able to find an outlet. It's mostly used for word processing and coding in Java, C++, and Python (analyzing the data), so its i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM is pretty much sufficient. Basically I'm just hoping for you all to help me justify getting a new computer but I thought maybe there would be some opposing views, also. For my upgrade, I've been eyeing a 7th generation X1 Carbon. I found a deal for about $1300 for a 10th generation i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM, and a 1 TB SSD. It would be a nice weight reduction too (3.3 lbs to 2.4 lbs), though the Yoga is already pretty light. Jumping from a 3rd generation i5 to a 10th generation i7 with 6 cores would be pretty awesome too. Any thoughts on this? How often do you all upgrade? When do you think an upgrade is justified?
  8. I am really thinking about making the jump , I know dick all about VR set ups. Can anyone recomend some set ups, I am looking at being able play the new half life and Saints and sinners. My PC I7 4.5Ghz 2080 S over clocked
  9. I've only had it for 1 1/2 years, it worked perfectly fine yesterday when I was transferring stuff to my computer, but it suddenly could not be accessed on any computer. Every computer recognizes it when it's plugged in, but you can't access the actual drive. A local shop looked at it and said there was a fatal [something I forget] error, so I started looking into local places that did data recovery. Has anyone had this experience? I have pictures from 2006 on there and they're not saved anywhere else because my current laptop is a solid state and doesn't have a ton of memory for it. There's so much importance, and I wasn't expecting this to happen so quickly (I figured I could get a second drive this year and have two backups since I've saved so much important stuff).
  10. I'm on the market for a new gaming PC and was originally planning to get a desktop, but someone pointed out that laptops are pretty comparable in terms of price these days. What do you guys think? Do you sacrifice much by going with a gaming laptop instead of a desktop? I primarily game from my living room TV and it'd be more convenient to hook up a laptop to it, then also have the option of bringing it to bed with me or taking it out of the house, etc.
  11. I recently switched to Windows 10 after Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7, but for some reason there's numerous optimization issues I have with using the OS. Some of the checklist of things I have issues with: After leaving my PC on for more than 24 hours the system gets significantly slower Sometimes there are issues with graphical glitches with videos Dragging windows from one monitor to the other lagging. Not being able to hold and drag full screen windows from one monitor to the other unless windows are un-maximized. PC shut down not a full shut down, and some start-up programs don't start up properly There are a few others I'm forgetting to mention. I will say that I did upgrade directly from Windows 7 without doing a full clean reinstallation, including drivers and programs. I'm not sure if that has to do with any possibility of why my computer is acting slower than usual. I'd like to see if there are some missing steps in how to improve OS optimizing.
  12. I'm currently running a Dell U2412M with a 9800ti. Worth upgrading?
  13. Sometimes I have screen distortion issues which I usually notice as text getting corrupted a bit. There seems to be a line multiple pixels thick missing in the center of the screen and there is a line on the right of the screen that appears to have the missing part (if I move a window across the screen, what looks like the part that disappears in the middle appears on the side). It's pretty minor so even though it's been happening for years I've just ignored it or rebooted which makes it go away until the next time it happens. The strange thing is over the years the things you might think would be the cause have changed. Many video driver updates, new video card (both nVidia), new monitor (including a change from DVI cable to DP cable) and even a fresh install of Windows. I just tried turning my monitor off and back on again and that seems to have fixed it so now I have a quicker fix. Any idea what the issues is? Like I said, it's pretty minor and the temporary fix is simple but it would be nice to have a permanent fix.
  14. So I've just gotten RMA approval for my 1080ti and it's crashing shenanigans. I have two options for the return, either I send it in and they send me a replacement after they get it, or I pay for the replacement and get it sent to me first, then get refunded after they get my current card. I'm guessing this will either mean around two weeks without a decent GPU (I'd have to slot in an old AMD card I still have to be able to use my PC in the interim) or I'd be out somewhere around $700 for two to three weeks. Has anyone had to do this before, can you share your experience?
  15. Since I just got my new laptop, I'm looking for a wireless keyboard & mouse combo since I mainly want to run it through my TV. Something middle-of-the-road, doesn't need to be fancy. How many mouse buttons etc. is kind of a middle ground standard these days for games? Let me know what you recommend.
  16. Nvidia Ampere Purportedly 50% Faster Than Turing At Half The Power Consumption Rumours begin for Ampere -- suggesting a large step forward.
  17. There is a gsync option for just fullscreen or for fullscreen and windowed. To me, it isn't obvious which option I should pick for borderless window gaming. This is controlled by the application of course. I don't use a third party program for this.
  18. are the 20X0 series just $100 more than their 10X0 counterpart? I usually buy nvidia's X070 series for about $400 but now that X060 series cost that much for the super version.
  19. According to a slide we received today, AMD will launch Ryzen 9 3950X as world’s first 16-core mainstream processor. The slide basically "confirms” the speculation which began at Ryzen 3000 announcement at Computex.
  20. I was planning a new build with Nvidia Ampere before Cyberpunk 2077 releases in April. Because Ampere most likely won't come out until June, I need a GPU as a stop gap between now and Ampere's release. I'm using a 660Ti with an Intel 2500k so PC gaming has been a little rough, I've just been avoiding it. I'm looking for a good 1080p card now to play my backlog then in April, when I make a new PC build, I plan on jumping to 1440p. Think an RTX 2060 would work well for me as a stop gap between now and when a 2080 equivalent Ampere comes out? I was also considering an RTX 2070 and waiting until 2021 maybe. Cyberpunk 2077 at maybe 1440p 60fps is the end goal. There have been some decent deals on the 2060s lately.
  21. Windows 10 1903 can't install because of BSODs and the likely culprit is the driver for my ancient Auzentech X-Fi Prelude sound card (better amps than the Creative X-Fi). Support for the previous version of Windows 10 ends in less than 2 weeks and Auzentech is defunct so no new drivers. I use the sound card exclusively with headphones (with a little headphone amp, I do have a mic connected but haven't used it in a long time I guess I can enable onboard sound if I need it for the mic), my speakers go through HDMI. My Monitor has a headphone port so sound of Display Port is fine though it maxes out at a lower volume (turns out the monitor has it's own volume setting and it was at 50). I can live with with going through my monitor for now at least but I'm open to a better solution. My headphones are Sennheiser HD598s and I mainly use them for gaming (for games that control well with keyboard and mouse, controller games go on the TV and speakers) but sometimes use them for music. The headphone amp is a Behringer MA400, ideally the DAC would replace it but if it gets the price down I'd consider using both together. The Creative E5 has a mic jack too which could be nice. The Fostex HP-A3 is about as high as I'd like to go budget wise but I'd prefer something cheaper like the Creative E5 (since I have a working solution I can wait in the hopes better pricing in a few weeks). Any recommendations?
  22. Anyone have any pointers to rumors/leaks regarding Nvidia supporting HDMI 2.1 on their next refresh? Once I realized that upgrading my GPU would be dumb without upgrading my whole PC, I put my upgrade plans on hold. The nice thing about waiting and doing a whole PC upgrade is we're now reaching a panacea of new technologies that will make my next PC upgrade extremely worthwhile. To name a few, Ray tracing is now possible. AMD CPUs have solid single threaded performance while also giving very good multi-threaded support, which seems like it will be increasingly important. NVMe SSDs are game changing for loading times and streaming. LG OLEDs have the beautiful OLED tech, 4K, HDR, low response time, and HDMI 2.1 support with the particularly important support for VRR. (I plan on pairing this PC upgrade with a new LG TV.) Current Nvidia cards are even supporting VRR as it is with the LG OLED's. But the catch is that it still doesn't have the full bandwidth being that its HMDI 2.0 hardware with only support for (some of) the 2.1 spec. That puts me in a position where I would like to wait for 2.1 support on the video card to pull the trigger. It's kind of the one missing piece and it would be unfortunate to upgrade to only have to upgrade the video card shortly after. So, are there any indications that the next refresh will have it? I'm hoping that because they made a big deal about their current cards supporting VRR on LG TVs that it is something they care about.
  23. I can't install the version 1903 of Windows 10 and support is about to end on the previous version (turns out that it's 2 versions back that support is ending on so I wasn't able to install the previous version either). The likely culprit is the driver for my sound card, specifically the file ha20x2k.sys. I couldn't uninstall it normally so I tried IObit uninstaller but it wasn't able to completely remove it. Next I went into the registry to try to manually remove references to it and delete the file (had to use administrator command line to do it) in a subfolder in system32\drivers. However there is another copy in a subfolder of system32\driverstore and I can't delete it and can't delete the registry entries for it either. I even put the drive in a dock to try deleting it on another computer but I still couldn't delete it. The sound card is physically removed from the PC as well. Even with all that attempting the upgrade will eventually BSOD and roll back. Any way I can avoid a fresh install of Windows? Most of my files are on other drives but I'd prefer to avoid having to set things up again. Is there another way to either delete the file or render it inert? I tried msconfig but didn't see anything that could stop it from loading.
  24. Intel Core i9-9900KS ‘5 GHz All Core Boost’ Flagship Mainstream CPU Available in October – Claiming Clock Speed Leadership By Delivering Advertised Boost Clocks
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