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Found 108 results

  1. Guys I need help with GPU cables. This may seem stupid, but its bothering me bad. I have 2x4 (8) pin x 2 cables on my GPU (zotec 2080ti extreme amp edition) connectors on my GPU. My power supply PciE cables have 4×2 8 pin cables going to two 6x2 cables. Card came with 1 8pin to 2 6x2 adapters. This leaves the x2 cable part just hang there. Can you please link me to strait 8pin CPU x 8pin GPU cables? I need 2 obviously. Seem strange if you try and plug them in back ward meaning the psus side of my 8pin cables dont connect in the 8pin plug on my GPU. It only goes in the psu side. And even though the 6pin x 2pin side even if put together to make a 8pin plug, it wont plug into the psu side 8pin plug? Cant I just have 8pin going to 8pin plugs for my gpu? Please help me, the wires going to the GPU are killing my vibe. Why dosent the 6x2 plug put together not fit in the psu side
  2. Here's the deal: I want to play World of Warcraft Classic when it comes out. I am objectionably horny for that game. The problem is that I have a MacBook Air, which even though it is a 15 year old game, will probably not run it well. So I want to get a cheap(er), moderately powered gaming laptop to run it. I don't need anything with real heft - WoW Classic is the main pull, and I'd probably mess around with some older games like KOTOR and Oblivion, but I wouldn't be playing anything modern. Any good suggestions? I'm perfectly fine with something that's refurbished, especially if it comes with some kind of warranty.
  3. I've been asking for help with a new Gaming / Movie TV last couple days settling on a Samsung 65" Q70 after getting a ton of help with that so . . . . I thought I ask what you all think of this Mid tear PC for gaming too? I do build my own PCs but don't often. I like to choose good name components and enjoying them as long as possible. My last PC was a i5-2500k / 32 gigs DDr 3 / GTX 980Ti and it was a great machine. PartsPicker.com Before shit hit the fan the last 6months, I was going to build a Brand new I7 9900k / 2080Ti PC but that just isn't going to happen. So as a compromise I have decided to go with a GTX 2080 and a i7 8700k saving about 700 bucks and only going with 16 gig 3200 DDr 4 also. I just hope I don't regret waiting, but the prices of those amazing 2080Ti cards aren't dropping fast at all, hell the 1080Ti's are still going for quite a bit. From what I have read and watch on you tube the 2080 is better than a 1080Ti so this is what I have come up with. I really need you thought's as I will be gaming in 4k most the time, maxing out everything under the sun won't be necessary though, I'll have to learn to save a buck and not always have the very very best there is! After all that rambling, I do tend to do that rather than face life most days so sorry for that. If it bothers anyone, I'll try and cut back a bit on the Depression. PartsPicker.com I know there is money to be saved but I do want quality name brand parts, I have always believed that you do get what you pay for . . . . .
  4. https://slickdeals.net/share/iphone_app/fp/473188 also, 16TB for $170 https://slickdeals.net/share/iphone_app/fp/473197 4TB for $55 https://slickdeals.net/share/iphone_app/fp/473194
  5. Hello all. My motherboard or CPU of 10+ years has decided it was time to take a long walk off of a short pier and I am needing some help in finding a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM that I can use in my PC case that I already have... but I need it to relatively inexpensive (the best bang for the buck). I am on my old Dell XPS 410 right now and it's about 15 years old... I'm trying to do schoolwork for my online university and the Dell is struggling. The motherboard that I am replacing is an Asus P6X58D Premium. It is and LGA 1336 X58. The CPU is something like an Intel i7 3600 or something... I can never keep track of the actual specs. I also have 3 sticks of RAM that are DDR3 1300 which adds up to 12GB, I think. Here are the other components that I have that I will be using with the new MB, CPU, and RAM: 4-5 SATA HDDs, a brand new RM Corsair 850X PSU (or a EVGA 850w PSU that i thought was bad, but wasn't), GeForce GTX 1050ti card (PCIe), and a BD reader/burner. I need to reuse as many components as I can without spending extra money right now, so I need the new motherboard to fit into the same case I already have... but i don't remember what model number of Cooler Master case I have... so as long as the new motherboard is the same "style" as my old motherboard above, i think it will be OK? The worst week in a long time... First, my car gets rammed while it is parked and then I come home to a dead PC two days before homework is due. :'( I am asking for help because I honestly do know what is good in terms of PC parts anymore, or what CPU is needed for what motherboard. I also don't want the cheapest of the cheap, but parts that are good for their price. I posted on the following link to get help with why my computer wouldn't turn on, and I think it comes down to me needing a new motherboard or CPU... but since I have to upgrade the other when getting a new other PLUS having to get more/different RAM... i don't think it matters which one is toast. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/pc-wont-power-on-even-after-new-psu-troubleshooted-a-bit.3479331/ I know it is a longshot, but if there is a "good" motherboard and CPU combo for less than $300, and then I'm able to get some RAM relatively cheap that would be awesome.... Any higher than that and I might have to buy a piece at a time over the next month or so. Thank you for the help.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0711TPTZL/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?psc=1
  7. Just out of curiosity, how often do you wipe everything and start over again? Windows 10 makes it quite easy since you don't even need to input a key or anything like that, but still, reinstalling everything is kind of a pain. What is your normal reformat schedule?
  8. I just upgraded to 32GB so I figured I'd give away these two perfectly working sticks to anyone who wants 'em for free. Just let me know if you're interested.
  9. https://www.tomsguide.com/us/razer-toaster-project-breadwinner,news-29981.html
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/the-fastest-computer-in-the-world-is-being-built-in-tennessee-and-coming-in-2021/ar-AAB3hum?ocid=AMZN @legend What do you think of this new supercomputer?
  11. I've finally decided to step up my monitor game from 1080p to 1440p and I'm decideing between these two ASUS ROG monitors: ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZ - $550.74 ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR - $541.38 These monitors seem practically identical to me with some minor differences being response time and refresh rate: PG278QR - 1ms/165hz PG279QZ - 4ms/144hz I suppose the main difference is the display type with the 279QZ having an IPS display and the 278QR having a TN display. Not knowing a thing about display types, is there a significant difference between them? I'm largely indifferent between these monitors, so any input is greatly appreciated!
  12. There are going to be some really dumb questions here for the Mr. Computers in here but I seriously haven't owned anything but a work desktop at home in many years. Like the title says, I've never owned a laptop either and I'm looking to rectify that. Some things I'd like to do/questions: 1. What's a reasonably affordable price range without going full cheap-fuck level? 2. Is it common to have an HDMI output or any other way to be able to 'broadcast' it to my living room TV? 3. I'd love to be able to run some emulators on it...at most Dolphin maybe for some Metroid Prime for example? 4. I know nothing about current processor speeds etc., what are some standards specs at this point? 5. It'd be great if you guys could link me to some good deals or give me some tips on where to start looking.
  13. Do any folks here use Office Suite instead of Microsoft Office? I don't use Office enough at my age and this point in my life to justify a yearly subscription. Any impressions on Suite from people here? Thanks
  14. Hi everyone, What's the current going rate for a used gtx 1080?
  15. Our church is doing some video crunching, so a member donated a brand new 1660Ti. Very helpful of them, but this card is tall and doesn't come close to fitting in the 4U server chassis we're using here. I'd feel bad selling it on eBay and buying something else, but that's probably what I'll end up having to do. That is, unless one if you all are interested in buying it off if me or trading me an old card you have for it. All I need is an Nvidia card with 4GB of RAM, so it's a free and even trade for me no matter what card it is. All I need is something that isn't taller than the slot and, preferably, doesn't take power out the top. I figured I'd ask here before I put it up on eBay.
  16. I'm in the market for a cheap movie playing, Netflix streaming and Facebook browsing laptop does anyone have some good suggestions?
  17. I have no idea where to post this anymore, but, I'm about to throw one of my 980 Tis on eBay, they seem to go for around $250-300 shipped, if anyone here wants it, it'll just be $210 shipped (feel free to make a (realistic) offer as well). Figured I'd offer it up here before going the eBay route. It's an MSI 980 ti Gaming 6g Golden Edition: https://us.msi.com/Graphics-card/GTX-980-Ti-GAMING-6G-GOLDEN-EDITION.html I never OCed it as it comes pre-OCed to more-or-less what's considered the "max" a 980 Ti can get to on air cooling. I used it in an SLI configuration with an nVidia branded 980 Ti (which underclocked it to match the stock speed of nVidia one). If no one wants it by Friday, to eBay she goes
  18. Im looking to enhance my smart home setup and in order to really do that it requires me to open ports. I've done this before for the xbox, but I havent done this for a PC. I have a Ubuntu install housing my home automation (homeassistant), Plex server, and I was also looking into setting up a VPN (Link to video). So what can happen when opening a few (3?) ports to this PC? I understand encrypting the information being send in and out, but does leaving these ports open leave the rest of my network at risk? If you have any warnings or tips to help secure things better I'd love to hear them. Thanks all!
  19. Hello all. I'm having an issue with my computer and I'm not sure if it is due to hardware or software. I'm now have white horizontal lines on the screen and I can't boot into windows. After the Windows 10 boot/splash screen my monitor sits there cycling though HDMI and Analog looking for a signal. I think Windows just did an update not long ago, maybe a few days, but I just used the computer yesterday and it wasnt like this. I have a GeForce 480 graphics card, and it is about 8 years old. Thinking it is either a graphics driver issue, a graphics card issue, or a Windows issue. I finally was able to get Win10 to start in Safe Mode but it is asking for a password and I don't ever remember putting a password on my computer other than a Pin# and that isn't working. I'm going to try and post a picture of what the screen looks like, but I'm on my phone and it might not work. If this is a card issue I might need suggestions for a new card that is around $200, since that is about all I can afford right now. http://
  20. It’s apparently all the rage now Anyone have experience with DIY RGB ram heatsinks? Or is it really not worth pulling off stock heatsinks from RAM (ie: too high a risk of damaging the RAM)?
  21. I keep going back and forth on a new monitor and possibly a new GPU. I was planning on going for an ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ, but the $1500 price tag keeps stopping me from pulling the trigger... that’s when I remembered nVidia now supports Fressync . Soooo, I was wondering, what’s the best monitor in the Freesync world (I’d prefer 4k, HDR is a must)? How does it compare to the PG27UQ? I know that the BenQ ex3501R is highly rated, but it’s an ultra-wide 1440p display.
  22. I think it's time to finally get a new PC Case and set-up that Mobo and CPU @Mr.Vic20 gave me and retire (give away) my i7 3770k computer (minus video card and most hdd/ssds ). Anyway... the main reason I haven't is that I hate doing a reformat and losing all of my apps/settings and what-not. Redownloading/reinstalling things is such a huge PITA. Is there a simplified way to do this now with Windows 10? I don't think I have done a fresh build since like 2012-2013-ish (really), so I'm running off of the "free" Windows 10 upgrade off of Windows 8 - how can I keep this without repurchasing Windows?
  23. Logitech is bringing the classic MX518 mouse out of retirement, giving it some new insides and a new paint job, but keeping the classic shape. It's available to pre-order for $60. I didn't know that the 518 was so well loved. I've personally used either a 518 or the similarly shaped G5 since release both at home and at work. I've tried out some wireless mice for brief periods, but in the end I've always ended back with the 518. I'm comfortable with the shape and button placement, I don't really need any fancy features, and don't have a strong desire for wireless. I might end up picking up a new 518 just to keep around in case one of my existing mice die.
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