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About Me

  1. Whatchu gettin? I honestly might not get anything. Most of the stuff on sale seems to be the same stuff that goes on sale all the time, anyway, so I don't feel the need to go bonkers. Highlights: Batman: Arkham Knight - $5 Sunset Overdrive - $5 Watch Dogs 2 - $10 Persona 4 Golden - $16 Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - $6 Doom Eternal - $20 Control - $20 My Friend Pedro - $10 Hearts of Iron IV - $10 Black Mesa DeFiNiTiVe EdItIoN - $10 Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy - $15 Indivisible - $20 Divinity:
  2. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/02/28/horizon-zero-dawn-celebrates-second-anniversary-10-million-copies-sold-worldwide/
  3. Resident Evil Village launch date leaked in massive Capcom ransomware attack - Polygon WWW.POLYGON.COM Looks like RE8 is in April which is cool. Not mentioned in the article is that a lot the leaked stuff coming out reads like ace attorney fanboy fan fiction, though in this case real since this seems legit.
  4. If you've been a YouTube Premium sub since before last week (11/6), they'll send you a free Stadia/Chromecast combo. https://stadia.google.com/SdFGljSduV5z Get you some. Unfortunately I canceled my subscription to Google services when G Play Music went dark. Edit: As Spork points out, you have to sign up the free trial of the Stadia subscription. Do it then cancel once the free stuff ships. Or not. Up to you. :P
  5. @Mr.Vic20 The best part is the price appears to be unlisted
  6. Hope everyone got their new video cards. Bitcoin price soars above $18,000, the highest level since 2017 ARSTECHNICA.COM Until this week, bitcoin was above $18,000 for only four days in December 2017.
  7. What: Nvidia press conference for 3000 RTX series cards When: Sept 1st, Noon EST, 9AM PST Why: The leather jacket must be worn Where: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/special-event/
  8. Hello... hoping to get some advice here. Since COVID my job has become work from home permanently. Since I work in front of a computer all day my normal gaming go-to has switched from my PC to my PS4 as I just want to sit on my couch and game vs spend more time in my home office. That said, there are some great games on PC that I'd love to play on my new LG CX 77. Since Steam link isn't an available App on LG I'm looking for a device that will offer good game streaming from my gaming PC. I've been looking at the Nvidia Shield 4k and it looks great, but it also looks like it's
  9. I just installed it successfully! works like a charm! Link to file: https://www.lgservice.co.kr/fileDownload.do?cBbsCode=SW_PDS&cSeq=12109&check=true
  10. Seeing that we have some new VR users jumping on board with the Quest 2 I figured I'd make a thread with some helpful tips. Please add your own as I've only been on this journey for a couple months. Dont buy the link cable. Well, you can. But I'd recommend using the Quest the way it was made to be used, wirelessly. Purchasing the Virtual Desktop App from the Quest store will allow you to connect to your PC via WiFi. You will need to set up an Oculus developer account and use a program called SideQuest to get the proper update to Virtual Desktop to trick the PC that you have a heads
  11. Reviews sound good for this one! Great timing for all the new VR users.
  12. So I am primarily a PC gamer and do much of my gaming on 2 monitors , a high refresh 1440p g sync and a 4k next to it. My PS4 has been hooked to the 4k for awhile now but last night I was bored listening to some music and decided to hook my PS4 to my Samsung Q . As much I hate the low fps of the PS4, the HDR is a god dam haymaker to the face. I am really disappointed in myself for missing out on it for so long ,its really pushing me to skip the 3080 and just buy a PS5 or XsX . PC games skipping HDR is travesty and really needs to be implemented better
  13. This one looks worth backing, especially if you enjoy Arthurian tales.
  14. So the new 3090 is in and runs amazingly well, except when I exceed 60hz or turn on HDR, or both. I am out putting to an LG C9. I know that there are issues with LG C9's right now, but I thought it was limited to G-sync at 120hz. Whenever I do one of the following (list below), I get a constant flickering ghost of a frame that pops in about every other second. Otherwise its runs at 120Hz/HDR. 1.) Turn on HDR in windows 2.) Increase BPC beyond 8bit 3.) Set refresh above 60hz It could be the cable, though the one I have is well reviewed as an HDMI 2.1 48gb prod
  15. "The rocky saga of Crucible, the free-to-play team-based shooter Amazon released in May 2020 and then unreleased in July 2020, is coming to an end. The developers announced today that they intend to shut down servers on November 9. The team will then transition to development on Amazon’s MMO, New World.".... https://kotaku.com/troubled-amazon-shooter-crucible-is-shutting-down-1845330651
  16. The best Warhammer 40K games: Every single Warhammer 40,000 game ranked | PC Gamer WWW.PCGAMER.COM We played them all to determine which space marines, orks, tech-priests and tyranids are worth your time. There's a LOT of heresy on this list!
  17. http://store.steampowered.com//favicon.ico Black Border on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM Brothers and Sisters, After the independence of the states of our motherland , Mudland, we were the only ones who stayed true to the ideals of Mudland. After years of bloody war with enemies of the people, now it is time to rebuild the country. let's unite once more and create Alanan anew. For when you want to play a game like Papers Please without actually playing Papers Please 🤔
  18. A Bunch Of Classic Metal Gear Games Are Coming Back To PC KOTAKU.COM Konami announced this morning that the original Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid, and Metal Gear Solid 2 are all headed back to PC via the GOG storefront, alongside the Konami Collector’s Series: Castlevania & Contra collection. http://www.gog.com//apple-touch-icon.png Classic KONAMI games WWW.GOG.COM 3 classic Metal Gear games and KONAMI Collector's Series: Castlevania & Contra now available on GOG.COM
  19. http://store.steampowered.com//favicon.ico Save 10% on Panzer Dragoon: Remake on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM A new, remade version of the Panzer Dragoon game – true to the original, with improved graphics and controls, that suit modern gaming standards! Port of the Switch game.
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