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  1. It's a Pokémon! It's free to start on Switch! It exists! Unite! Download and log in today to get Day One bonus!
  2. Finally worked my way through Bravely Default 1 earlier this week after years of giving up pretty early on because I found the writing real bland. Once I got over that, the combat and job system became really amazing, and even the writing began to become very interesting, and despite going on quite a few hours too long to get the true ending, the ending itself was quite cool and got me right into Bravely Second. Which brings me to why I'm making this thread: I need friends on my 3DS who've played the game for the Abilink system! In BD1 I had a ton of people with decently leveled characters, so I could use their abilities and get some fun builds going early. Right now I've got almost no one. So even if you're not actively playing, if you have save data (and even better if you beat it) I'd love to be able to add some folks as friends so I can use those sweet sweet abilities.
  3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 37.08M (+1.69M) Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 33.89M (+1.26M) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 24.77M (+930K) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 23.20M (+920K) Pokémon Sword/Shield - 21.85M (+750K) Super Mario Odyssey - 21.40M (+579K) Super Mario Party - 15.72M (+930K) Pokémon: Let's Go! - 13.57M (+290K) Splatoon 2 - 12.45M (+240K) Ring Fit Adventure - 11.26M (+1.15M) Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury - 6.68M (+1.09M) New Pokémon Snap - 2.07M (not including sales in Japan) Mario Golf: Super Rush - 1.34M Miitopia - 1.04M https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2021/210805e.pdf https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2021/210805_3e.pdf Welp, now that I have a Switch, NINTENDO NEWS TOO! @GameDadGrant We may Nintendo fanboy TOGETHER!
  4. Xenoblade Voice Actress Implies a New Game is in the Works — Which is True T.CO The voice actress for Melia implied that a third Xenoblade Chronicles game is in development. We can confirm that's accurate. Takes place in the far future after XC2 with some returning characters Might as well hold off release until Switch 2 since XB2 runs like ass on OG.
  5. I took like a week-long break between play sessions which means I have completely forgotten where I should go next; I have 10 missiles and 5 super missiles, and I seemingly need to find a way to open orange doors in order to get to the wrecked ship.
  6. I've been playing Origami King for awhile now and really loving it. I was initially turned off after finding out that yet again, Paper Mario would have meaningless battles, lack of party members, and little in the way of equipment/item management. Basically all the gameplay tropes of a standard JRPG that Nintendo has abandoned since TTYD. But now after completing half of the game so far, I'm not so sure I want traditional JRPG mechanics in this. It's actually kind of a relief knowing there isn't some arbitrary experience level you need to be at determined by the amount of enemies defeated, in order to beat the game. I can go through the game, avoid every enemy, and be just as prepared for every boss had I defeated everything along the way. With that said, I don't think Nintendo can get away with this in every situation, as evident by previous Paper Mario entries. Origami King fortunately has a fantastic battle system which is crucial. Every encounter has a unique puzzle to solve, and it's really engaging. Sure, you start to notice patterns pretty quickly and can solve the puzzles pretty fast as you progress, but bosses are always a blast and reversing the battle system is brilliant. I'd still like to see them attempt this kind of puzzle battle system while also keeping a cast of party members. And I do think they can implement a better equipment system, but overall this is a great step in the right direction. So anyway, this got me thinking. I think I'd love a standard JRPG, but with experience-less battles. For a lot of JRPGs, regular battles become more about the grind to progress the story than anything else. If you're not at the level the game expects you for a boss, it's going to be a frustrating experience. Whereas taking out the necessity to do battle along the way can reduce the monotony that often comes with JRPGs. Even the best ones. So what do you think? Are you on board with more Paper Mario's like this? Would you want a traditional JRPG to have meaningless battles if the battle system mechanic was rewarding in it's own way?
  7. I’m looking at either the Switch Pro which costs the same as a new game or the Hori pad which is £20, reviews well but has zero extra functionality. Worth spending the cash for when I (eventually) buy some co-op games or something a bit more serious.
  8. This may take a while to get through.
  9. Pokémon Unite MOBA coming this summer WWW.POLYGON.COM Oh, and Lucario does a slam dunk I guess you can get it this summer, free to play, first on Switch and then followed by releases on iOS and Android.
  10. Super Mario 64 game sells for record-breaking $1.5m at auction WWW.BBC.COM An original Zelda cartridge and a Mario game set successive records at auction within days.
  11. Or $60 for both. Like, come on man. Even used shit is going for $40+ reaching 50 which is the price I can get them for new. Just drop the price plz.
  12. eShop - Highlights Ys IX: Monstrum Nox (NIS America, 6th Jul, $59.99) - Unsheathe your curse and smite the darkness. Adol Christin is cursed by a mysterious woman and becomes a Monstrum, a powerful being who can exorcise monsters. To escape from the city of Balduq, he must ally with five other Monstrums, each with their own unique Gifts, and stop the Grimwald Nox, a shadowy dimension on the verge of overflowing into the real world. The Silver Case 2425 (6th Jul, $39.99) - From the mind of SUDA51 comes two thrilling takes on crime noir! The 24 wards of Kanto make up a seemingly idyllic city, although sinister secrets hide below its surface. Uncover the mystery behind a slew of puzzling cases as a member of the wards’ Heinous Crimes Unit in The Silver Case. Then, return to the city of Kanto in The 25th Ward: The Silver Case with a new government project behind the city’s utopian 25th ward. Experience this story from different perspectives to piece this grim puzzle together. Switch eShop - New Releases Alphadia Genesis 2 (1st Jul, $14.99) - While claiming to protect its citizens, the Empire has launched a ruthless campaign against the Atramian population—those said to be infected with black energi and whose existence they deem to be a threat to the world. Discover the true face of evil in this next chapter of the Alphadia series, a story filled with belief, sacrifice, revenge, and ultimately hope! AnimaLudo (Prison, 25th Jun, $9.99) - Ludo is a party board, once played by kings, and now you, your family and friends can enjoy it. While the gameplay of Ludo may be simple at first, it is in fact challenging and very enjoyable. Think carefully about your next move, stay one step ahead of your opponents and return safely from your journey. Arcade Archives SHINGEN SAMURAI-FIGHTER (24th Jun, $7.99) - "SHINGEN SAMURAI-FIGHTER" is an action game released by JALECO in 1988. The player controls Takeda Shingen, embarking on a grand journey to defeat Uesugi Kenshin. Best Day Ever (2nd Jul, $14.99) - Best Day Ever is a narrative game in which you will play 4 characters. Your goal? Manage their daily life and help them overcome their difficulties to create their best day ever. EXPERIENCE 4 RICH STORIES In Waters City, the picture is not all bright. Colossus Mission (2nd Jul, $4.99) - When a huge alien spacecraft enters low Earth orbit many nations send their teams to investigate it. Your crew is the only one who managed to get inside the colossal vessel. Now the exploration and research rests on your shoulders. Discolored (1st Jul, $9.99) - Discolored is a strange and surreal puzzle adventure, taking place over two-or-so hours in a single desolate location. Your mission: restore the color to this once-vibrant world. What caused the colors to disappear? How can they be brought back? Dragon Question (1st Jul, $3.99) - Dragon Question is an edutainment software that combines mathematical exercises with the defense genre. You are Archmage Ryn, tasked with guarding the millennial kingdom of Mathateria. Defend the gates by solving math problems from hordes of monsters. Epistory – Typing Chronicles (2nd Jul, $14.99) - In Epistory you play the muse, a fictional character in a world where everything is untold. Your adventure begins on a blank page, but the world will soon become larger and livelier as you gather inspiration, solve its mysteries and defeat its enemies. Foodtruck Arena (2nd Jul, $15.99) - Become one of the legendary chefs, take part in an unforgettable tournament, battle against formidable opponents, and climb to the top of the culinary world! Join the colorful cast of food truck owners who - using their eccentric cars, quirky recipes, and love for food - try to change the stagnant world of gourmet cuisine, one meatball at a time. Hope’s Farm (3rd Jul, $19.99) - Escape the big city stress and experience the quiet charm of rural life. Match your way through an incredible farming adventure. Grow crops, plant trees, raise adorable animals and customize a wonderful farm. Sell the farm goods through challenging match-3 levels and earn experience points to unlock lots of new items! Kickerinho World (1st Jul, $4.99) - Have a lot of fun in this freestyle-football simulator loved by millions of players from all around the globe. Lovekami -Useless Goddess- (24th Jun, $14.99) - It was after the descent of uncountable goddesses in Japan. . . Most goddesses were able to blend in with humans, living peacefully and happily together. Some of those goddesses even went on to become idols. Mina & Michi (30th Jun, $4.99) - Join Mina and her best friend Michi as they travel through the seasons of a wonderfully colorful world, solving puzzles and challenging baddies along the way. Together, they’ll uncover secrets, collect magical items and learn special abilities that allow them to reach exciting new places. Take control of Mina and Michi simultaneously, or play cooperatively with a friend! My Little Fruit Juice Booth (5th Jul, $3.00) - Start your own fruit juice business with your own fruit juice booth on a beautiful beach! Sell delicious drinks and make your customers happy! Serve delicious drinks in various flavours and blend various fruits and juices into juicey drinks. Mythic Ocean (2nd Jul, $14.99) - Freely explore a vibrant ocean. Have relaxing, deep, and amusing conversations with six different gods and a cast of sea creatures. The advice you give continuously alters your story and leads to thousands of possible endings, ranging between harmony and pandemonium. Ninja Buddy Epic Quest (23rd Jun, $4.99) - Explore wonderfull worlds as you lead Ninja Buddy in his quest to save Princess Zebda. Show your skills to master hostile monsters, deadly mechanics and powerfull bosses. Make your way through increasingly challenging levels in this Super Plateformer. Path: Through the Forest (1st Jul, $5.99) - Life has a long way to go, how much courage does it need to accumulate to make a choice for leading to the future? Pictooi (Limited Run Games, 2nd Jul, $9.99) - Welcome to Pictooi, a relaxing logic puzzle game where you fill in cells to solve puzzles and reveal pictures. Professor Ishida is your host, mentor, and friend. "Oh, hello! Did you know your brain is kind of like a muscle? Let's exercise your brain by challenging it with logic puzzles. Solving logic puzzles can expand your mind! I look forward to sharing our journey together." - Professor Ishida Pigeon Fight (1st Jul, $4.99) - Have you ever seen a group of pigeons fighting for a bread? As a player, you become one of them! Pocket Races (Piotr Skalski, 25th Jun, $4.99) - Pocket Races allows you to create a minicar race and test your racing skills at your own pace. This is a game where you can easily use your design skills to fully push your racing approach to the next level in a powerful and engaging manner. Red White Yellow (1st Jul, $7.00) - Red White Yellow is a puzzle game that uses three types of blocks: red, white, and yellow. It disappears when 6 of each color are lined up, but it can only be erased in the order of red,white,yellow. If you align the following colors when the blocks are disappearing, they can be automatically chained and erased. Revolver and Co (2nd Jul, $7.99) - It's 2038, and a late maniacal inventor has left behind a legacy of madness - coordinates to an island full of wealthy robots, a gun that asks questions, and a widow that's hired you to answer them. As Izzy Buspec, the newest recruit to Randco, take charge of their patented revolver as you explore the densely packed biomes of Corvynnia, bringing down hordes of docile robots in a money-making adventure. Snake It ’Til You Make It (30th Jun, $6.99) - Slide, slither and snake your way to victory! Shed the skin of previous puzzle games and worm your way through hours of fun! Super Archer (4th Jul, $4.99) - Nock, Draw, Loose! There is unlimited number of targets in front of you, and it is up to you to find out how many can you hit. Do not give up, try again and your skills will improve with every game. Release the arrow at the right moment to shoot target directly in the middle and progress. Get as far as you can to unlock different skins. Number of your arrows is limited. You are loosing them every time you miss. Can you beat your own records and became the ultimate archer? Super Destronaut DX-2 (2nd Jul, $4.99) - Super Destronaut DX 2 is a retro space shooter with multiple modes. Test your abilities with the challenges or try to beat your high score in the arcade modes. Play against the clock, the more classical 3 lives, or even with limited bullets to see how many aliens you can destroy. Dodge and shoot enemies to the victory! The Procession To Calvary (Digerati, 1st Jul, $14.99) - Huzzah! The holy war is over! Your oppressors have been vanquished, the churches of the Old God lay in ruin and thousands of innocent people have been murdered! But it's not all good news; the tyrant Heavenly Peter has escaped your clutches, and you have been tasked with finding him. The Sisters – Party of the Year (6th Jul, $29.99) - It all begins when Wendy decides to throw an end-of-year party at home with her friends. Before she gets a chance to ask her parents, her unbearable little sister Maureen steals her idea and asks their parents first. Unfortunately, the parents will allow only one party! Maureen and Wendy start a series of crazy challenges to decide which one of them will host the party. Trove (Gamigo, 23rd Jun, $0.00) - Grab your friends, hone your blades, and set off for adventure in Trove, the ultimate action MMO! Battle the forces of Shadow in realms filled with incredible dungeons and items created by your fellow players. Whether hunting treasure in far-off lands or building realms of your own, it’s never been this good to be square! SOURCE: NINTENDOLIFE
  13. LINK TO THE KICKSTARTER Looks pretty cool to me. And it's awesome it's coming on an actual Game Boy cartridge, playable on any old-school Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Super Game Boy, Game Boy Player, and Game Boy Advance. Worthy of backing, IMO!
  14. Fuser is Free-To-Play for Nintendo Switch Online Members from June 29-July 5. I have this game and it’s pretty fun. It’s no Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but Harmonix still made a solid music/rhythm game. Check it out if you want.
  15. My initial thought was actually Mario 64 castle area just because of how magical it was when I first saw it, but actually na. It would just be some trees and grass, and the castle itself would be cool but I’d probably get bored of it pretty quickly. So actually I might go with Mass Effect 1 Citadel. I loved that area so much and kept wishing they would expand it instead of shrinking it (me3’d was a little better than 2’s but still nowhere close). And there would be a lot to do and experience and different types of aliens to meet. And in ME1 it’s all still fairly peaceful as far as someone just visiting would notice.
  16. I fancy a bit of either competitive or cooperative multiplayer, but not sure where to send my money. It can be any genre (racing, board game etc) and really - I’m looking for something cheap and fun (also, not MK8). Thank you!
  17. Rally the troops! Advance Wars is marching to Nintendo Switch Command an army in strategic, turn-based combat as a tactical adviser for the Orange Star Army. Your expertise is needed as you move land, air, and naval units across the battlefield. Take down enemy squads and capture towns and bases to secure victory and keep the peace. Keep an eye on the game-changing terrain and weather as you lead a variety of units across multiple maps. This remake features two campaigns that cover the events of Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising! Fight alongside capable Commanding Officers Defend your land with the help of Andy, Max, Sami, and other Commanding Officers, each with their own specialties and CO Powers. Andy can repair units, while Sami can boost the abilities of troops. Your opponents can use CO abilities of their own too! Throughout both campaigns, the COs you meet play a critical role both on the battlefield and in the story. Recruit some friends and see who the superior strategist is When you aren’t busy keeping the peace in one of the two campaign stories, flex your army-commanding chops in Versus Mode. Up to four players can battle on dozens of maps. Each player chooses a CO from either campaign and can strategically use their CO Powers to turn the tides of battle. Customize your combat with options like funds per allied base and fog of war.
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