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  1. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-07-12-we-just-created-the-game-that-we-wanted-to-play-as-japanese-developers And on development of future games:
  2. According to Serebii, there will be some kind of Pokémon news about the Let's Go games today at 9am eastern time, 2pm UK, 11pm Japan. New Pokémon reveal? https://www.serebii.net/index2.shtml
  3. Turned on my Switch a moment ago and Pokémon Quest updated overnight. Not noticed any game play changes yet, but the first time I opened the map, I was given a gift of 500 of the in game currency as a 'Thanks for playing'... So that is nice!
  4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/nintendos-newest-smash-bros-game-showcases-its-odd-relationship-with-esports/2018/07/05/ad8632fe-7568-11e8-b4b7-308400242c2e_story.html?
  5. So this is the game Panic Button hinted at... Good to see all these big FTP games getting ported! Not got a date for it yet.
  6. I was looking forward to Mario Tennis, but I was disappointed that the SP is apparently so short. Is it only worth it if you plan to play online, or do you think it's still worth a buy regardless. I'll probably cave and get it anyway for something relaxing to play before bed, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
  7. I have been playing my Turbo Express and I plan to play it more this weekeend and Bloodstained on the Switch.
  8. Wolfenstein 2 on Switch: can mobile hardware really run a cutting-edge shooter? (Link to story above) Short version: A technical marvel for Switch -- but a horribly gimped version of Wolfenstein 2. - 30 fps (though falls below in some levels) -- long stretches at 360p/432p (looks exceptionally blurry)
  9. I love Nintendo Directs, I think I am addicted to them! I often watch them 2 or 3 times! We just had the E3 direct, which was OK, but because of the leaks there was little in the way of surprises. Also there was a lot of stuff we were all expecting to see that wasn't shown. It was a bit disappointing. So I am hungry for another Direct! But is there anything to talk about that would make a Direct worth it? Firstly, Panic Button talking about a major Switch port about to be revealed in the next few weeks, a Direct is the place to announce that. Secondly, we are less than 3 months from the paid online service. We don't know what half the initial free games are, and how the multi player aspects have been added. They need to sell people on this service, and they have not done much of this yet. That is already the backbone of a Direct. Add in a couple of indies, a Smash character reveal, a Pokémon update, and a couple of trailers for fall games (NBA, FighterZ, etc.) Job done. I recon we will get something at the end of July. Thoughts? EDIT: They could also do a spot on Starlink, and unveil the N64 mini that is rumored...
  10. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe now supports the Labo handlebars as a control method. Nintendo says Labo support will be coming to other games in the future. Yoshi?
  11. I got a new Switch today! The money you guys contributed was in my account on Monday, but I couldn't get to MediaMarkt until today! You guys are amazing! Thanks again!
  12. So we have a Switch and after a few months, the left JoyCon was super loose and would pop off with almost no effort. I chalked this up to how when we first got it, we didn't realize that those little clip on shoulder attachments had locks on them. My kids kept putting them on wrong and puling them off with way too much force. Anyway, I sent it back to Nintendo and they fixed it. Ugh, well now, both of my JoyCons are loose again. I know no one has been screwing with them. Kids are playing with this system, but I'm pretty sure they aren't doing anything stupid with it. What the Hell Nintendo? Are all JoyCons loose? Is this a thing? I find this super annoying. I guess I can send it in again, but if they just became loose after a month or two before, what's stopping the exact same thing from happening again? Does anyone else have this problem?
  13. Since all gaming is consolidated under one forum now I've created suggested Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, PC, Consoles, and General tags. Unfortunately there's no way to limit those suggested tags to just showing here, so for the sake of the other boards I didn't want to go crazy on the list of suggestions. Also unfortunately, there's no way to limit forcing people to choose from a pre-defined list on just this board—it was either on every single board or nowhere. But I thought it was worth a shot anyhow. I've upped the tags limit to 4 so that if something applies to all 4 of those you can set them accordingly. The idea is that the tags provide a way to filter down to just Nintendo or Sony or whatever without having to have separate boards. To give it a shot to see what it looks like looking through the board this way, click on the Nintendo tag on this thread for instance, there's already another thread with a Nintendo tag.
  14. I am guessing not many people have done this yet, so I thought I'd make a thread to let you know how it went. Before I sold my old Switch, I remembered to unlink my Nintendo account. This is done from the settings menu, and is really easy. It is very important to do this though, otherwise you will need to contact Nintendo to transfer your account. When I started setting up the new Switch, it gave me the option to link my account to the new console... However when I tried to do it, it was not possible until I had updated to the latest firmware. Once this was done all I needed to do is open the eshop and the option was there again. All I had to do was enter my email address and password and the account was linked in seconds, my friends list and activity appeared. Re-downloading my games also seems easy. Overall it has been a simple process, I was worried it was going to be far more complicated, because Nintendo... The only downside is that I lost all my saves. Once the paid online is up and running with cloud saves it won't be an issue, but I was out of luck. My 3 saves on Stardew Valley, with 350 hours of game play put into them, are gone... But it gives me a reason to start again!
  15. Microsoft and Nintendo have no desire to let Sony's unwillingness to open up cross play go forgotten.
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