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  1. For the most part this week seems like a bunch of bad games. Minnesota vs Philly should be good. LA vs Seattle maybe...
  2. For the second week in a row Biggie fails his bet but comes up big on the predictions, nailing the receiving leader and being the only player to get the pick 'em bonus, to hang on to the lead by a slim margin for yet another week! -= WEEK 4 RESULTS =- Feature Game: In a come from behind performance that further solidified Mahomes as a force at QB in the League, the Chiefs beat the Broncos by a score of 27-23; winning on the field but failing to cover the -5. Bets on the Broncos win. Slug and Keyser_Soze were the only players to bet on the Broncos to win with the points.
  3. TNF game shows promise this week. If it is the Vikings from two weeks ago it should be good if it is the Vikings from last week it should be bad. Two undefeated teams playing this week. Miami trying to keep the Patriots down and Kansas City looking a bit unstoppable going against the Broncos. In case you didn't get the reference in the title:
  4. Despite losing on the Feature Game, Biggie makes a couple clutch calls on the weekly questions to hang on to the lead! -= WEEK 3 RESULTS =- Feature Game: The Steelers hold on to beat the Bucs by a score of 30-27, covering the -2. Alpha1Cowboy and Slug were the only players who called it right. 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? ($600 for the correct call) Harvard to Harvard, Fitzpatrick connects with Brate on a red zone touchdown pass for the first score of the game (Bucs TD). 2) Over or under? 50 combined points in the Fea
  5. This week appears to have a lot of good matchups. Falcons vs Saints, Pittsburgh vs Tampa Bay should be exciting. Pray for Detroit, Arizona and Buffalo
  6. Some of the week one games seemed sloppy, so with a week under their belts the teams are surely ready to put out better results than a 21 all tie and a 47 - 3 demolishing right? Can Chicago keep that dominating defense on for 4 quarters against the Seahawks or will Wilson pull an Aaron Rodgers?
  7. Week 1 is in the books and sees mikechorney taking the early lead! It seems a lot of us had a little too much faith in the Falcons. It wasn't pretty but your reigning Super Bowl champions managed to pull it out. -= WEEK 1 RESULTS =- Feature Game - Eagles win 18-12, beating the 3 points. Bets on the Eagles pay out. 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Eagles TD, Eagles FG, Eagles safety, Falcons TD, Falcons FG, Falcons safety, or other? ($400 for the correct call) The first score in this one was a 21 yard Matt Bryant field goal for the
  8. I decided to make this thread a bit earlier in the week. I'll probably not have internet for a couple of days plus this week you can hype yourself up to get disappointed later in the week. Games start on Thursday, let's go!
  9. Time to bring this thread back. Starting it off classy with the (now old) Kellen Winslow Jr. news. Last time I posted it was just robberies. Now I guess he's been trying to rape 4 women over 50 years old, one 71. ? https://deadspin.com/prosecutor-kellen-winslow-jr-threatened-to-murder-wom-1826877164
  10. The Browns My favorite bits: Amazing. Fucking amazing. I wouldn’t trust the Bengals to make a fucking mustard sandwich properly, and yet here are the analytics masters of the Browns blindly entrusting their fate to Mike Brown’s fax machine. Why, it’s almost like the Haslam family is instinctively careless with formal documentation! Did I mention that the Niners got Jimmy Garoppolo for just a second rounder?
  11. Some of you may remember back when I did this for IGN, most of you probably don't. In any case, the stars have finally aligned in a way that I can bring this to D1P for the 2018 NFL season! The Mock Gambling Thread is a competition that is a part gambling, part predicting, and part forecasting contest. The competition lasts for the entirety of the NFL season and is open to all regular board members. Each player starts with fictitious $1,000 that you can gamble as much or as little as you like on the week's Feature Game. There are two ways to increase your cash: 1. Be
  12. - This is probably RG3's last real shot to show that he deserves to be in this League. Whether it's in Baltimore or elsewhere, he's playing for a roster spot. Can he perform well enough to get some coach's attention? - Debut of the Bears' rookie head coach. He'll be evaluating the roster, but can he manage (admittedly non critical cause preseason) game situations. What's his offense look like at full speed? Does Trubisky seem comfortable with his system? - Heisman winner Lamar Jackson's NFL debut. I don't care if it's preseason; football is back!
  13. I'm surprised Ray has managed to keep this shtick going for as long as he has. And, lest we forget, Ray "obstructed justice" in a double murder investigation. If you're keeping score, the Pro Football Hall of Fame has two inductees "linked" to a pair of double murders (Ray Lewis and OJ Simpson) and one inductee who all but definitely murdered a guy (Marvin Harrison).
  14. https://www.gq.com/story/the-nfl-isnt-ready-for-how-big-of-a-disaster-this-season-will-be
  15. https://deadspin.com/police-lesean-mccoys-ex-girlfriend-was-the-victim-of-a-1827490589 It’s looking like someone broke into the ex-girlfriend’s house and maybe demanded the same items that McCoy was trying to get through a court order. this is the Instagram post: McCoy is denying involvement but it doesn’t look good for him.
  16. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23866542/tampa-bay-buccaneers-quarterback-jameis-winston-suspended-first-three-games
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