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  1. So, Zack Snyder posted a photo of reels of film labeled as JL Directors Cut... The running time is listed there at 214 minutes, a full hour and a half longer than the theatrical cut. So yeah, don't expect random fanboys to stop brigading random WB threads asking for the Synder Cut anytime soon.
  2. Barring Rise of Skywalker. According to Variety HITS “Avengers: Endgame” “The Lion King” “Joker” “Us” “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” “John Wick 3” “Rocketman” “Hustlers” FLOPS “Dark Phoenix” “Cats” “Terminator: Dark Fate” “The Goldfinch” “Gemini Man” “Richard Jewell” “Charlie’s Angels” “UglyDolls” “Midway” “Playmobil”
  3. With having Disney+ and Netflix, I have access to all the movies in basically one place. I watched all the movies in episodic order except for Solo which I watched after RotJ and before TFA. This is more of a blog post than anything else and I can't say it will be exactly coherent and I have already forgotten all the things I wanted to say so... yeah. I remember I watched some fan edit of the prequel movies awhile back, but I can't actually remember watching it. I just know I did. Anyway, I have not seen any of the full length films since at least 2010. And I gotta say, for the most part, I really enjoyed these films. I really love this side of the Star Wars universe. The Old Republic era shit. Even if Lucas doesn't really do it justice, I just love it. The biggest issue with the films is actually the god awful CGI. It is just so fucking bad. I'd love to see these movies updated with modern CGI. People tend to shit on the characters and story, but the only issues I had with the characters and story were the love scenes. They just aren't good and cringe yikes tier I literally browsed Reddit when those scenes came up because I couldn't watch. Legit secondhand embarrassment. Pod Racing was still really awesome. Duel of the Fates makes everything awesome. I wasn't really bored during the first film. I feel like there I have seen much more boring films and shows and yet they are vastly more popular. I will admit that I think the prequel memes have made me enjoy the prequels more. I mean, I'd get a legit smile on my face whenever a meme appeared. Now memes aren't a reason to say a movie is good, but boy do they make the movies better. I don't really mind the midichlorians shit. Is it dumb, yeah, but I really don't care. It's like when someone tells you what's in a hotdog and you are expected to care and scrunch your face in disgust, but you don't and take a huge bite out of you hotdog as mustard and ketchup smear across your face. I felt the same way about how Han Solo got the name Solo. Dumb, but I don't care that much. On one hand, I really like the flourishy Lightsaber fights, on the other hand, it just feels like anyone with a blaster and a quick draw ability could kill a Jedi. Like, if Anakin just whipped out a blaster when first encountering Dooku, I think he might have never lost his right arm. Almost every fight/action scene in the series was way too over the top. The events that I have in mind are the droid plant in the second movie and the fight with Anikin and Obi-wan. They were like some completely unrealistic circus act. Like, it doesn't even feel realistic for the SW universe. Like, you can just shut up and enjoy the adventure, but that shit was just too absurd for me to ignore. But I do love the Yoda vs Palpatine fight. I mean, Palpatine is just great in general in the third movie. It's hilarious. Like, these films aren't great, but they really aren't that bad. Like, I had fun watching these shitty movies. And in a world where everyone wants Star Wars to be different, the prequels sure are fucking different. Maybe not in the best of ways all the time, but there is a lot of originality in the prequels (at least original for SW) and sometimes that is enough to make something OK. In this case, the prequels just being different is enough for me to like them. A lot of my positive feelings are because these movies expanded the universe. You don't have to like it, but I sure did. Like, I really want SW to become as expansive as the BioWare games. Also, I was only 12 with RotS came out. So, most of my first time SW viewing happened before I was even 10. This might be why my opinions are different from older fans. So the OT is what I haven't seen in the longest time. I don't think the "updates" were added to the films the last time I watched them in full, but maybe they were. I was really surprised by how much Vader talks. I remembered him as very being very stoic and Jason Voorhees-like, and while you could say that is somewhat true, it is very much an exaggeration of the character. It is like I had only remembered Vader as the Rogue One Vader. I was also surprised by how much better the OT looked. Sure, the lightsabers are kinda jank after the PT and ST, but the old effects that still remain on the OT were a breath of fresh air after 3 movies or vomit inducing CG. After looking at the wiki there were some minor changes I didn't even notice, but all the ones that were god awful CG were noticed. I actually like the new song in RotJ, but not at the cost of that CG. What was really nice was the more compact plot. I liked that over the three films the OT really only focused on three groups; Luke and the people around him, the Rebels, and the Empire but basically Vader. There was no character overload like there sometimes is in the other two trilogies. I will not really give the final duel between Obi-wan and Vader any negative marks. It was weak after watching the prequels, but sword fighting wasn't the point and the movies are quite old. I mean, my brother and I had more convincing sword fights as children, but whatever. ANH was a much simpler movie than I remembered. It's not a bad thing as the movie was still good. It is neat to think that the laser sword basically wasn't even used by the hero and you really don't care. Empire is basically what Star Wars is in my memories. Both AT walkers, Sky city, Lightsaber fight, limb removal, snow planet, Jedi Training, Force Ghosts, "I am your father", The Imperial March, and I am sure there is more. It is only missing the death star. But like, the majority of the stuff I find iconic is in Empire. It is probably the best Star Wars film because of all of that. When I was a kid, RotJ was my favorite of the og 3. But now I realize that it really is not great. I loved the green lightsaber. Green was always my favorite color and it was fucking rad seeing a lightsaber in your favorite color. I loved the speeder bikes, and the forest stormtroopers, and black outfit Luke. The beginning of the film has always remained strongly in my mind because of all the cool things, but the story never did. Well, that is because it isn't good, or it is at least not done well. Endor was a fucking mistake. Ewoks are a sin worthy of hell and the inventor will share their cell with the inventor of the furby. The parts of Endor that didn't involve Ewoks felt like they were just repeating events from the previous movies but a bit differently. Same with the space battles and the second death star. Luke's confrontation with the emperor was weak. It never felt like there was any reason for Luke to give in to the emp's offers or whatever. The Emp had nothing but power to offer to Luke, but every word he said felt like a lie. It really felt unrealistic that Luke would even consider giving in to the dark side after hearing the Emperor speak. But at least the final saber fight and seeing Palp get thrown down a well was enjoyable. Solo was good. Best Disney tainted SW film to date if you ask me. I don't mind how he got the name Solo even if it was dumb. Can't say I cared for the romance part of it. I would have rathered it just be another street rat friend he promised to get off world with. That character can still be played by Emilia Clarke for all I care, but whatever. Maul showing up is odd because I thought he was dead at this point. Like, dead from one of the cartoon show encounters with Obi-wan. Guess that hasn't happened yet. Either way, whatever all of that shit is leading to is something I have no interest in. TFA sucks because Rey sucks. Horrible MC. Finn is everything she is supposed to be. It would have been so much better if Rey was literally Finn and Finn was just removed. She can still want to find her parents, but it is different. Instead of Kylo noticing Finn after the village attack, it would have been Rey and it could have a whole new meaning with the force and shit. Rey then would have gone through all of the hero's dilemmas that Finn when through, instead of going through none. She literally feels like the side character until she reacts to the force/lightsaber. Like, she would have wanted to run instead of helping the resistance, and then eventually realizing the running won't solve anything. It would also solve the complaints of no combat training. Making Finn and Rey one character would probably result in the best lead hero SW has ever had. The only thing I think she would have lacked would be the piloting, which would have been just fine. Not every SW main hero need to be an amazing space ship driver. You know, there isn't much actually bad aside from Rey. All the other characters are great in the movie. The other biggest issue is that everything is ANH but Marvel/Disney-ified. OK, TFA doesn't actually suck. It is OK tho. The Last fucking Jedi is by far the worst "episode" of Star Wars. I have zero desire to ever watch TLJ ever again. There is no hyperbole here. I can't stand it. This was my first rewatch of TLJ, and I thought that maybe it wouldn't be as bad as I remembered, but I hated it even more the second time. Totally wasted Finn and Finn being wasted makes me just dislike Rose. There is nothing I like about Rose and I had to skip every scene she is in. The Casino shit was just so fucking dumb it wasn't even the enjoyable kind of dumb. While I didn't actually skip ahead, I often stopped watching without realizing when The Rebels/Resistance scenes played. I don't get how this is the fucking resistance that is giving the first order trouble. All the shit with Hodo or whatever, and Poe was boring crap that I just don't care about. It is like if Biggs and Mon Mothma became focal point characters. I am not going to care about them. People tend to go all, "BUT THE LIGHT SPEED JUMP" and that was fucking dumb. Visually? Great, cool, fantastic, bombastic. But like, why wasn't that done right off the fucking bat. All of those other resistance members died for nothing. And then, as I said in another thread: I do like Rey and Kylo. That is the only thing I like about TLJ. Kylo I have always liked. I still hate Rey in TFA, but I for some reason don't dislike her in TLJ. Maybe it is because of Kylo, or maybe it is because the rest of the movie is the ugly chick Rey brought along to make herself look better. I legit don't know. Maybe it is both or neither. Can't stand how they handled Luke. If he didn't die in TLJ I would have not minded so much, but I wanted to see Luke the Master Jedi, not Luke the depressed hermit. When his only display of advanced force mastery is a projection it is just a major letdown. It was impressive, but less impressive because "The Wizard died from using too much mana." Anyway, yeah, Rey is fine in TLJ and I am not sure why. Not that I have typed all of that out, I think I might have made the prequels out to be better than I think they are. They aren't really good but I enjoyed watching them much more than I enjoyed TLJ. There is some legit fun scenes in the movies. Pod Racing, and anytime Palp is full on Darth Sidious are some scenes that come to mind. And I really hope Star Wars changes big time in the future. I really want Star Wars to take place in an Old Republic like setting, but I don't want any more prequels. I want Star Wars to keep advancing. There is no point in going backward. Or like if they don't go Old Republic style, I'd love if Jedi/Sith became wondering mystic warriors. Jedi and Sith ronin who are mostly self taught in the ways of the force. The light and dark side are totally forgotten and the Ronin just head in the direction they feel is right. Oh. Yeah. Almost forgot. The Rise of Skywalker. If the leaks are correct(kinda spoilers so I'd really advise not opening it even tho I don't directly mention any of the leaked events):
  4. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/samuel-l-jackson-martin-scorseses-marvel-1203360546/ Response from some associated with Marvel: Samuel L. Jackson: “I mean that’s like saying Bugs Bunny ain’t funny. Films are films. Everybody doesn’t like his stuff either,” Jackson told Variety‘s Angelique Jackson at the grand opening of Tyler Perry’s new studio in Atlanta, Ga. “Everybody’s got an opinion, so I mean it’s okay. Ain’t going to stop nobody from making movies.” From the co-director of Into The Spiderverse:
  5. Original estimates had this around $190m, which would still have opened lower, but this is much lower than TFA and TLJ. Saturday drop was steep, and the CinemaScore is a B+, lower than The Last Jedi's and The Force Awakens's scores (meaning audiences aren't as enthused with it as they were Episodes 7 and 8). https://www.boxofficemojo.com/weekend/2019W51/?ref_=bo_hm_rw On the other hand, Knives Out has a hell of a hold.
  6. We're doing it for games, may as well do it for films as well. Thanks to Letterboxd this was both much easier and much more difficult than with games. On the one hand, I knew all the movies I'd loved over the last decade, on the other hand, it was not easy to narrow down the last few spots on my list. The Social Network The Avengers Your Name Inside Llewyn Davis Gravity Fury Road The Act of Killing Arrival Dunkirk La La Land Blade Runner 2049 and First Man could easily be in there if you ask me tomorrow. I have a bunch that I haven't really revisited enough to be confident in. Burning, Parasite, Citzenfour, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Restrepo, Shirkers, Tale of Princess Kaguya, Ida, Jackie, The Favorite, and The Great Beauty might all be up for a spot if I rewatched them again. Then there are a few that just missed out: Cloud Atlas, Drive, Ex Machina, Grand Budapest Hotel, and Moonrise Kingdom.
  7. Maybe this was already known, but since I hadn't paid any attention to this one other knowing they were making it, I have to say this is a twist I didn't see coming.
  8. https://ew.com/movies/2019/12/18/tenet-christopher-nolan-robert-pattinson-john-david-washington-first-look/ A trailer will drop today.
  9. The franchise has not moved anywhere at all. Say what you want about the prequels, they at least added to the lore, these movies, the show, are all empty commercialism. I'm out.
  10. https://www.thewrap.com/kumail-nanjiani-shirtless-the-eternals-role/ @Greatoneshere sorry buddy
  11. This is not a bad list by IGN. I'm actually gonna track a couple of these down that I haven't heard of/seen. HIGH LIFE THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING CAPTIVE STATE MISSING LINK LITTLE MONSTERS CRAWL BOOKSMART TOLKIEN READY OR NOT ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL APOLLO 11 I LOST MY BODY HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U FAST COLOR PARASITE I saw three of these... Parasite, Battle Angel and Happy Death Day 2U. I'm gonna check out a couple of these.
  12. Coming December 13th, this certainly looks like a Michael Bay movie. Rumor is that at $150M this is easily Netflix's most expensive film to date. It looks fun enough to me. A pretty easy "turn up the sound, turn off your brain" Netflix movie.
  13. Seeing how there are quite a few movie buffs on here, let's pour one out for this man. He was in anything from The Godfather II to Do The Right Thing and Jacob's Ladder. Somehow always super memorable and always great. Brilliant scene and delivery from Jacob's Ladder
  14. The Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 are slated to premiere on the same day in 2021 Who's gonna blink first?
  15. It's "a superhero origin story except without the tights, powers, or pre-existing IP."
  16. Fuck Yeah on more Donnie Yen playing the legend for one more time. First movie was amazing, 2nd was sort of a letdown but redeemed itself with the 3rd (less wire-fu) So bring on the 4th and finale film
  17. 83% on RT Available now on Amazon Prime, The Report follows a senate staffer tasked with researching and writing a report on the CIA's torture program following 9/11. It's a slow, quiet movie that lacks the flair or emotion of The Post or Spotlight, but it feels somehow more essential than either. At a time when government infighting is in the news every day and the very idea of separation of powers is about to be interrogated before the supreme court, The Report is a reminder about the importance of transparency and accountability. It's also a grim film, repeatedly showing scenes of torture in progress and pulling no punches when it comes to the suffocating nature of a bureaucracy intent on self preservation. (Real life spoiler) There is no catharsis here, no title card at the end telling us how everything is now ok and that justice has been served. It's also a film that wants to be very clear on the facts being presented, at times almost distractingly so. It's a film that feels the burden of this story, and desperately wants viewers to understand that there are no mitigating factors here. In Spotlight, the crimes uncovered are monstrous on their face. In The Report, there's the added burden that it needs to convince viewers that these crimes were not only evil, but ineffective and unnecessary. Due to the nature of story, it also has to do without a lot of characters. Adam Driver never gets to sit down and interrogate anyone from the CIA. There is very little direct confrontation, which forces the facts being presented to carry the drama. What drama there is to be had is propelled almost singularly by Adam Driver's performance. He's on screen for nearly the entire run, and as time passes and his academic and professional courtesy deteriorate, you can feel the weight that this job has put on his character. It won't win any awards, but it's another example of how he's today's most versatile leading man. It's not flashy, but it's also not boring, and if you've got Amazon and a couple hours to spend, The Report is well worth a watch.
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