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  1. This follows the discovery of a full length version of the Novel that inspired the original film. I actually didn't mind the 2010 prequel and I LOVE Blumhouse, but Carpenter's film is one of my all time favorites. I LOVE that movie.
  2. For some reason I've been seeing this go around twitter, so let's give it a go: It is actually a bit harder than I expected. I think part of the reason for me is that I just don't see a lot of movies that everyone hates. I've got so little time and I keep up with film news so much that I always have a bunch of really well loved films to watch. The other thing I found is that a bunch of "unpopular" movies that I really love end up having an RT score ~50-60%, so movies like Man of Steel, Cloud Atlas, Spring Breakers, Mother, and Watchmen don't quite make the cut. Then I thought of a bunch that I'd seen recently, but weren't released in my adult life post 2000, Dune, Mouse Hunt, Rat Race, and The Princess and The Cobbler didn't count. So I could only think of four movies that actually fit the bill, and only two of them actually had audience scores that were also below 50%. So here are mine in chronological order: Speed Racer - 40% I feel like this is almost cheating, as it seems the general consensus on this movie has come back around. With an audience score of 60%, I suspect that it's even more popular on this board. Pain and Gain - 50% Yeah, it's not "under 50%," but I'm still going to count it. With an audience score of 47%, I'm at least in the minority of this one, even if it's just barely. I feel like it's Bay's most thoughtful work, even if he didn't mean it to be. It was certainly the film that made me want to see him move away from total bombast. American Ultra - 43% I think the tonal shifts earned this film its poor ratings, but I think it kinda works. It's supposed to be a shock to the system, and it's very well cast. Warcraft - 28% It seems audiences (or at least online commentators), liked Warcraft well enough to leave a 76% positive rating, but reviewers weren't on the same page. I totally get why anyone wouldn't like Warcraft, and I probably have some attachment given how much Warcraft I, II, III, and WoW I've played, but I actually think it does more right than wrong. So, what movies do you guys like that fit the bill?
  3. Name your five favorite cult classic films. Or name more if you want... I know I have more than five off the top of my head. Here are some of my favs in no particular order I'm sure I have more but these are some of the first that came to mind... I haven't even gotten to the horror stuff yet.
  4. This is a bad precedent in my opinion Be forewarned... this is an IGN article so if you're too good for IGN, ignore the post and do not click the link.
  5. Might as well start it off with this thread ? what have you guys watched while the boards boards have been down? me: Rampage 2.5/5 Logan 5/5 Flower 3.5/5 Set It Up 4/5 (seriously, this was an actual good romcom)
  6. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/chloe-zhao-direct-marvel-studios-eternals-1143547
  7. https://imgur.com/a/lX9JG8F Rey with her staff saber: Luke trains Rey: Tor Vallum, Sith trainer: First Order Coruscant: Rose and Finn activate the beacon under the Jedi Temple to call for aid: Finn yells "Rey! Reeeeeey!!!" Haha, just kidding. He rallies the people of Coruscant to fight the FO: Coruscant underground: Rey, on Mortis: People of Coruscant face the First Order: R2 is killed: Rey and Ben fight at the peak of the temple on Mortis: Luke blocks Ben's saber: Hux commits suicide when it is clear the FO is lost: Leia records a message of hope to the galaxy:
  8. Jones' wife and three children said they had lost "a kind, funny, warm, creative and truly loving man."
  9. Frozen 2 doesn't get a nomination in Best Animated Film category.
  10. Todd Phillips and Warner showed it just now at Cinemacon. Not what I expected but in a really good way. Philips describes the film as a tragedy and it certainly looks it.
  11. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/dolittle/ 17% Tomatometer 4.15/10 Average Rating NPR: "Dolittle is a not a film. Dolittle is a crime scene in need of forensic analysis. Something happened here. Something terrible. Something inexplicable." Peter Travers: "Robert Downey, Jr. talks to the animals and hits a career low in this object lesson in cinematic incoherence that will leave children sad and confused and adults scratching their heads. Come back, 'Cats,' we forgive you." WSJ: "A production that achieves the dubious distinction of combining too-muchness with not-enoughness: too much tumult and chaos, not enough dramatic focus; too many animals with clever names spouting glib one-liners, not enough simple human feeling." The Atlantic: "One of the worst cinematic fiascos I've seen in years." New York Magazine: "I wasn't expecting Dolittle to be good, exactly, but I wasn't expecting it to be quite this bad." The Wrap: "Splats onto the screen like horse dung, with few laughs and no charm. Even the actor's legendary charisma, which this project sorely needed, gets tamped down." Richard Roeper: "Please make it stop." Variety: "What should have been an awe-filled adventure quickly curdles into an awful one, thanks to a pedestrian formula and the filmmakers' fixation on fart jokes." Michael Phillips: "I wouldn't say I prefer the clunky 1967 musical to the frenetic mechanical bull of this version. But I wouldn't say I don't." And lots of enema talk: NY Post: "There's got to be a moment, as an actor watches himself on-screen pulling bagpipes out of a CGI dragon's rear end, that he thinks, "Have I really fallen this far?"" Ty Burr of the Boston Globe: "I definitely don't recall a scene in which the good doctor has to perform a rectal probe on said dragon, with much comic passing of gas. If that strikes you as hilarious, by all means go with God."
  12. Strangely, this originated from the Daily Mail, and everyone's picked up on it. So either they're talking to their own sources, or they could be jumping the gun because DM is suspect. Unconfirmed for now.
  13. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/taika-waititi-courted-star-wars-movie-1269996?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&__twitter_impression=true Good. He directed the final episode of Mandalorian, for anyone unaware. Bad news for anyone looking forward to him doing Akira, which has already been delayed by Thor 4.
  14. Allegedly: https://makingstarwars.net/2020/01/the-next-star-wars-film-saga-to-be-set-during-the-high-republic-era/ I am happy that they are going far back...but not as happy as if they were going even further. The High Republic era is not as interesting as the Old Republic era when the Sith existed in greater numbers. BUT, I am happy they will simply do movies that have a common theme and setting rather than a singular storyline. Just make good, individual stories, and the era won't really matter!
  15. I find this to be one of the best series for analyzing some of our most beloved movies, and what makes them so good and why. This one is focusing on what made Star Wars so good, and such a cultural phenomenon, and I learned some new things along the way. To be clear this is solely about the 1977 movie, not the franchise as a whole, aside from some small tangents here and there, and for those two of you that haven't seen The Rise of Skywalker yet, don't worry there is no spoilers, or even discussion of it here (in fact there's not even any trailer footage shown).
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