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Found 131 results

  1. Date: Saturday, Nov. 10th Times: 1pm PST/4pm EST Duration: 2 hours Office website: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/X018 How to watch: Mixer app (available on Xbox/PC/Mac/iOS/Android) HYPE!!! There will be a special two hour long Inside Xbox live stream during the event, where you can expect major "E3-level" announcements. Spencer noted that previously at X0, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Rare. Acquisitions indeed... RUMORS! Rocksteady to announce, MOAR BATMAN! Splinter Cell, Finally? Something Banjo Kazooie? Gears, Fable, Halo, oh my!
  2. One person with knowledge of the deal told Kotaku they’d heard it was “90%” finished. Said a second person: “It’s a matter of when, not if.” There is little doubt in my mind that Obsidian is DOA without this deal.
  3. Confused because when I look at the map there are other markers for other online players, but the forzathon aspects are greyed out and not available.
  4. Speaking on Microsoft's FY19 Q1 earnings call, the firm discussed its increased cross-platform presence with the Xbox brand. Now, following the success of Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One's Netflix-style subscription service for games, Nadella announced plans to expand to PC.
  5. I got an extra code if anyone wants it. Pre-load is up now, beta begins Oct 23rd.
  6. I don't have either of the L4D's but I popped in the Orange Box and played a bit of Half-Life 2 and it looks pretty damn good. Still not 60fps, but the 4k resolution eliminates the jaggies that were so bad in the original 360 version at least. Powerlines, fences, etc. used to flicker badly but it seems to be cleaned up pretty well. On top of that it looks like the textures have been given a boost. I don't know how comparable it is to what the PC version looked like at max settings, but since I've had the Orange Box since it came out back in 2007 this is a nice bonus. P.S. I think Portal got the bump too, but I don't know if they bothered with Team Fortress 2 since the console version of that was always pretty meh.
  7. Xbox has finally got the Dolby Vision support it promised. Well it's in the Insider Program for now but should be out for everyone soon @Spork3245 This is pretty cool because my Xbox One X is my UHD player so very happy that I can watch the movies that support it. EDIT: It's currently only supporting Dolby Vision via Netflix and not the UHD player hopefully that gets patched in soon. Along with Dolby Vision Xbox One is getting voice command support such as Alexa or Google home. It's a nice feature since no one uses Kinect but everyone jumped on Alexa Last are Avatars. They're back. That's cool I suppose. I made mine and notice friends avatars pop up when my screen goes idol. I just hope they have a lot more customization than they did in the beta.
  8. I just thought I saw something that said they are? So if I buy the Game Pass are play anywhere titles available on PC too? WOW if yes, and I'm buying a year right now. Something tells me there not, but those that own it, what's the definitive answer? Thanks!
  9. https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2018/10/08/project-xcloud-gaming-with-you-at-the-center/
  10. Phil Spencer is letting his Nuts hang and is about to feed the Ponies some Rockie Mountain Oysters. MS has announced an Xo event for November 10. Ponies are hot that psx is cancelled. Whats so special about this event. MS will probably announce the Acquisitions of even more studios. Phil has basically been handed a blank check. His name now is BIG$GRIP. Playground games is on a BIG hiring spree they are about to add 177 new dev. acording to windows central. The Inititive is hiring TOP talent from the best Studios around. Lastest Rumor is that Phil is hiring a TOTAL OF 600 new DEVs to add to the MS game studio lineup. Thats a massive number of new people. Yea its going to take awhile for these new studios to produce some shit but in the mean time Xbox will start getting some Keyboard/Mouse games that were previously Pc exclusives to fill out the line up. Good things ahead for M$ sorry I been Mia just started a new gig so been busy
  11. https://kotaku.com/sources-microsoft-is-close-to-buying-obsidian-1829614135
  12. it would seem my xbox has died probably from playing so much Forza. It started freezing for a few moments here and there over the last day or so and now I keep getting "GAME X took too long to start' or some such nonsense. So if I pick up a new one do I just plug my external drive into the new one?
  13. So I remember this gaming getting reviews that suggested it was lop side and ultimately more frustrating that good. Apparently, at some point, the developers agreed and made some major changes and added a bunch of content. I'm not sure how this version plays compared to the original release, but damn its a lot of fun! Its also charming and reminds me of some of the better efforts from the 360/PS3 era of gaming. Its fast, smooth and satisfying! If you haven't played it or considered it but passed it up, I highly recommend you give it a try! At its current price of $19.99, its an absolute treasure of a game! PC folks, its available on Steam so you don't even need to use the dreaded windows store to enjoy this game!
  14. October 1 - 31 | Overcooked (Xbox One) October 16 - November 15 | Victor Vran (Xbox One) October 1 - 15 | Stuntman Ignition (Xbox 360) October 16-31 | Hitman Blood Money (Xbox 360)
  15. And.. shocker.. it looks fuggin' incredible.
  16. Always looking for squad or duo mates. Feel free to add me on XBL (sblfilms).
  17. I have been having this issue for quite sometime but I just ignored it. When playing Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One witha wired connection I can't connect to Xbox Live playing 360 games. I'm online via the Xbox One as I can see my friends list and go back to playing Xbox One games online but playing games like Mordern Warfare 2 via Backwards Compatibility I get the check your connection as you are not connected to Xbox live. Funny thing is if I disconnect the wired connection and my Xbox is on wifi it works. I have checked all my settings, IP addresses, DNS and open all my ports but still can't connect using BC. It sucks because in games like MW2 a WiFi connection will give you a disadvantage and also I don't want to disconnect my wired connection Everytime I want to play BC titles. I'm trying to figure this out as I am not the only one having this issue it seems.
  18. I'm so F&^%ing pissed as I did not want to buy 2 of these consoles!! I thought that they just might not do a white "X" because of the S's . . lol but NOPE HERE IT IS Moth#@ Fu^%&r
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