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Found 141 results

  1. Halo was a seminal series for me growing up. The first game is probably among my all-time favorites, and it's hard to overstate what a huge impact it had on games at the time. Halo 2 was probably my most anticipated video game release ever, and I still fondly remember getting it at midnight and playing a good portion of the campaign through the night. However, it seemed to lack some of the magic that the first game had. I felt the same about 3 when it came out in 2007 - as much as I anticipated the end of the trilogy, it failed to capture the elusive magic of the original. I finally bowed out when I played 4 and found it completely lacking. I recently got an Xbox One to take advantage of Game Pass, and the first thing that I downloaded is the Master Chief collection. I know that this package has had it's fair share of issues, but I've been utterly entranced by Halo again for the first time in over ten years. I am blown away by how well the gameplay has aged, and I can't think of a single FPS from this era that would still feel as immediate and engrossing as this does. Fast forward to a few weeks later, and I've completed the campaigns of CE, 2, 3, and ODST. I also picked up a second hand copy of Reach, and plan on getting to 4 and 5 after. I know that Halo has been eclipsed and left in the dust by bigger and more popular shooters, but there is something that is still very resonant about Bungie's vision. All of these years later, I'm having just as much fun in these emergent combat sandboxes as I did when I first played them. If anything, my opinion about 2 and 3 have improved greatly, and I found ODST to be a bold change of pace atmospherically and thematically. While it may be lacking in relevancy these days, Halo still represents one hell of a collection of video games.
  2. Over 100 titles will be available on the service with more info to be provided at E3.
  3. Microsoft Cloud Powers Record Fourth Quarter Results I think it is going to be a rough year for MS, until they are able to launch a new console. Their hardware sales have (apparently) collapsed, and were down 48 in the last quarter. It looks like lower Fortnite revenue could not be offset by higher GamePass (and Live) revenue -- and software/services revenue is down 3%. Hopefully they can turn this around with a new console launch.
  4. Xbox One: Inside: Big Crown Showdown Xbox 360: Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Meet the Robinsons
  5. So Basically Lockhart will not be needed due to Xcloud Lockhart never made any sense in my book anyway the original rumors said that it would have a gpu weaker then the one in the 1x. why not just add the 1x gpu to the zen2 soc. That should have been the way they did it
  6. PM me if interested. You can still do the ultimate games pass stacking for another 2 weeks if you haven’t gotten around to it
  7. This means that the Galaxy 2.0 client could be used to manage PC Game Pass titles.
  8. Naturally, this is in partnership with the parent company of the Axe product line.
  9. I just bought it last night but it only dl before I went to bed. I'm in the middle of my second play through re2 remake but then I'm gonna play Metro. For those that played it, how is it? Do I need to know what happened in the last two to fully appreciate the game?
  10. Xbox Gamertags may take on a more 'Discord-like' format soon, possible info coming at E3 2019 Discord uses a hashed username system allowing users to have any username they choose, although duplicate names will come with a # number at the end. According to rumors we've received, Xbox may be going the same way.
  11. XBone: NHL 19 & Rivals of Aether Xbox 360: Portal & Earth Defense Force 2017
  12. I loaded up the game (after a few months) and noticed the sound was all fucked up. I hear a moaning type sound that seems like it's playing in slow motion. All other sound is much quieter and I barely hear it. I just escaped the police station and peaked my head out of the sewer. This is when the audio issue began. Have there been any patches? Should I just erase the game and redownload? I googled this and didn't find this particular issue.
  13. https://variety.com/2019/gaming/news/microsoft-gaming-veterans-1203201363/
  14. I figured there might as well be an on-going update thread like the Back Compat one... I'll start it with the March '19 update: Just Cause 4 (March 6th) Fallout 4 -coming back- (March 6th) F1 2018 (March 14th) LEGO Batman 2 (March 14th)
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