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Found 874 results

  1. https://www.ign.com/videos/2018/12/19/controls-brutalist-skyscraper-is-pretty-messed-up-ign-first I love Remedy and the story's they come up with. Can't wait for this.
  2. https://www.polygon.com/2019/4/18/18484766/sega-genesis-mini-games-sonic-2-castle-of-illusion
  3. https://www.polygon.com/2019/4/18/18484715/castlevania-anniversary-collection-release-date-games
  4. I bought the Dishonored bundle a while back, and after completing the first one (which I liked) I fell off of the second one pretty quickly and played something else. A few weeks ago, after looking through my download library on PS4, I decided to give it another go. After 20 odd hours and almost two complete playthroughs, Dishonored 2 is one hell of a videogame. While it was well received critically, I get the sense that it's a bit underrated, and it did not fare too well financially. That's a shame, because once it clicks, it's absolutely one of the most immersive, fun, and mind-blowing games I've played in years. The way that you can layer your supernatural abilities, coupled with some all-time-great level design, has led to countless incredible emergent moments through both of my playthroughs. I think I fell off initially because I played it like a straight up stealth game - be advised, it is way more fun to use the abilities that the game gives you. While you might create more "chaos", which leads to more environmental challenges and a more cynical ending (depending on how lethal you are), it absolutely seems like that is how the designers intended the game to be played. Things really open up when you start a New Game +, because you have access to all of the abilities from both protagonists, as well as all of your resources and stat buffs from the previous run. I highly recommend this game to anybody that may have fallen off of it or that was put off by the opening couple of hours. Similarly to Prey, the more you put into the game, the more you'll get out of it.
  5. https://wayforward.com/news/2019/04/wayforward-and-arc-system-works-announce-river-city-girls/
  6. I can't be the only one playing a Baba is You, right? Game has a weak 87 on Open Critic because nobody seems to have played it long enough to review. It's available on Steam and the Switch eShop. As much as I like it, this game has a habit of making me feel really stupid. Puzzles seem impossible and then they just click and I feel like an idiot for not seeing the solution sooner.
  7. There's probably more recent comparisons, but this reminded me hard of Loaded back on the PS2. This looks cool and apparently it's out now.
  8. https://variety.com/2019/gaming/features/skybound-games-modern-live-action-video-games-inevitable-1203191471/
  9. Every once in a while a game does something small, but unique that isn't really important but enhances the experience a lot. I thought it would be fun to list some examples of this in games that people like. To start, I'd like to highlight how in Divinity Original Sin 2, you can choose an "instrument" for each character. When that character does something significant in battle (like kill an enemy), the music switches to a version using that character's instrument. It's so simple, yet goes a long way in making the battle feel more reactive and customized to your characters.
  10. Just a quick hello, shit has really hit the fan for me and my family. Bear with me. I find out out Wednesday night my son has a stage 4 brain stem tumor, FUCK!! My wife and I have been driving 4 hours a day for an entire week to go through the testing with him Bamm Thursday, he gets released to come do treatment in the hospital where my wife works and we life. Find out that night that's it is stage 4 inoperable. He asks if he can come down and stay a day, sure......and here the real kicker. On TV a warning Paradice California is being evacuated! Where my wife works where the treatment was to be. 20 minutes later my kid daughter is at my house and my wife and her jump in the car to paradise and grab cat and some stuff, FUCK, there to be right back. 3 hours later I realize the stuck in the middle of the paradise blaze. I lose power and cell services! No one saying evacuate magalia where we live, but 3 hour of waiting, I realize were fucked. I grab one computer. My dog 2 hand fills of clothes a few stupid shit and jump in truck. At this time I'm in line with a direction away from where my mife went. 5hours later I make it the 13 Mile's to chico and call wife on a stranger's phone, ok where all ok, about 2 more hours apart. We spend night in my truck behind all the first responders, and the start getting news. Paradise California is a complete loss, so is lower magalia where we live. I'm homeless and jobless and so is my daughter and all my friends. What the fuck just happened. Fastest moving wildfire in California in history, moving 80 football fields a minute. We literally have nothing. Nothing. It's hard, because we had everything, life was perfect. Dont blink gamers / friends. Hold on to what and whom you love. Dont let go!
  11. Respawn's Star Wars title will get its full debut this upcoming weekend at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. This is what we know about the game so far: Third-person, action adventure Holiday 2019 release Single player Being developed in Unreal Engine 4 instead of the modified Source Engine used in Apex and Titanfall Stig Asmussen (Director of God of War 3) is leading the team as game director Chris Avellone (KotOR2, Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas) did some story work, story/character reviews, and wrote cinematic scripts for the game Jason de Heras is the Lead Combat Designer (Senior Combat Designer on God of War 3 and Ascension) Canon to the Star Wars universe Will be like "Force Unleashed without the Mountain Dew qualities" Game has a "dark" tone and vibe to it Narrative lead is Aaaron Contreras who was the lead narrative designer on Mafia III and narrative designer on Far Cry 3
  12. https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/37406/focus-home-interactive-reveals-12-new-partnerships-at-what-s-next-2019
  13. Once work wrapped on KoTOR 2, Obsidian was ready to make a third game in the acclaimed RPG series. Unfortunately, it never came to pass, but here’s what was planned, according to one of the writers.
  14. https://variety.com/2019/gaming/news/god-of-war-director-sekiro-input-1203184074/
  15. It all came from this: And then the variations: Once you've seen one, you know the punchline, but whatever; I'm enjoying the variations!
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