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Found 874 results

  1. https://gizmodo.com/microsofts-solitaire-is-finally-getting-honored-in-the-1834477609 About Colossal Cave Adventure: Text-based Colossal Cave Adventure debuted in 1976 and conjured up an immersive, interactive fantasy world despite the limits of primitive computer technology. While the game had no graphics and relied on players typing written commands, it still offered a fully-realized realm to explore, with treasures to find and puzzles to solve. It laid the foundation for an entire genre of fantasy and adventure games, and it directly inspired other pioneering titles, such as Adventureland and Zork, which helped launch the commercial computer game industry. “The best games fire the imagination,” says Jon-Paul Dyson, director of The Strong’s International Center for the History of Electronic Games. “Anyone who first typed a command like ‘get lamp’ into Colossal Cave Adventure could see the power of electronic games to create magical worlds of the imagination.” About Microsoft Solitaire: Based on a centuries-old card game, Microsoft Solitaire debuted in 1990 on the Windows 3.0 computing platform and became ubiquitous around the world. Since then, Microsoft Solitaire has been distributed on over a billion computers and is now played 35 billion games per year in over 200 markets around the world and is localized into 65 languages. “The game proved that sometimes analog games can be even more popular in the digital world and demonstrated that a market existed for games that appeal to people of all types,” says Jeremy Saucier, assistant vice president for electronic games and interpretation. “In many ways, it helped pave the way for the growth of the casual gaming market that remains so popular today.” About Mortal Kombat: Mortal Kombat brought cutting-edge graphics and unique fighting styles to the arcade when it launched in 1992. The game’s over-the-top depictions of violence also spurred international debate, including Congressional hearings in the United States that spurred the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in 1994, and provided that games weren’t just for kids. By pushing the boundaries in terms of content and what players could do with their in-game characters, Mortal Kombat spawned an entire franchise—including games, music albums, action figures, a theatrical stage show, and Hollywood movies. Says Digital Games Curator Andrew Borman, “Beyond its controversial content and role in triggering debate about the role of violent video games in society, Mortal Kombat’s compelling gameplay, iconic characters, and many sequels have kept players coming back again and again.” About Super Mario Kart: Nintendo’s Super Mario Kart combined the thrill of racing games with the beloved characters of its Super Mario Bros. franchise. Released in 1992, the game built on previous racing games and popularized the go-kart subgenre. Super Mario Kart has sold millions of copies on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and generated a dozen other titles across consoles, handhelds, and arcade games that have sold more than 100 million units. “Super Mario Kart truly excelled as a social game that appealed to players of all skill levels, especially with its engaging multi-player settings,” says Julia Novakovic, archivist. “It invited friends, family, and gaming fans of all ages along for an unforgettable ride that has made it the longest-running racing series in gaming history.”
  2. https://variety.com/2019/gaming/news/mixer-introduces-ai-powered-mixer-loot-feature-1203198084/
  3. https://variety.com/2019/gaming/news/video-games-300-billion-industry-2025-report-1203202672/
  4. Epic buys Rocket League developer Psyonix, will stop selling the game on Steam “The PC version of Rocket League will come to the Epic Games store in late 2019. In the meantime, it will continue to be available for purchase on Steam; thereafter it will continue to be supported on Steam for all existing purchasers,” reads a press release issued to media at the time of deal’s announcement.
  5. BioWare hasn't revealed any official stats about the game's current userbase, though it did sell impressively in its first week, but a new player-run survey conducted through Reddit provides a clearer, yet somewhat disconcerting snapshot of Anthem's health two months after release. BioWare has posted multiple positions for game designers that will focus on item creation, combat balance, store management/rewards pipeline, and loot systems.
  6. Occulus Quest Reviews https://www.engadget.com/2019/04/30/oculus-quest-review-wireless-vr/ https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/04/30/oculus-quest-review Occulus S https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/30/18523941/oculus-rift-s-review-vr-headset-price-specs-features HTC/Valve Vive Index Intro https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/30/18524167/valve-index-vr-headset-price-pre-order-date
  7. Has anyone played this? It is getting ported to Switch in a couple of weeks and I am thinking of picking it up. As a Stardew Valley addict, is this going to scratch the same itch?
  8. https://variety.com/2019/gaming/news/minecraft-creator-excluded-from-anniversary-due-to-comments-and-opinions-exclusive-1203200050/
  9. With pre-orders open and a shipping date of May 21st, Oculus Quest reviews are coming in. Road To VR Tom's Hardware Polygon The Verge Engadget Tested The reviews are all on relative agreement on some of the main points. The tracking works very well, the optics are pretty good, and wireless VR is great. It seems that some people had better luck than others with how well it remembered rooms, with some people needing to go through a short setup process before playing again. The audio is fine and the graphics, while nothing to get excited about, are perfectly fine for many games. Battery life is just over 2 hours, which seems fine to me. I'm happy that they included chromecast streaming. I can mirror my PC screen to my living room TV, and having people watch a Beatsaber round or Superhot level really makes it a much more social experience. There are some mixed reactions to the comfort, with some reviewers reporting that it's a bit too front heavy. It seems to me that the biggest differences between reviews are the overall sense of optimism for this platform specifically. At $400 it's a reasonable entry point into VR, but it's not exactly rivaling a traditional gaming platform for value. The graphics are fine, but there's uncertainty as to if they're enough for exciting new games to come to the Quest. It's a rather polished little headset that works really well, but we don't know if the content will be there. As a Rift owner, I'm of two minds with the Quest. I think this is the obvious future of VR form factors. I love the idea of playing anywhere in my home and being able to take it places. Tracking was my biggest fear, and it seems they figured that out, so now there's just a question of processing power and content. If there were more Superhot or Beatsaber quality games, I'd put in my pre-order today. As it stands, it's unclear what other worthwhile games will be coming, and some of the most promising aren't coming to Quest. Still, if I were to recommend VR to most people, it would probably be a Quest.
  10. Anyone playing this? Saw it was trending on twitch so decided to give it a watch and found it entertaining. I never played Chivalry so I do not know how it compares. Decided to buy it and having a blast. There are some bugs with gaining xp/gold but noticed if you quit out and go back in, it seems to work again for a bit.
  11. The end credits have begun to roll. Ask me anything about the game.
  12. This year’s breakout battle royale game couldn’t keep up with its own success Apex Legends had the smoothest and most successful launch of any battle royale game. While games like Fortnite took months to build up a player base and a Twitch presence, Apex shot to number one in its first day. But a lack of updates, a litany of bugs, and some fierce competition has destroyed Apex Legends’ launch momentum.
  13. This is a thread spurred by my recent annoyance playing Chrono Trigger. It's not as though a 24 year old game needs to come with a spoiler warning, but it was the classic case of working towards a boss, many smaller fights, came to a mini-boss and died...then I realised I hadn't saved in about an hour and then...title screen. Loaded up the game and back I was again, which I know in essence was entirely my fault, but it makes me thankful for the modern approach of that last bonfire, the entrance of the dungeon or just...coming back to life. With that in mind, are there any older gaming tropes you're glad have been laid on a boat, pushed into the ocean and set alight by a flaming arrow? Or for the sadists, any that have been retired but you wish would come back for one more tour?
  14. What was once Titanfall 3 has become Apex Legends, the free-to-play battle royale game that launched today. In other words, a third Titanfall is not currently in development, despite the critical acclaim for the first two
  15. In a dozen interviews conducted by Polygon over a period of several months, current and former employees say they regularly worked in excess of 70-hour weeks, with some reporting 100-hour weeks. Contract staff in Epic’s quality assurance and customer service departments spoke of a stressful and hostile working environment in which working overtime — while officially voluntary — was an expected service to the company.
  16. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-04-24-persona-5-has-sold-over-2-7m-units-worldwide
  17. Interview with Wccftech Chris Avellone is undoubtedly one of the household RPG developers still around, with a historic career writing and designing numerous cult classics and fan favourites, such as Fallout 2 and New Vegas, Baldur’s Gate, Pillars of Eternity, Prey and many, many more. Given his pedigree, when we discovered he was attending Reboot Develop Blue 2019 in Dubrovnik, we just had to sit down with him for a chat.
  18. Using whatever criteria bias u want (setting, gameplay, story preference)... what u recommend?
  19. PC Gamer article Dungeons & Dragons company Wizards of the Coast announced today that it is opening a new studio in Austin, Texas, that will be headed up by former BioWare stalwart James Ohlen. Ohlen left BioWare last year after a 22-year career, during which he amassed design and writing credits including the Baldur's Gate series, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, and Dragon Age: Origins.
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