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  1. https://kotaku.com/after-disappearing-for-six-years-cube-world-is-finally-1837938692?utm_source=Kotaku_Twitter&utm_medium=Socialflow&utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Twitter
  2. The game is set in 1807, when the ghost ship washes up in port five years after it had gone missing. The player must unravel the fates of every crew member on board. In terms of gameplay, it appears to be a narrative puzzle, with the player employing flashback sequences to progress through locked doors and areas aboard the ship.
  3. What We Know So Far - Iceborne is a massive story and post-game quest DLC that takes place after the events of Monster Hunter World. - A brand new location opens up, called Hoarfrost Reach, which is similarly as large as Astera. - Hoarfrost Reach will not be fully exploitable right from the start. Areas of this new land will be locked behind story missions. - Iceborne introduces Master Rank, which is essentially G-Rank from the previous games, the name being changed to be more recognizable to western audiences. - A number of brand new Monster's to hunt, including a new -frost based- Elder Dragon will be included in this DLC. - We will see the return of old favorites, such as Nargacuga and Tigrex. - As usual, Master Rank will introduce a slew of all new weapon and armor designs for all of the monsters and weapons. - All weapon types will now be able to use the slinger to a certain extent. This feature was previously exclusive to the sword and shield, so Capcom is whipping up something special to keep that weapon relevant. - You can use the clutch claw to grapple onto enemies, similar to how you could do so in Freedom Wars on PS Vita. This will open up a variety of brand new attacks and allow you to manipulate monsters in a variety of ways. This only works with normal slinger ammo and when the Monster is not enraged. - Slingers can now do more powerful charged shots which can temporarily stun monsters. - Successful clutch claw attacks will open up new weak points on Monsters and do what is called "Special Break Damage". This has not been elaborated on yet. - All of the weapons will be buffed, have new special or combo attacks and new slinger based attacks. - Iceborne will release on consoles on or around September 6th, 2019. It will release on PC at a later date. - A new physical release of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition will be available, it includes both the main game + Iceborne DLC and retails for $60. Those who already own Monster Hunter World need only to purchase and download the DLC for $40. First Details New Moves/Clutch Claw Showcase
  4. Recent Valve VR update contains hidden Half-Life demo code
  5. This patch is crazy big. I plan on trying it later today. Some highlights from a huge list of great stuff you can find here: https://www.nomanssky.com/beyond-update/ 32 player multiplayer VR support (I may need to get desktop VR for this!) Central hub to meet people Organic encounters with other players in the same location is no longer only seeing an orb of them, you now get their entire avatar & ship present The hub lets you easily go to other player's bases and curated bases that are on highlight You can now carry a nearly unlimited amount of any resource (cut down on that damn resource management!) You can set up power generates in your bases to keep your miners continually mining
  6. Disclaimer: Not all the games on this list are all overrated/overhyped. I like a lot of them as much or more than the scores imply. But I wanted to be thorough based on what I researched. For suggestions, just make sure it's above a 90 Metacritic.
  7. https://www.pcgamer.com/ashen-will-drop-epic-games-store-exclusivity-and-arrive-on-steam-and-gog-this-year/ who puts a new coop ip exclusively on the epic store
  8. Now that the calendar has rolled over to 2019, it's time to post our usual thread where we talk about what games in 2019 we're current playing, have completed, what we thought of 'em, etc. Remember that it's not necessary for the game to actually be released in 2019! I'm going to pick up where I left off in December by completing Metro: Last Light Redux as my first game of 2019.
  9. ... until their mid cycle refreshes come out. Cued for time: We've now reached a point where the X/Pro are targeted to such an extreme that launch hardware is untenable. I feel like the focus here was building an inter-generational game (this gen to the next), without much respect for baseline hardware. I imagine it'll only get worse as cross-gen titles are announced. It was already a problem before Control. But the sign is clear: If you buy at launch, don't expect to get a full generation. That's kind of shit to be honest. I know that good trade-in deals are a viable option (for now ... Gamestop might die). But it really seems to me like a little patience pays off more. If I wait until a revision, I'd get to experience the games I'd wait for at higher fidelity and cheaper price. For two to four years, sure. Why not? The industry will be slow to transition. I expect the cross-generational period to take quite a while, especially with the Pro and X as options. The ~$200 I'd lose in a trade in deal could be put towards something with less overlap, like a Switch successor. Or maybe put in part towards a PC GPU, which could feasibly get much better RT bang for the buck than the next-gen consoles, per NVIDIA. Allowing for a "mid-cycle refresh" before its here, without breaking the bank. Anyone else share similar sentiments? Disagree wholeheartedly? I'm more skeptical than ever about the new consoles.
  10. Ninja, a massive Fornite streamer, is going to be streaming on Microsoft's streaming service. Never has anyone this large left twitch so it is interesting.
  11. We did this last year for the first time, and I'm bringing it back! We do this every year over at Negative World, so we should make this an annual thing here too! Last year was fun, but hopefully we can get more people involved this year and clear out more games from our collective backlogs during the month of August, hence Backlaugust! The rules are simple: - tell us what you're playing, and on what system so we can cheer each other on, and help each other out if we have any tips - play a game from your backlog, either a game that's been sitting in your library for a long time that you've decided to finally play and finish, or a game you started long ago, but for whatever reason stopped playing and have been meaning to get back to and finish - don't use a game that is new, or a game that you're already currently playing, pick a game from your actual backlog - pick a game that you already own - when a game is actually "finished" is up to you. Whether that be completing the main story, getting 100% completion rating, getting all Achievements/Trophies, or just whenever you feel "done" with a game - post when you're finished, and all the games that have been finished will be added to this OP All right, let's get started, and have some fun getting some of our backlogs done! Let's see how many games we can complete! Last year we completed 8 games, but I think we can easily beat that if more people participate this year! THE FINISHED PILE 1. Quantum Break (Xbox One) - ShreddieMercuryRising 2. Doom (Xbox One) - Dodger 3. Resident Evil 2 Remake (PC) - Nokt 4. Ori and the Blind Forest (Xbox One) - ShreddieMercuryRising 5. Nier Automata (Playstation 4) - best3444 6. What Remains of Edith Finch (Playstation 4) - Brick 7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (Nintendo 3DS) - TheLeon 8. Hitman 2 (Xbox One) - skillzdadirecta 9. Celeste (Nintendo Switch) - crispy4000 10. Spider-Man (Playstation 4) - skillzdadirecta 11. God of War: Chains of Olympus (Playstation 3) - Brick 12. Days Gone (Playstation 4) - crispy4000 13. God of War: Ghost of Sparta (Playstation 3) - Brick 14. Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Xbox One) - XxEvil AshxX 15. Horizon Zero Dawn (Playstation 4) - best3444 16. The Darkness 2 (Xbox One) - ShreddieMercuryRising 17. Vampyr (PC) - RedSoxFan9 18. Gone Home (Xbox One) - RedSoxFan9 19. Ace Combat 7 (PC) - AbsolutSurgen 20. Fire Emblem Awakening (Nintendo 3DS) - jaethos 21. God of War (PS4) - cusideabelincoln
  12. Game: Decay of Logos Genre: Action adventure Developer: Amplify Creations Publisher: Rising Star Games Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC MSRP: $19.99 (digital only) I've been playing Decay of Logos for a few days now, and I'm really enjoying it. The best way to describe it is a mix of The Legend of Zelda and the Souls games. It has the aesthetics and adventure feel of the Zelda games, and the challenge and design structure of the Souls games. It's not quite as punishing as the Souls games, but it's definitely more challenging than its colorful and cartoonish look might make you think. It begins rather abruptly, and offers no real direction or handholding. There's no map, or quest markers. There are some stone statues in the environments that you can get some slight hints from and an occasional NPC that you come across that sheds a little light on things, but that's about it. The game is all about exploring, and discovery. You feel pretty much alone in the world other than for the enemies that are roaming everywhere. You also have an elk companion that you can ride and store things on, but it controls so clunky and poorly as a mount that going it on foot is the better option. The gameplay consists of weak/strong melee attacks, ranged attacks (bow and arrows/magic), block (shield required) and dash. It takes a while before you acquire a bow, magic and shield, so you'll be using strictly melee weapons for quite some time. You start with a basic sword, and no armor. To gain weapons and armor pieces (head, chest, arms, legs) you need to defeat enemies, and find treasure chests. There are no shops in the game, so everything that you obtain (including potions and arrows) is either from defeating enemies or finding treasure chests. Both weapons and armor will break after extensive use and damage without any way to repair them, so you need to continuously get more throughout your journey. But it takes a long time for weapons and armor to break, so you usually find more before needed and you can store them on your elk. The environments consist of fairly large and open outdoor areas, and more confined indoor areas like caves and ruins which are basically the game's dungeons. You're encouraged to explore everywhere to find key items to progress, and better loot. While the game is action adventure, it has some RPG elements such as stats and leveling. However, there's no XP and I've just leveled after defeating a bunch of enemies. Stats go up the same way, but they will decrease if you die. If they get too low you will go into an injured state, and not be able to sprint. You need to rest at camps (the game's bonfires) to gain them back to where they were. If you like Zelda and Souls games then this is something that you should consider checking out, because it's basically a mix of the two.
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