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  1. Link to live stream below: https://www.pcgamer.com/watch-the-borderlands-pax-east-2019-livestream-here/?utm_content=buffer55259&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=buffer-pcgamertw Let's do this!
  2. https://www.pcgamer.com/desperados-3-announced-developed-by-shadow-tactics-developer-mimimi/ Shadow Tactics to me was an incredible game and they are a perfect team to tackle this, very excited. Appears it's also coming to consoles.
  3. Just got a 4K/HDR TV finally and looking at a list of games with best Pro enhancements etc., I'm thinking of giving Horizon a shot. Some questions since I'm generally not into open world games from what I've tried. How "open world Ubi formula" is this game on scale of 1 to 10? Is the combat engaging and good? Just how big is it?
  4. This patch is crazy big. I plan on trying it later today. Some highlights from a huge list of great stuff you can find here: https://www.nomanssky.com/beyond-update/ 32 player multiplayer VR support (I may need to get desktop VR for this!) Central hub to meet people Organic encounters with other players in the same location is no longer only seeing an orb of them, you now get their entire avatar & ship present The hub lets you easily go to other player's bases and curated bases that are on highlight You can now carry a nearly unlimited amount of any resource (cut down on that damn resource management!) You can set up power generates in your bases to keep your miners continually mining
  5. We did this last year for the first time, and I'm bringing it back! We do this every year over at Negative World, so we should make this an annual thing here too! Last year was fun, but hopefully we can get more people involved this year and clear out more games from our collective backlogs during the month of August, hence Backlaugust! The rules are simple: - tell us what you're playing, and on what system so we can cheer each other on, and help each other out if we have any tips - play a game from your backlog, either a game that's been sitting in your library for a long time that you've decided to finally play and finish, or a game you started long ago, but for whatever reason stopped playing and have been meaning to get back to and finish - don't use a game that is new, or a game that you're already currently playing, pick a game from your actual backlog - pick a game that you already own - when a game is actually "finished" is up to you. Whether that be completing the main story, getting 100% completion rating, getting all Achievements/Trophies, or just whenever you feel "done" with a game - post when you're finished, and all the games that have been finished will be added to this OP All right, let's get started, and have some fun getting some of our backlogs done! Let's see how many games we can complete! Last year we completed 8 games, but I think we can easily beat that if more people participate this year! THE FINISHED PILE 1. Quantum Break (Xbox One) - ShreddieMercuryRising 2. Doom (Xbox One) - Dodger 3. Resident Evil 2 Remake (PC) - Nokt 4. Ori and the Blind Forest (Xbox One) - ShreddieMercuryRising 5. Nier Automata (Playstation 4) - best3444 6. What Remains of Edith Finch (Playstation 4) - Brick 7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (Nintendo 3DS) - TheLeon 8. Hitman 2 (Xbox One) - skillzdadirecta 9. Celeste (Nintendo Switch) - crispy4000 10. Spider-Man (Playstation 4) - skillzdadirecta 11. God of War: Chains of Olympus (Playstation 3) - Brick 12. Days Gone (Playstation 4) - crispy4000 13. God of War: Ghost of Sparta (Playstation 3) - Brick
  6. This can be the new "what are you playing this weekend" thread. Lately, I've been completely absorbed in Persona 5. It's amazing. I played 10 hours when it first released, quit for over a year, now I'm back at it, hardcore. Just completed the 4th palace last night. I absolutely adore the mix of traditional turn-based RPG play and social simulation. I'm over 40 hours in and still have a looong way to go, but I'm enjoying the ride quite a bit.
  7. Anthem lead producer Ben Irving, who has acted as one of the public faces of the game, is leaving BioWare after eight years.
  8. A cult classic Streets of Rage, known as Bare Knuckle (ベア・ナックル Bea Nakkuru) in Japan, is a trilogy of beat 'em up games developed and published by SEGA in the 1990s. Famously known for its non stop action and electronic dance influenced music - scored by Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima - the series has gained the status of cult classic throughout the years. It is considered one of the best beat 'em up series of all time. After many years, Axel and Blaze are finally picking up the fight where they left. Featuring hand-drawn visuals from the team behind 2017’s gorgeous Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap remake, Streets of Rage 4 builds upon the classic trilogy’s gameplay with new mechanics, a fresh story and a gauntlet of dangerous stages with a serious crime problem. Streets of Rage 4 recalls classic gameplay but it stands as an entirely original arcade-style romp thanks to the expertise of Guard Crush Games and Dotemu. Whether players gang up with a friend or clean up the city solo, Streets of Rage 4 is a skull-bashing, chicken-chomping delight all set to a thumping soundtrack sure to get your blood pumping. Features The comeback of the legendary Streets of Rage series. Beautiful graphics fully hand-drawn animated by the studio behind Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. Classic gameplay enhanced with brand new mechanics. Braised chicken served on a pristine plate.
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