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  1. I was changing 5 preorders on Amazon because of my change of address and noticed i have Dead Island preordered back in 2014! Anybody else have something like this?
  2. It's back again for the third year in a row! We do this every year over at Negative World, so we should make this an annual thing here too! Last year was fun, and people seemed to enjoy the encouragement to clear out more games from our collective backlogs during the month of August, hence Backlaugust! The rules are simple: - tell us what you're playing, and on what system so we can cheer each other on, and help each other out if we have any tips - play a game from your backlog, either a game that's been sitting in your library for a long time that you've decided to finally play and finish, or a game you started long ago, but for whatever reason stopped playing and have been meaning to get back to and finish - don't use a game that is new, or a game that you're already currently playing, pick a game from your actual backlog - pick a game that you already own (no buying games you've been meaning to get for a while) - when a game is actually "finished" is up to you. Whether that be completing the main story, getting 100% completion rating, getting all Achievements/Trophies, or just whenever you feel "done" with a game - post when you're finished, and all the games that have been finished will be added to this OP All right, let's get started, and have some fun getting some of our backlogs done! Let's see how many games we can complete! Last year we completed 21 games, let's see if we can beat that, or at least beat the folks over at Negative World! THE FINISHED PILE 1. Darksiders III - XxEvil AshxX
  3. Deserves its own thread given the breadth of the comparisons here and the implications for next-gen consoles. Full article: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-image-reconstruction-death-stranding-face-off (quote about future of reconstruction techniques across platforms) Also an earlier video on Detroit on checkerboarding: DF found that PS4 Pro checkboarding sufficiently created a facsimile of 1800p from a 1527p base. Not as crazy as DLSS 2.0, but nothing to scoff at either. More games should be using reconstruction techniques than there are.
  4. https://www.theverge.com/2020/7/25/21338092/minecraft-windows-95-pc-doom-vm-computers-mod
  5. For those that do not frequent the "what you playing" thread, you'll not know that I've recently bought, and played, Yakuza 0. I've never played a game in the series and the most I've looked into it has been a Giant Bomb Quick Look about...five year ago. I'm aware that it's popular both in Asia and in the wider world and that it involved (shockingly) the Yakuza, some strong story telling and a beat 'em up approach to gameplay. I've just finished the 4th chapter and I still can't tell whether I'm enjoying the game or not. The story has been interesting (and plenty of twists), the combat is enjoyable if a little bit easy at the moment, but I don't know whether the loop is that amazing. I keep finding myself going back to play more, but I'm not sure if I'm actually enjoying the game, or if it I just have a need to finish something that I've started. For those that have played Zero, are invested in the series, or not, what do you make of it and what are it's draws?
  6. I found this trailer to be a nice surprise. Looks really interesting. Those Mech's look badass.
  7. Maybe the team will take another crack at licensing NOLF after finishing the System Shock remake? (USgamer) This man is truly doing the Lord's work!
  8. Did someone want the unofficial sequel to JSRF?
  9. https://novacrystallis.com/2020/07/final-fantasy-vii-remakes-second-part-is-in-full-development/
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