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  1. This may be some nostalgia kicking in but this Rare gem was mentioned on RebelFM recently... is there any indie games out that seem like spiritual sequels to Wizards & Warriors? I know the gameplay wasn't great but it was interesting and the music was fantastic.
  2. Looking for some advice from the gamer dads out there. Im looking to start getting my 5 year old into console gaming for the first time and I need some advice on good games to start with. He’s been playing games on a phone/iPad since he was 2 so he’s got a pretty good grasp on general principles of games. But transitioning him from using his finger to using a controller, especially today’s controllers, has me at a loss. Any good games out there that would be good for a kid, that aren’t too complicated control wise that he can start to learn how to use a controller with? Thanks guys!
  3. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-09-13-betadwarf-raises-usd6-6m-to-develop-new-loneliness-busting-genre
  4. Q&A Triva: Which of these games fails to chart Top 20 after only a few days of sales? Answer: Control. With 3 more days of sales than the rest. What?
  5. Civilization 6 battle royale ditches the civs and cities but keeps the nukes (PC Gamer)
  6. Earnings continue to tumble as company outlines ambitious turnaround plan.
  7. Looks like the kind of janky RPG I'd be interested in. Anyone plan on getting it? Currently sitting at 76 on Open Critic
  8. Why did the Dreamcast fail? Sega's marketing veteran looks back
  9. https://kotaku.com/after-disappearing-for-six-years-cube-world-is-finally-1837938692?utm_source=Kotaku_Twitter&utm_medium=Socialflow&utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Twitter
  10. Recent Valve VR update contains hidden Half-Life demo code
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