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  1. Link to live stream below: https://www.pcgamer.com/watch-the-borderlands-pax-east-2019-livestream-here/?utm_content=buffer55259&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=buffer-pcgamertw Let's do this!
  2. Prominent YouTuber TheXclusiveAce has shared information about this year’s Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and it looks like the leak came QA tester, reason, the source reportedly had access to gameplay and video footage. https://dintol.com/call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-war-features-maps-leaked/
  3. So, buying the game as a gift doesn’t count. I’m talking about a game you didn’t really want and didn’t really care about that you bought anyway for a reason that had nothing to do with playing the purchased title. Here’s what I mean: I bought Resident Evil Code Veronica SOLELY for the Devil May Cry demo it included. I also bought Z.O.E. just for the MGS2 demo (but wound up enjoying ZOE at least ) What about you?
  4. Alright D1P, it's time we had a thread about this. Not sharing any files, just posting about the wonderful, crazy thing that is AI upscaling. Emulators have been adopting support for custom hi-res texture loading in light of new AI upscaling algorithms (ESGAN, Gigapixel, etc). N64, Gamecube, Wii, 3DS, Dreamcast, PSP, and now original Playstation games are seeing support for texture packs that stay true to the original art. PC modding is possible too. Videos can also be AI upscaled (see EA's excellent C&C remaster). Progress is very decentralized at the moment, and result can vary. You'll see better results with pre-rendered backgrounds and Dreamcast-era and later, and also with how much effort is put into cleaning up artifacts and training models. That said, someone's upscaled the entire N64 library, and is currently working on Dreamcast. Perhaps the most developed upscale project so far is the FF9 mod on PC: Chrono Cross is still early, but should be another impressive example. Huge deal to see this in action finally, considering a remaster has never been attempted for it: SSX 3 is one of the better ones I've found too. Digital Foundry gushed about playing this on the XBX not so long ago. But this is a further step up: And this? Insanity. Even smaller differences can add up with videos...
  5. Shameless ripoff of a Reddit thread that I came across trying to find out any PS+ rumours. What would you like to see, especially with it potentially being a bumper month due to the anniversary of Playstation Plus. I'd be quite keen on a Playstation celebration, so Crash N. Sane Trilogy, Spryo Reignited and Medieval as they haven't popped up before and would give that 'anniversary' feeling. Online consensus suggests a horror title (Resident Evil 7 or Order: 1886) and Dark Souls/Monster Hunter World may be unveiled. What do you think/what would you like to see? I'm also sure when we know we can update the thread and everybody upvotes the winner/closest to show we value their contribution to this process.
  6. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1275457947955613697.html Solidarity with my IGN coworkers who endured emotional terror from Tal Blevins and Steve Butts. In my time from 2012 to 2016, I felt taken advantage of, exploited and manipulated, and afraid for my job at nearly every turn. And I was one of the "lucky" ones working for them. When Tal wanted something done, or didn't agree with something I said -- which happened often, as the IGN employees were mostly amazing people pushing them to do better -- he would CC Steve to intimidate me into following through with his request. These guys stayed at $3000 Air BnBs while employees shared rooms in roach hotels. When we pushed to have our own rooms (which I'm pretty sure they legally had to oblige?) they told us to deal with it because the company didn't have the money. Bullshit. In 2014, I was halfway through my work permit timeline, and I opened conversations with Steve about renewing it in 2016. For two years, I was uncertain if I would have a job, or be allowed to stay in the country, because I never got a positive answer. Steve Butts and Tal Blevins reprimanded staff for standing up for friends. They created a culture of fear among the best people I have ever known. We only had each other. None of us knew what to do to feel better about facing these guys every day. When I reported on Amy leaving Naughty Dog, Steve Butts and Tal Blevins forced gossip into the story. They heard it was a hostile takeover. We didn't want to publish it. I tried to take my name off the story. They would not allow me to do so. They forced an unproven claim onto with my name on it, against my will, to "protect their relationship with Sony." When Sony justifiably condemned our story, Steve and Tal were SILENT. They never went to bat for me for a second. To Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley who were caught in the crossfire of IGN's hostile, toxic leadership, I'm so sorry. I am responsible for the anger, disgust, and disappointment you lived with then, and I'll never forgive myself for buckling beneath these manipulative monsters. These are the guys who would later publish a story on stating THE LAST GUARDIAN IS CANCELED. When we confronted them about publishing an unsubstantiated (hilariously bullshit) story without consulting the news team, they said "you should have chased this." When I pushed for a promotion, I was told to "Not until you say yes more." They wanted someone to agree with their wretched decision making and horrible leadership practices. I got a cost-of-living raise every year, and nothing more. Nothing was ever enough to earn you anything. Steve Butts and Tal Blevins are responsible for creating an unsafe and toxic work environment that torpedoed my mental health. It was much worse for many more. I hope these two never have a voice in games again. Never hire their consultancy firm. It's called LEVEL 74. The end. I'm over a lot of this. But I think about it a lot, many years later. I think about my friends who experienced worse, and what I should have done to help them, career be damned. Listen to the stories you're hearing. Ejecting shit heads is the only way we fix this. Let me actually end on: IGN fucking rules. I adore those people and that place, and my friends there are SO MUCH HAPPIER now than they were when I was there. Progress has been made as they rooted out the rot inside. Change is possible. Never let these motherfuckers win. !
  7. Ready At Dawn Studios is the latest VR developer to be acquired by Oculus maker Facebook.
  8. Stared with this tweet by Neil Druckmann: Jason Schreier then responded with: Cory Barlog then weighed in: To which Jason fired back: Naturally...
  9. I hate myself. Fuck off sony. Here’s what I got Yakuza 0 - $10 Yakuza 6- $10 Kingdom Come Royal Edition - $20 Thief - $2 DIRT Rally - $4 RDR2 Ultimate - $40 Star Wars Fallen Jedi- $30 Batman Arkham Knight - $4 South Park Fracture but whole - $15 Bioshock collection - $12 Medievil- $12 Sekiro- $35 Sadly, some of these games I already own on STEAM 😕
  10. I'm currently at Torment V and have finished a Level 19 rift (Torment IV) in under 6 minutes.
  11. My Switch currently shows 5+ hours of playtime on Civ 6, and I haven’t even completed one game. The tutorial took like 2 hours on its own!
  12. This FAQ explains how to claim your free copy of The Witcher 3 on GOG Galaxy 2.0 FAQ Claim a free copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt via GOG GALAXY 2.0
  13. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1018-CUSA00079_00-INJUSTICEULTIMAT https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-us/Product/Injustice-Gods-Among-Us/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80257520829
  14. https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/13/crowdfunded-outer-wilds-becomes-epic-store-exclusive/
  15. https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/12/13/dark-alliance-revealed-as-new-action-rpg-dungeons-and-dragons-video-game This is the greatest day of my life.
  16. https://www.pcgamer.com/cyberpunk-2077-has-been-delayed-again/ Which effectively confirms it as a next gen title as far as I'm concerned.
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