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  1. The game is set in 1807, when the ghost ship washes up in port five years after it had gone missing. The player must unravel the fates of every crew member on board. In terms of gameplay, it appears to be a narrative puzzle, with the player employing flashback sequences to progress through locked doors and areas aboard the ship.
  2. Deaths Stranding Limited Edition Ps4 Pro I lost the Destiny 2 Limited Edition in the Camp Fire, I really liked the all white Consoles, along with an All White Xbox One X both gone. I really want both consoles again once more in white but having already rebought a pro and X and coming off just building my dream gaming PC, I'm just gonna wait till next gen or if one of my consoles die. So thought I would Share the console that caught my eye, wish I had the doe . .
  3. https://www.bloomberglaw.com/public/desktop/document/PrincevGearboxSoftwareLLCetalDocketNo319cv00380EDTennSept272019Co/1?1569706870 Rumor is that GB used his music in the 20th Anniversary of Duke Nukem 3D without his permission.
  4. It's on the internet, I won't provide a link because they don't deserve the clicks. The article includes graphic Harry Potter porn with a Hermione likeness, so its clear its under-aged. Some BoTW and Pokemon stuff too. And no, it's not censored. (as if that would make a difference) The author was trying to make a point about how porn games aren't 'sexy' enough and should be less gross. Excited to share all their research, they lacked a filter. Oh Kotaku.
  5. I knew that Mortal Kombat II was cheap as all hell because the AI seemed to know what I was doing before I did, but pinpointing why/how it did what it did was pretty interesting to watch. 5:09 in the MK2 video made me LOL, as did the Kintaro stuff. Some of this I knew; some of it I just needed an explanation because I figured something was way off. Enjoy!
  6. https://kotaku.com/after-disappearing-for-six-years-cube-world-is-finally-1837938692?utm_source=Kotaku_Twitter&utm_medium=Socialflow&utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Twitter
  7. Post your friend codes, Gamer tags etc here if you want to share... Switch Friend code: 2967-5756-8960
  8. Looking for some advice from the gamer dads out there. Im looking to start getting my 5 year old into console gaming for the first time and I need some advice on good games to start with. He’s been playing games on a phone/iPad since he was 2 so he’s got a pretty good grasp on general principles of games. But transitioning him from using his finger to using a controller, especially today’s controllers, has me at a loss. Any good games out there that would be good for a kid, that aren’t too complicated control wise that he can start to learn how to use a controller with? Thanks guys!
  9. ... until their mid cycle refreshes come out. Cued for time: We've now reached a point where the X/Pro are targeted to such an extreme that launch hardware is untenable. I feel like the focus here was building an inter-generational game (this gen to the next), without much respect for baseline hardware. I imagine it'll only get worse as cross-gen titles are announced. It was already a problem before Control. But the sign is clear: If you buy at launch, don't expect to get a full generation. That's kind of shit to be honest. I know that good trade-in deals are a viable option (for now ... Gamestop might die). But it really seems to me like a little patience pays off more. If I wait until a revision, I'd get to experience the games I'd wait for at higher fidelity and cheaper price. For two to four years, sure. Why not? The industry will be slow to transition. I expect the cross-generational period to take quite a while, especially with the Pro and X as options. The ~$200 I'd lose in a trade in deal could be put towards something with less overlap, like a Switch successor. Or maybe put in part towards a PC GPU, which could feasibly get much better RT bang for the buck than the next-gen consoles, per NVIDIA. Allowing for a "mid-cycle refresh" before its here, without breaking the bank. Anyone else share similar sentiments? Disagree wholeheartedly? I'm more skeptical than ever about the new consoles.
  10. E3 2020 pitch proposes overhaul with 'queuetainment,' new floor plan, industry-only day [EXCLUSIVE]
  11. I beat GOW when it initially released. At that time, I wasn't into gaming much and I remember being critical of the game. I was thinking about replaying it since I'm on a roll with gaming. But, I remembered I never beat MGSV. I somehow lost interest or got distracted by another game. What should I do?
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