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  1. The first true post-Kiryu Yakuza game has just been shown off in Tokyo, and Yakuza 7 is changing up more than just its location.
  2. Dig is a new title. The other two will be part of the Treasure Trove (which you could already own).
  3. ... until their mid cycle refreshes come out. Cued for time: We've now reached a point where the X/Pro are targeted to such an extreme that launch hardware is untenable. I feel like the focus here was building an inter-generational game (this gen to the next), without much respect for baseline hardware. I imagine it'll only get worse as cross-gen titles are announced. It was already a problem before Control. But the sign is clear: If you buy at launch, don't expect to get a full generation. That's kind of shit to be honest. I know that good trade-in deals are a viable option (for now ... Gamestop might die). But it really seems to me like a little patience pays off more. If I wait until a revision, I'd get to experience the games I'd wait for at higher fidelity and cheaper price. For two to four years, sure. Why not? The industry will be slow to transition. I expect the cross-generational period to take quite a while, especially with the Pro and X as options. The ~$200 I'd lose in a trade in deal could be put towards something with less overlap, like a Switch successor. Or maybe put in part towards a PC GPU, which could feasibly get much better RT bang for the buck than the next-gen consoles, per NVIDIA. Allowing for a "mid-cycle refresh" before its here, without breaking the bank. Anyone else share similar sentiments? Disagree wholeheartedly? I'm more skeptical than ever about the new consoles.
  4. Disclaimer: Not all the games on this list are all overrated/overhyped. I like a lot of them as much or more than the scores imply. But I wanted to be thorough based on what I researched. For suggestions, just make sure it's above a 90 Metacritic.
  5. More details at the link. They own rights to distribute Puzzle Agent, Batman, and a few other properties. https://www.polygon.com/2019/8/28/20835854/telltale-games-return-walking-dead-lcg-entertainment
  6. Always heard these were low key greats, some of the GBA and DS's best. I'm excited to see them getting the collection treatment.
  7. This is definitely one of Jim's best videos in quite a while:
  8. I'm sure you all had ideas the minute you read the title and already went on Youtube to look at the terrible ones you already know, but this is really impressive despite that (apparently this is NBA 2k15).
  9. I beat GOW when it initially released. At that time, I wasn't into gaming much and I remember being critical of the game. I was thinking about replaying it since I'm on a roll with gaming. But, I remembered I never beat MGSV. I somehow lost interest or got distracted by another game. What should I do?
  10. I remember playing the remaster on ps3 years ago and seem to remember being able to hold down a button to speed up battle. Did that feature get included in the Switch or X1 versions. I'd like to play FFX again, but want to be able to blast through most of the junk random battles.
  11. Just got a 4K/HDR TV finally and looking at a list of games with best Pro enhancements etc., I'm thinking of giving Horizon a shot. Some questions since I'm generally not into open world games from what I've tried. How "open world Ubi formula" is this game on scale of 1 to 10? Is the combat engaging and good? Just how big is it?
  12. Anthem lead producer Ben Irving, who has acted as one of the public faces of the game, is leaving BioWare after eight years.
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