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  1. With lots of decade-in-review lists and articles going around recently, I thought it would be fun to see what people's favorite (and least favorite) games of this decade are. I'm finding it difficult to compile a list, and I'm certain that I'll think of things after the fact that I'd like to include, but off the top of my head here are my favorite games in no particular order: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Portal 2 Wolfenstein: The New Order Until Dawn Mario Kart 8 Prey Hitman Breath of the Wild Outer Wilds Device 6 As an aside, I remember joining Bad Cartridge in 2011, so this decade has partially been defined by discussing games with you all!
  2. I want to make a thread where we can talk about our favorite twists in gaming without spoiling other games. So there will be a lot of spoiler tags. When I think of things that stunned me, I think of most Metal Gear Solid games. MGS1 I played after 2, and yet: MGS2: MGS3: MGSV:
  3. Today Blizzard revealed Hero 28 aka Hammond aka Wrecking Ball. A hamster in a giant mech ball he is part the Tank archetype he is currently playable in the PTR. I didn't expect this. Granted I knew there was a character named Hammond that escaped the Lunar colony but didn't expect him to be a hamster can't wait to try him.
  4. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-11-12-epic-acquires-megascans-creator-quixel
  5. Blizzcon started off with the official announcement of Diablo IV. There's a cinematic trailer and a gameplay trailer as well. Not a lot of info yet, but it is coming to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
  6. PlaySation Blog: Wattam Out December 17, Q&A With Creator Keita Takahashi
  7. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/11/just_dance_2020_sold_better_on_wii_than_ps4_or_xbox_one_in_its_opening_week_uk It sold best on the Switch, but seriously, I'm pretty impressed a Wii game would sell like that. There's a dedicated fan base on that machine.
  8. From the covers, a Reset user says the games are (with question marks by the ones he/she's unsure of): - Spelunky - Telltale The Walking Dead? - Broken Age - GTA V - Breath of the Wild - Amnesia - Dark Souls - Destiny? - Minecraft - Gone Home - Fortnite - Dota 2
  9. There's a new set coming, so I thought that the 4 of us who actually play this game could use a new thread to chat about it. :P The Boomsday Project will launch next Tuesday, August 7th. 135 New Cards Each class gets a new Legendary minion and a Legendary spell. New Keyword: Magnetic. Mechs are back! And now you can stick some of them onto others. A new theme without a keyword: Omega cards, which have an extra powerful effect that occurs if you have 10 mana crystals. Here's a handy Imgur album of the revealed cards (via Reddit) There are some doozies in there. The final reveal livestream is happening tomorrow, August 1st, at 10AM Pacific.
  10. I guess Destiny was the first game I noticed this in, but now it seems any game that has any kind of loot uses the same colours to denote how rare/good the items are. White, then green, then blue, then purple for the best, unless there is also yellow/gold super items. Seriously every game does this and I keep noticing it; Black Ops III, the new Assassin's Creed games, Battlefield V, even mobile games. Who decided that purple should be the best?! What was the first game to do this? Diablo? Borderlands? It must have been a popular game for everyone to copy.
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