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  1. With lots of decade-in-review lists and articles going around recently, I thought it would be fun to see what people's favorite (and least favorite) games of this decade are. I'm finding it difficult to compile a list, and I'm certain that I'll think of things after the fact that I'd like to include, but off the top of my head here are my favorite games in no particular order: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Portal 2 Wolfenstein: The New Order Until Dawn Mario Kart 8 Prey Hitman Breath of the Wild Outer Wilds Device 6 As an aside, I remember joining Bad Cartridge in 2011, so this decade has partially been defined by discussing games with you all!
  2. From the covers, a Reset user says the games are (with question marks by the ones he/she's unsure of): - Spelunky - Telltale The Walking Dead? - Broken Age - GTA V - Breath of the Wild - Amnesia - Dark Souls - Destiny? - Minecraft - Gone Home - Fortnite - Dota 2
  3. I guess Destiny was the first game I noticed this in, but now it seems any game that has any kind of loot uses the same colours to denote how rare/good the items are. White, then green, then blue, then purple for the best, unless there is also yellow/gold super items. Seriously every game does this and I keep noticing it; Black Ops III, the new Assassin's Creed games, Battlefield V, even mobile games. Who decided that purple should be the best?! What was the first game to do this? Diablo? Borderlands? It must have been a popular game for everyone to copy.
  4. I reload if there's nothing happening, but I'm pretty sure, if there are enemies around, I've went to hide and reload or use a few bullets, then hide and reload.
  5. Blizzcon started off with the official announcement of Diablo IV. There's a cinematic trailer and a gameplay trailer as well. Not a lot of info yet, but it is coming to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
  6. Because the world needs to know what D1P thinks is the best console shooter series ever.
  7. Google's DeepMind AI team has put out a new paper in Nature detailing AlphaStar, their Starcraft II AI. While they've been playing against high level players for almost a year, those previous experiences were considered unfair because AlphaStar was given superhuman speed and vision. The new builds are far more limited. AlphaStar now sees the world through a camera and is only allowed 22 actions every 5 seconds of play. It can also play as any of the three races. Also, training is now fully automated and starts only with agents trained by supervised learning, rather than from previously trained agents from past experiments. The final version relied on 44 days of training and placed within the top 0.15% of the European player base. While that makes it a "Grandmaster" it also means it can't consistently beat the best players in the world. It's particularly vulnerable to strategies it hasn't seen before. You can see replays of it's games here. I think it still has a way to go, but I see this as a far more interesting and generally applicable kind of problem than Chess or Go. In particular not having perfect information and having such a huge number of possible moves (1026 actions to choose from at any moment!) means it's facing a lot of unpredictability. It certainly seems like it's only a matter of time before it's the best in the world. Maybe a show match at the next Blizzcon.
  8. 1080p with new features and enhancements Includes multiple game versions Watch mode (skip to any part of the game, jump in and play at any point) Ability to rewind Museum (a look behind the scenes) Trade Show Demo playable for the first time Screen filters and display options Soundtrack available to listen to individually I guess that means I could actually beat The Lion King with this.
  9. From thousands of on-screen soldiers to Duplex-powered "believable human interactions."
  10. Epic Games is suing Fortnite Chapter 2 leaker. https://www.polygon.com/fortnite/2019/10/25/20932658/epic-games-fortnite-lawsuit-chapter-2-leak
  11. Ubisoft Acknowledges Disappointing Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Delays Rainbow Six: Quarantine, Watch_Dogs Legion and Gods & Monsters I was looking forward to Watch_Dogs Legion -- besides their comments, the launch window was looking pretty crowded (Cyberpunk, Doom, TLou2, etc.)
  12. https://www.pcgamer.com/some-kind-of-dying-lightleft-4-dead-2-crossover-appears-to-be-coming/
  13. Needless to say, I haven't played a lot of their top 10
  14. Gsync update has secretly been available for weeks in the Nvidia 440.52 beta driver, no update to the TV required https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/windows-10-pro-insider-nvidia-driver-440-52.428574/#post-5711780 440.52 can be found here. This is Nvidia general update to enable VRR over HDMI. Unpack the folder and find setup.exe. You will have to enable Gsync in Nvidia Control Panel as the display isn't officially validated yet. That TV update should come out shortly.
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