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  1. My fiancé is forcing me to pick a Christmas present, and there’s really nothing I want. It’s between an adapter that will give me wireless CarPlay in my car or an Oculus Quest. I already have a Vive, and I haven’t played any games on it in awhile, which I think is mostly because moving my large coffee table is a PITA. I know the Quest doesn’t need cameras or base stations to be used, so I won’t be restricted to the room where my PC is, which means I may use this more frequently. How well does the room-scale and tracking stuff work without base stations or cameras? Compared to my Vive? I heard that you can get a cable to attach the Quest to your PC and basically turn it into a Rift S... true? Has anyone else gone from an OG Vive to a Quest? How would you compare it? Did you dump your Vive?
  2. I'm looking at the PS VR since it is on sale this Black Friday. I was wondering what experiences you guys have had with the PS VR? I've been looking at getting one for a while. I do have several VR games already that I had picked up for cheap. The one thing I'm concerned about is half life alyx was just announced. That will be on the pc and doesn't look like it will be compatible with the PS VR. I'm not certain I want to spend the money on two VR headsets.
  3. They go into a lot more detail than last time, even talking about how for a general desktop experience a flat panel is superior, but for pure gaming, CRT just eats LCDs and LEDs for breakfast and it isn't even close. Also brought on a new person who wasn't part of the last video just to show it wasn't those two nerding out in a bubble. I gotta get me one of these chunky boys, I miss mine.
  4. Hey. So, Fallout 4 is a better game than outer worlds. It’s ok if you disagree, it’s ok to be wrong about stuff. I want to hedge a little bit here by saying SOME of Fallout 4’s mediocre reception was guided by the fact that it ran poorly on consoles, and it had the typical Bethesda jank, and I think people were sort of tired of that shit at that time in the generation. But Outer Worlds is RANK with problems at the core of its very design. It has no weapon depth or variety. The combat is soulless. They included stuff that they feel these games should have with little thought on how to implement them in interesting ways (lock picking, stealth). I could go on. Hell, taken as a whole, I think Fallout is a way better looking game as well. There are more interesting things to do, the combat is more interesting, the inventory management is more interesting, and there are entire side parts of the game that you can lose hours to if it strikes your fancy. I believe part of OW’s rosy reception is that there hasn’t been one of these in a while, so people were more willing to play one. I also think the game was a darling of the media (at least initially), because it is a shorter game and this time of year they’re trying to play a ton of shit before they do their end of year stuff. Tellingly, many who gushed about it at first are slowly pushing back a bit not, partly because I think the smarter critics have gotten their hands on it and pointed out the game’s flaws, and partly because the game just kinda doesn’t get a whole lot better the more you play. But in a vacuum where time isn’t a factor and the games were released side by side, I am willing to bet that 75 percent of people or more are going to pick Fallout in a runaway. That’s all. I had to get it out there.
  5. Intellivision released 40 years ago! This little upstart said move over Atari! It was my first console and I still have it (well I still have my intellivision II) and a boatload of games. Can't for next fall when the new one launches.
  6. https://www.polygon.com/2019/12/3/20994257/valve-in-the-valley-of-gods-campo-santo-half-life-alyx Half-Life: Alyx is scheduled to be released on Steam in March 2020. In the Valley of Gods’ release date on Steam is now listed as “TBD.”
  7. Link to live stream below: https://www.pcgamer.com/watch-the-borderlands-pax-east-2019-livestream-here/?utm_content=buffer55259&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=buffer-pcgamertw Let's do this!
  8. What We Know So Far - Iceborne is a massive story and post-game quest DLC that takes place after the events of Monster Hunter World. - A brand new location opens up, called Hoarfrost Reach, which is similarly as large as Astera. - Hoarfrost Reach will not be fully exploitable right from the start. Areas of this new land will be locked behind story missions. - Iceborne introduces Master Rank, which is essentially G-Rank from the previous games, the name being changed to be more recognizable to western audiences. - A number of brand new Monster's to hunt, including a new -frost based- Elder Dragon will be included in this DLC. - We will see the return of old favorites, such as Nargacuga and Tigrex. - As usual, Master Rank will introduce a slew of all new weapon and armor designs for all of the monsters and weapons. - All weapon types will now be able to use the slinger to a certain extent. This feature was previously exclusive to the sword and shield, so Capcom is whipping up something special to keep that weapon relevant. - You can use the clutch claw to grapple onto enemies, similar to how you could do so in Freedom Wars on PS Vita. This will open up a variety of brand new attacks and allow you to manipulate monsters in a variety of ways. This only works with normal slinger ammo and when the Monster is not enraged. - Slingers can now do more powerful charged shots which can temporarily stun monsters. - Successful clutch claw attacks will open up new weak points on Monsters and do what is called "Special Break Damage". This has not been elaborated on yet. - All of the weapons will be buffed, have new special or combo attacks and new slinger based attacks. - Iceborne will release on consoles on or around September 6th, 2019. It will release on PC at a later date. - A new physical release of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition will be available, it includes both the main game + Iceborne DLC and retails for $60. Those who already own Monster Hunter World need only to purchase and download the DLC for $40. First Details New Moves/Clutch Claw Showcase
  9. We haven't had one of these in a while, but you know the drill by now Post once in this thread during the Thanksgiving weekend and you'll be eligible to be randomly selected for a game drawing during the 4-day weekend.
  10. Why the hell would you ever need to "reboot" a Call of Du...Y'know what? Nevermind - video games really are absurd.
  11. http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/podcasts/top-47858-games-of-all-time-episode-241-south-park-the-stick-of-truth/ So... yeah. This was a ton of fun to do, and I wanted to share it with you all Hope you enjoy it!! uwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  12. Early subscribers now get four of 22 launch titles for free.
  13. https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2018/08/21/until-dawn-creator-returns-with-the-dark-pictures-anthology-a-series-of-standalone-horror-games-for-ps4/
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