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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iga/bloodstained-ritual-of-the-night/posts/2266944
  2. I'm currently playing through the first Shadow Warrior game and really enjoying it. I'm curious how people here like the second one, since I've been reading some fairly conflicting impressions. It seems that people either really enjoy it and think it's up there with Doom 2016 as one of the best shooters of the era, or they really dislike the loot mechanics and prefer the first game. Any thoughts from those who've played it?
  3. There's a new set coming, so I thought that the 4 of us who actually play this game could use a new thread to chat about it. :P The Boomsday Project will launch next Tuesday, August 7th. 135 New Cards Each class gets a new Legendary minion and a Legendary spell. New Keyword: Magnetic. Mechs are back! And now you can stick some of them onto others. A new theme without a keyword: Omega cards, which have an extra powerful effect that occurs if you have 10 mana crystals. Here's a handy Imgur album of the revealed cards (via Reddit) There are some doozies in there. The final reveal livestream is happening tomorrow, August 1st, at 10AM Pacific.
  4. Playdate is a new tiny handheld system from Mac software studio Panic, who has more recently moved into gaming with Firewatch and soon, Untitled Goose Game. It looks retro, but it's not a retro game system. It runs an OS designed by Panic and will only play games built for the platform. The Verge It sports a black and white screen, a d-pad, two face buttons, and oddly enough, a hand crank. While the screen feels like a throwback, the Playdate does have modern connectivity options, sporting Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and USB-C. When you buy the device for $149 you'll gain access to one "season" of 12 games. After powering it on, you'll start with one game and receive one new game for each of the next twelve weeks. Future seasons of games will be released depending on how sales go for the first. The games themselves are largely being kept under wraps, but developers of games like Qwop and Katamari Damacy have signed on. It's certainly an oddity, and I kinda want one. It feels like a throwback to those old nearly disposable mobile games from my childhood. At $50 I'd be all over it, at $100 I'd probably buy. At $150, if feels like a stretch. They do warn that stock will be very limited, so buyers will likely have to decide sight unseen.
  5. I just beat Rondo last night, and frankly it was incredible. I have a feeling if I would have played that game when it was new it would be a top 10 game of all time for me. And it holds up extremely well, has nice replayability, is challenging but not overly so. Only one boss (death) has a little bit too much randomness to him, otherwise the bosses all give you the feeling of a dark souls boss you’ve finally figured out. SOTN was always my default answer but I dunno. This one gives it a run for its money.
  6. "Game developers shouldn’t be allowed to monetize addiction," Mo. Republican says. And yes, that's really what it's called: https://www.hawley.senate.gov/sites/default/files/2019-05/2019-05-08_Protecting-Children-Abusive-Games-Act_One-Pager.pdf
  7. Now that the calendar has rolled over to 2019, it's time to post our usual thread where we talk about what games in 2019 we're current playing, have completed, what we thought of 'em, etc. Remember that it's not necessary for the game to actually be released in 2019! I'm going to pick up where I left off in December by completing Metro: Last Light Redux as my first game of 2019.
  8. I am already the owner of an HTC VIVE and VIVE Pro and an Oculus Go My initial thoughts. The screen is on par with the Vive Pro.....it does not have the same refresh rate, but the games and programs I've used seem to take this into account and have downgraded visuals.....that's not to say they look bad...the visuals that are there look great...but they have eliminated some visuals...like fog in Beat Saber. So you have less visual components, but the ones that are there look good. Minimal screen door effect. For some reason I am not really able to discern screen door effect or frame rate drops in games...unless its completely obvious...so your mileage may vary The Sound....is great. You can use headphones...and many reviews say you should, but the sound feels like its just there in your ears....very much like the go where the sound is just here but you can't make out a discernable speaker in the headband. I still think this is awesome how they fit a tiny speaker in the headband strap that works so well. Using an Ipad or phone you can stream your experience very easily so others can see what you are doing in VR or for recording. Battery life is much improved over the Go.....I feel like its doubled...so hardcore gaimng will get you two solid hours...streaming Netflix 3 Solid Hours......but even better..I have an Anker battery that I use for my Switch that i can slide into a back pocket and it connects via USB C easily to the headset and adds another 4-6 hours easily. (Not that I can spend that long in VR...) The face has a fan inside it....If you used the GO...you may have found that the interior fogs up..sometimes quite easily....this has been fixed. (this also means that the unit is more front facing heavy..but it's not too bad..the original HTC Vive with the straps was worse) Tracking is phenomenal....I used it in my basement and in my kids bedroom. It was very easy to outline a new play area and I love the way that it uses Gridlines like the Vive if you get too close to act as a warning...but even better is the fact that if you setp out of the play area..the front cameras come on so you can actually see without taking the headset off. If my wife comes down stairs I can just jump out and talk and then jump back in... Never used the Oculus handset before and it takes a little getting used to, but they tarcked and worked flawlessly....and the finger gestures made even more intricate hand movement in games possible. Overall the biggest takeaway is that the whole process was seamless. Jumping into VR is quick and easy and everything works fluidly. It may not be able to handle No Mans Sky VR like my Vive Pro...but the games and apps it does work with...work well enough to make the experience a lot funner. (if you have questions ask away) I really do think that this is a real big step in consumer VR and a sign of things to come. Advances are coming at a much faster clip and these devs have a solid foundation to build on.
  9. Gato Roboto is a 2d Metroidvania game where you play as a cat that can enter and exit a mechanical suit to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. The release date was revealed today, here's the trailer:
  10. Just as a point of reference, there was a significant rush of people buying Metro Exodus on Steam as it was still briefly available there when the EGS timed exclusivity was announced and that was around the "beginning of the year".
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