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About Me

  1. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/jerry-stiller-actor-and-comedian-dies-at-92-1234603183/
  2. https://screenrant.com/universal-lego-movies-warner-bros/ The Lego Universe! WB RIP....
  3. https://screenrant.com/movie-theaters-amc-regal-showcase-reduce-capacity-tickets-seats-coronavirus/
  4. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/29/world/krzysztof-penderecki-composer-death-trnd/index.html
  5. I can't remember if it was a show or movie. If I remember correctly it was about a house that trapped people inside. The rooms changed and it kept expanding?
  6. In order to not break the internet. Physical media for the win! In all seriousness if they do this, then Netflix should refund the cost for those paying for HD plans.
  7. Hulu is running so damn slow once I get to 4 or 5 o'clock ET. Youtube is still OK, but streaming and sites that aren't message boards are really bad. I checked my internet on my PS4, which has a wired connection. Usually it's VERY fast. Now it's: Download: 290.3 kbps Upload: 197.3 kbps The weird part? This is my wireless speed on my laptop: Download: 140 mbps Upload: 22.2 mbps It's WAY quicker wireless yet can't even load Hulu properly, so I never get to the buffering issues since I have nothing to buffer lol It'
  8. https://decisiondata.org/news/report-the-average-cable-bill-now-exceeds-all-other-household-utility-bills-combined/
  9. https://screenrant.com/sxsw-2020-officially-cancelled-coronavirus-concerns/
  10. I'm looking forward to. shows Star Trek: Picard Star Trek: Discovery season 3 Better Call Saul season 4 Netflix and season 5 Bosch season 6 The Falcon and the Winter Soldier movies No Time to Die Black Widow Dune Eternals
  11. While I never read the graphic novels, I was inundated as to just how spectacular the stories were as the series went on while perusing reviews & podcasts for comics when I was actively collecting. I've been anxiously awaiting what this series would and could be, and this trailer does not disappoint, day 1 for me!
  12. Inspired by @skillzdadirecta's complete inability to distinguish between Werner Herzog and Lars von Trier, what artists (any medium) do you consistently mix up? Personally, I constantly mix up Roger Deakins and Hoyte van Hoytema. Their styles are similar, they are equally brilliant, and they've both worked with Sam Mendes, which is a recipe for me never knowing which one has worked on what film.
  13. So sad to see this news. Growing up sucks because I’m losing my childhood heroes
  14. Just in case you are going, or know someone that is, don't read this. Don't spoil anything for yourself. "What is Secret Cinema?" I hear you ask. Well, it's an event that's run over a few months, I think only in London, where select movies or television shows are brought to life and allow you to take part in them and experience them in a different way. I've previously been to a Moulin Rouge secret cinema, where an old warehouse was turned into 1890's Paris, with shops, bars, actors and then a screening of the movie taking place later on (admittedly, I drank two bottles of C
  15. "When someone pointed out that Roberts couldn’t be Harriet, the executive responded, 'It was so long ago. No one is going to know the difference.'"
  16. When I think of this question, I think of Wilson from Home Improvement: His face was revealed at the end of the series: But with the internet and imdb's pictures/history of all actors, the mystery would resolve itself pretty quickly nowadays. Back then, my brother and I looked carefully for any possible mistake or movement.
  17. https://screenrant.com/john-witherspoon-death-obituary/ RIP
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