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Found 62 results

  1. Lets see what everyone is working with nowadays. I finally got into the super-telephoto range today. Going to try to get out this weekend in the morning to see if I can get any good photos with it. Ignore the iphone photo, hoping to get a D850 some time in the next 6 months. Here's what other people have gotten with the 200-500 if anyones interested in getting a very capable affordable lens. Quick photo I took when I took it out of the box
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-45208546 @heyyoubluray
  3. I'm tired of juggling 3-4 remotes (TV, receiver, AppleTV, Xbone) - I don't want to spend an insane amount. I'm guessing a Logitech harmony is the route to go...? Does it automatically change receiver inputs for me when I select control of a device (ie: I select "AppleTV" and it switches to the correct input on my receiver)? I haven't used any type of universal remote in like 20 years
  4. Need an answer... quickly What would I be losing out compared to other models? It’s not the “UA” model. EDIT: It is the UA
  5. I live in Eastern Washington, and I was just offered an excellent position with a new company in Boise Idaho. We have settled on moving near Ontario Oregon for now, as it's only 45 minutes away from work & it won't be as overwhelming for the kiddies (we live in a town of 900 right now, so we don't want to kill them with too much culture shock lol). Anyway, I am needing some advice! I have a 65" KS8000 Samsung 4K, and a 55" Samsung LCD. I have zero clue how to transport these without damage. I know that I don't want them in the back of a U-Haul, and I also do not have the original boxes or packaging they came in. The move is around 350 miles away. What do you guys think? I was thinking of standing them up in the back of the SUV (bottoms going where the legroom is) to try to minimize bumps & jostling, but I don't know what to use to keep the screens from getting scratched. I can't afford pro movers either, so that's out. Have any of you moved tv's long distance? Any tips?
  6. So I finally convinced my wife to cut the cord. I think we're going to go with YouTube TV with Philo tv to supplement. We already have Netflix and Prime. I wish I could run everything through my LG TV but Philo isn't supported on it yet nor is it on Xbox or PS. I've read a bunch of reviews on all three but they seem pretty inclusive. Figured I'd turn to the fine ladies and gentlemen of D1P for some advice. I think I'm leaning towards Roku Ultra since I'm not very tied into Apple and I've heard mixed reviews on the performance of the Fire TV. What do you guys think? Experiences with them?
  7. Sounds like if this supported Dolby Vision and Atmos it would be the new OLED to buy, even over LG OLEDs.
  8. My nexus player appears to be dead, so I'm looking for a new media player. I was wondering what devices you guys use? Does anyone have an opinion on the Shield TV? I have a ps4, xbox one, a chrome bit, and a paperback sized windows 8 computer. So I have a few options already, but I'm looking for other ideas. I might use my ps4 for the moment, but want to look at other options. The chrome bit and windows computer allow me to access all my streaming services through the browser, but that isn't the most couch friendly setup. I did like my nexus player. I like the options with an android based device. It just would have been nice if Android TV would have gotten more support from developers. Sideloading apps didn't really work that well for my nexus player. It would have been nice to get my comcast app to work on it.
  9. Since getting a really good second printer cheap I decided to tackle something huge, a 13" Hulk I wanted to go high quality without getting too insane so I went with a 0.15mm layer height (most people do .2, .05 is the finest you can typically pull off but it would have printed for a week per part) each part was about 4-5 hours at this quality I used Ace Hardwares generic Wood fill to fill up the gaps, sanded it down then applied rustoleum primer/filler, let dry, sanded again and another coat of white primer. Did a flesh base coat and it's drying right now.. started this on Thurs of last week, had an issue printing the left arm and didn't get it successful until Monday, and have been working on it since then as time allows. Hoping to have it fully painted at some point on Saturday but I want to take my time and really do it right. I'm already deeming this $199 second printer money well spent.
  10. I was pretty confident that the next TV I bought would be an LG OLED, but I just ran across this promotional material for the Samsung Q9F series: https://www.samsung.com/us/explore/qled-tv/gaming-tv/?cid=smp-mktg-stc-tv-07182018-122317 Highlights (also from search googling): Freesync VRR 20ms input lag No burn in or image retention Only modestly worse black levels than OLED Much brighter than OLED HDR10+ That's a pretty damn compelling counter point to an LG OLED for a gamer. From what I can tell, it only slightly loses on black level. Are there other reasons to still consider an LG OLED though? Do you guys think that LG OLEDs next year would be able to make up the gap and surpass for gaming? Regarding the VRR, I understand that the HDMI standard for VRR may be different than FreeSync, but would it be safe to conclude that whatever it is would be something that could be patched into firmware for a display that supports Freesync?
  11. I currently have a 70 inch Sharp Aquos 1080p tv which has been great, but it's time for 4k since I have the X1X and PS4Pro. I would like to stay at 70 inches, but could drop to 65 if that gets me a great value on a great tv. Max budget is $3000 but would like to stay around $2000 unless spending a little more gets me a huge jump in quality. Was actually looking at the Vizio P series as it sounds like you get good bang for the buck, but I can spend a little more for better quality if need be.
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