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  1. WWDC 2021 will be starting soon, at 10am PDT. It could be quite an interesting show. Lots of rumors of what we might see, and lots of weird pressure on Apple in the wake of the Epic trial. I've heard rumors (or perhaps simply hopes) that we'll see new 16" MacBook Pros, probably with a new M1x or M2 SoC, which would give us our first insights into how Apple plans to scale up towards high performance chips. There are rumors that we'll get better multitasking on the iPad, but I wouldn't be surprised if all we get are widgets. I'd love for some
  2. https://www.cseed.tv/en/indoor-tv/unfolding-tv.html Weighing in at over 1300 lbs, 81" tall & over 140" wide ...
  3. So we just got ATSC here in the Detroit market, so now the major networks are broadcasting in HEVC rather than just MPEG2. I was excited hoping for less compression in sports and that sort of thing, not expecting them to broadcast anything in 4K....but for now at least it just means they can cut their bandwidth from 12 or so Mbps down to around 3 to 4 Mbps. Maybe now they can fit even more sub channels with movies from the 70s and 80s that nobody will watch! Anyone else in a market with ATSC 3 that has the equipment to view it experienced anything different?
  4. This is the phone I had before. The S7 Active. This is what I have now. The black Note 20 ultra. The note 20 is literally the third phone I have ever owned and it is a really nice upgrade. Now this is something I would have never bought myself, but my aunt wanted to upgrade my phone for my birthday/xmas. I wasn't that excited about the idea at first, but after looking up some of the phones that I had the option to choose from I got excited about the note 20. The Note 20 is a really nice phone. While I don't see myself using it often, the pen/stylus is a
  5. Last year we heard reporting that Apple's electric car ambitions had been scaled back dramatically from building their own car from scratch to simply providing driverless car software. Large parts of the so-called project Titan team were let go, and many assumed Apple was out of the race. Now we have a new report from Reuters that says Apple is indeed still moving ahead with their electric car ambitions. They're unsure if Apple will contract with partners to build a whole car, or if they'll be partnering with existing automakers, but besides self-driving car software, the key item in this new
  6. Apple's new AirPods Max are premium, over the ear, noise cancelling headphones that seem perfectly nice, but for some reason Apple is asking for a ridiculous $550 in a market where the top alternatives are closer to $300. They've only just been announced so full reviews aren't in yet, but the impressions I've read indicate that they're good headphones. They're made of metal, have good sound, and of course have all the nice connection features you get with current AirPods. Of course, they also have the typical Apple exclusions. There's no headphone jack, only a lightnin
  7. We finally have a price and date for the Surface Duo, and it's sooner than I thought, for a very high price. On September 10th for $1400 you'll be able to have your very own dual screen android phone, and in my opinion, it looks great. The hardware is sleek as hell, and from the (overly brief) initial hands-on accounts, it seems the software is pretty good. The dual screen setup means that all android apps will work without modification, thereby side-stepping issues around folding phone apps. Still, for a super premium phone, this is clearly a case of paying extra to ha
  8. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/08/samsung-makes-the-1300-galaxy-note-20-ultra-official/ https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/08/the-bean-shaped-galaxy-buds-live-are-samsungs-counter-to-the-airpods-pro/ https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/08/samsungs-galaxy-watch-3-is-a-stylish-redesign-without-much-new-to-say/ https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/08/samsungs-galaxy-z-fold-2-is-official-comes-with-a-ton-of-improvements/ https://www.xda-developers.com/samsung-3-years-android-os-updates-galaxy-note-20/ The extra year of OS updates
  9. It's been speculated for years, but according to Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, on June 22 at WWDC Apple will finally announce it is moving Mac OS from Intel to ARM CPUs. The early takes are coming fast and furiously. Jon Gruber is pretty optimistic, and seems to think that Apple will try to move all Macs over to ARM. Dieter Bohn looks at what Apple can learn from Windows recent ARM iteration. Steven Sinofsky wrote an interesting twitter thread on the technical aspects and speculates that an ARM Mac shouldn't be a simple port, but should force a huge shift towards a new API model. If th
  10. https://www.cultofmac.com/713978/apple-expands-0-apple-card-financing-to-mac-ipad-airpods-and-more/ For anyone who has an Apple Card, this is fantastic. If only I had waited one more week before upgrading my iPad Pro to the 12.9” version. I’m definitely going to use this once the AirPods Studios go on sale (next week).
  11. Last week the WSJ reported that (Lenovo owned) Motorola is planning on launching a $1500 RAZR phone with a foldable screen. Now we might have our first look with this IP drawing: So far the foldable phones we've seen have been less than impressive. Samsung has teased their folding phone, but the concept leaves a lot to be desired. Essentially you end up with a very thick phone with an oddly small screen, that opens to a small tablet with an awkward, almost square, aspect ratio. The RAZR, as pictured, might actually be kind of cool. It would end up being rather
  12. https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2020/04/iphone-se-a-powerful-new-smartphone-in-a-popular-design/ The 4.7" screen seems like kind of a weird spot to land on. People coming from the previous SE will probably think 4.7" is too big, and I'd bet everyone else will think 4.7" is too small.
  13. So I bought a new TV recently and I am in the process of diagnosing what I think is a problem with how it displays HDR content. I'd rather not hassle with returning it for a different unit, because SDR and Dolby Vision content look phenomenal on this set. It's a TCL brand, and I've heard they can have quality control issues. The problem I'm seeing is HDR10 videos have a dark tint to them, compared to standard non-HDR versions of the same movie. On the flip side, if a movie is played with Dolby Vision, it looks great and obviously better than the non-HDR counterpart. But the o
  14. WiFi 6 is only now rolling out, and along with it a new theoretical top speed of 9.6Gbps, but WiFi's biggest upgrade ever is now set to hit at the end of this year. It's not a speed boost though, as the newly named WiFi 6E will have the same max speed. Instead, we'll this change is to the spectrum that WiFi relies on. For 20 years, WiFi has been operating with about 400MHz of spectrum available, but now the FCC has opened up 1200MHz of spectrum in the 6GHz band. That doesn't sound exciting, but it's a huge deal. The proliferation of WiFi enabled devices has meant that the limited s
  15. https://www.apple.com/apple-events/livestream/ it seems like it will be a boring event (unless apple has managed to keep the lid on leaks) Apple might announce their own Tile tracker, which would be nice
  16. Apple also announced that the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR are coming in December. Ive goes out, design improvements come in. Can't explain that!
  17. Basically all the reviews of this as a phone are right. It’s bulky, the screen is subpar, the 3D effect is scketchy, and the audio from the phone itself is atrocious. But it’s kinda fun? The 3D for photos is pretty lame IMO, but it works decent for video. They have some test clips of Ready Player One and Fantastic Beasts that look pretty good. The big issue is still ghosting and a relatively dim screen compared to 2D. I dunno, I ordered it mere minutes after it went up for pre-order and then stopped paying attention the last year and a half. I got an email a couple of w
  18. Microsoft is holding a Surface event tomorrow to show off all their new hardware, but most of it was leaked yesterday. The new Surface Pro 7 seems to finally have a USB-C port, there's a 15" varient of the Surface Laptop, and most interestingly, there's a all new ARM based Surface. Almost certainly powered by Qualcomm's 8cx chips, I'm personally very interested in how MS handles this second attempt at building an ARM based Surface. I believe in MS's ability to get Windows, web browsing, and Office working well on such a device, but I'm pretty dubious as to their ab
  19. On Tuesday December 5th, at 12:37am after 18 hours of labour over 3 days, my new home theatre was born. It is healthy and quite lively and weighed in at 239.8lbs. At the heart of this new sound system is an Onkyo TX-NR787 Receiver powering the Atmos and DTS-X capable 5.1.4 setup. Centre Channel is a Polk S35, with twin Polk S60 tower speakers for the Left and Right Channels. Surrounds are handled by Polk S20 Bookshelf speakers and Subwoofer is a beefy Polk HTS 12. Since they all fall within the same “Signature” line, they are nicely timber matched. For the height channels, I repurposed t
  20. I have to get rid of some old stuff, an old smart TV that no longer powers on and an old laptop... same problem. What's the best way to dispose of this stuff so that I have some piece of mind lol?
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