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  1. Only if I'm drunk enough to not care. Like in Mexico I'll get out and use the bathroom until my swim up bar fun has gotten too int bae. But generally no, because it's enclosed water and the pee isn't gonna go anywhere. But I'll pee sober in a natural source of water anytime (ocean, lake, river, etc).
  2. Cilantro is genetics (master race doesn't like cilantro) and IPA just tastes like shit.
  3. People aren't agreeing with my opinion. Lock the thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Lol I included two of Hailey's best photos (the first and last) where she almost actually looks like a woman... almost. I wanted to post worse ones of course but I kept myself accountable and kept the photos even and fair for both. But since you're so insistent on sharing unflattering photos too, here we go!
  5. I'm a pirate legend so I'm more atttacted to def's avatar so I voted for him
  6. Everyone has awkward photos. It was irrelevant. I could have shared awkward no makeup paparazzi pics of Hailey too, but it was pointless. I kept the photos for this thread evenly matched with professional shoots and red carpets for both, and one paparazzi bikini photo each.
  7. 3 out of 4 photos are the exact ones @ManUtdRedDevils posted in discord for his pro-hailey argument lol.
  8. True but we are talking strictly about physical hotness here
  9. She's hotter than the both of them combined. But that's really not the discussion we're having here.
  10. Hailey is 21 and Selena is 26. Hailey looks way older. She looks ten years older than she actually is.
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