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  1. President Tucker Carlson will have these chucklefucks to thank for a Biden presidency (with a Dem house and potentially senate) which was squandered for the fucking filibuster leading to continuing and increased disillusionment and his election.
  2. The Big 10 just put out it's 10 game all-conference-only schedule, acting like we're actually going to have a season. (And OSU Michigan isn't the last game of the season?!? WTF) Rutgers and Illinois have already had outbreaks among the players and staff, and Colorado State allegedly has threatened retaliation against players who quarantine themselves, even if showing symptoms. This season won't happen, and if it does start, I only see it ending early.
  3. (Better off suburban folks voting against their own self interests to expand Medicaid as well)
  4. Don't elevate terrible people no matter how electoral advantageous it may seem
  5. I guess part of it for me is that it still fucking hurts to read. I can't imagine the hell that parents and children are going through, and makes me sick to think about what we've done, as a country, to these people and the situation they are now in. It just hurts.
  6. I'm not shocked. Basing an estimate off of a low res video probably not the most accurate source!
  7. (Rest of the thread, etc) Holy damn that's big. I remember doing something like this for my chemical plant safety /process design class back in college. One of the more fun and interesting engineering classes imo
  8. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-19/sweden-in-very-deep-economic-crisis-despite-soft-lockdown https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-25/denmark-s-funding-need-more-than-triples-to-pay-for-covid-crisis Sweden appears to suffer from the specifics of it's export heavy economy when compared to say, Denmark. So while they didn't shut down, they're still contracting. That said, people calling for a "swedish model" for economic growth the data just isn't there yet. That said, you can tell this is a bad strategy by this: Not who you want in your corner at this juncture tbh
  9. Y'all should listen to the citations needed podcast episodes on local media. Good stuff
  10. It all comes back to campaign finance. The DCCC/Schumer/Pelosi/et al don't give too much a fuck about your politics or how good a candidate you are for your state/district, but singularly focused on how well you can raise cash(read: call rich people and kiss their ass for 6+ hours/day), and in addition will actively work against you (withholding staff/firms) during primaries if you aren't their chosen one, a chicken and egg type thing. It's a big reason why Amy McGrath is the nominee for KYSEN against Mitch!
  11. Between this, almost literally COINTELPRO, the abuses by ICE and BP, and the jack booted thugs in ICE/DOC/BP/etc that trump is using as his own personal thugs, it's time to end the org once and for all
  12. I hate to think how many people republicans like this have killed in their partisan push to own the libs
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