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  1. Gnd wasn't on the table. Voting rights and civil rights acts aren't gonna pass under the 60 vote threshold. Hell, infrastructure may not pass (imo may only do so under 50 vote threshold with 3-4 Republicans max on board) Even the popular yet stretch items like a public option or MJ legalization are definitely off the table given a 60 vote threshold. There's a ton of items that could make lives better and (more importantly) are popular but will never ever ever pass under the 60 vote rule. Fuck the whole "if you pass things there may be a backlash"
  2. Yep. And my hedge trimmer and pole saw. I've got a very overgrown yard that needs taming still. Might just hire some goats a couple of times
  3. Electric mowers are the way. It works for my half acre
  4. The joke was homer being too cavalier for the NRA but nowadays he'd be celebrated as a hero
  5. Yeah. And poorer people are less likely to have money down for purchasing a home, so new homes for purchase don't directly help those with lower incomes. And without specific programs to attract and maintain rent properties for lower income folks, rents will go at the market price which doesn't care how poor or cost burdened you are. The point I've made before is that building more housing via the market doesn't solve all of the problems, but it makes it more affordable for middle income folks (which is probably why it generates the most attention) so you need specific help for low
  6. Inside India’s ‘black fungus’ wards: Delta variant linked to hundreds of deaths from mucormycosis WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK terrifying
  7. oh my fucking god dude. After my wife gives birth I'll go back to wearing masks in places I have stopped doing so unless I know everyone is vaccinated. It's not worth the risk! Even minor fevers in newborns can result in a trip to the ER and a spinal tap to check for meningitis. I don't want that at all, let alone covid!
  8. Lmao dude come on Also the people who go to the memorial tournament to watch are the strangest people in central Ohio by a longshot.
  9. Father in law: why don't you guys ever visit me in Florida??? Me: *points to this thread*
  10. That is good and fine and may be achievable, tbd here, but disarming police will simply not happen as much as I'd be fine with it because squishy libs can imagine the utility in having cops with arms. so limiting citizen interactions with police is generally the better strategy for reform, as it can be done at scale that may be achievable unlike with the Camden model
  11. The liberation of the international working class is more likely, it's really not worth considering.
  12. It's worse because this would be in addition to, not in place of, their current gear. Cops won't give up their guns it's a dumb hypothetical. We're better off limiting when and in what situations cops are the means of state intervention
  13. Most conservatives don't care about this because the uighurs are Muslim and that bigotry trumps anti China rhetoric
  14. Again, these are not people interested in the truth, they just want to bash China (but not over Hong Kong or the uighers, they don't care about that stuff, it is to them good actually)
  15. I'm not saying don't use politics, as the CCP is engaging in politics by limiting research into the origins of the virus, but the certainty and idle speculation without new evidence of the lab leak theory is concerning and can make the scientific job of finding answers far more difficult. The baseline assumption should be that it is zoonotic in origin, like so so so many other viruses and diseases, and you would need significant evidence to overcome that assumption (and most data I've seen so far points to this origin anyway). I'm fine with an investigation, but I think it is secon
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