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  1. Imagine thinking that those with student loan debt aren't middle or working class, or come from middle or working class families. Seriously, who do you think has to take out student loans? The fact of the matter is student loan debt is a deliberate policy decision. The ballooning cost of higher education being brunt by those getting an education is a result of several deliberate policy decisions (unlimited loans, unfunded mandates, and decreased state spending on higher education being the primary drivers). The interest rate being paid by borrowers is set by legislation. The nondischargable nature of student loans in bankruptcy is also a deliberate policy. Capping the student loan interest deduction is a legislative choice. Having a byzantine regime of loan repayment servicing companies is a policy decision. Making loan forgiveness (for, say, public service) contingent on a broken administrative state is another decision. At an even bigger level, we've created an economy where in the medium to long term going to college pays off on average compared those with an associate's degree or less, no matter the bachelor's degree concentration (especially when you consider the drop in real incomes of these groups of those without higher education). In the short term, those with student debt delay or don't start businesses, buy homes, get married and have families, and have other goodies, like reduced wealth. This hurts the entire economy, and further advantages those who come from means and finish college with no debt. To say nothing of those who are unable to finish college for a myriad of reasons and end up worse than those who never went to college at all!
  2. Trump wants to campaign with convicted war criminals, but Bernie and Liz wanting to soak the rich and expand social spending. Hm to be undecided in this election, even with the most Lefty candidates, truly makes you a complete and total idiot
  3. Hi 160 billion times ten equals.......... (In case you haven't noticed everything is framed in ten year dollar amounts to scare people)
  4. I have an idea. Let's end the forever wars (~$70 billion annually) and cut the defense budget 15% (~$90 billion annually) to pay for student loan forgiveness
  5. If you didn't go to college because you wanted to about debt that's fine, and you should now be able to do so. And also those people who did go and went into debt should be released from it. You can't wind the clock back but you can move forward.
  6. She's gotten some critical coverage, and it turns out she's not Bernie without the socialist label, and there are dumber centrist candidates to hitch yourself to if you are ok with that
  7. Buying a car isn't much of a choice in 95%+ of the country, and you will always need to pay for housing. This is dumb. All student loan forgiveness does is help those who didn't have parents wealthy enough to pay for college or those who weren't fortunate enough to find a job during college that paid enough to pay for college. And yeah, while a degree will more likely than not pay off in the long run, the debt you have severely hinders your ability to start or grow your family, change careers, get a degree in the first place, or buy a home or car during your twenties and thirties (also known as the only time a woman can have a child). Loan forgiveness is garbage, especially having had to deal with educational financing bureaucracy. And anecdotally, the only people my age (~10 years out of college) who have bought a home or condo are married and at least one partner had their schooling largely paid for and/or lucked into a very high paying job
  8. Good thing ID cards are the only issue that keeps black folks from voting
  9. Biden is decent in the first half. The debates you can see his mind starts to wander in the latter half.
  10. Nominate Biden and Pascale is gonna tell Trump to come out for legalization (but without any of the good stuff like restoration of voting rights and expungement)
  11. The roots of almost all of their problems are all human caused so what's the big fat fucking deal
  12. Iirc polls I've seen of active duty guys show Trump with a much lower approval than typical Republicans have historically gotten. And fwiw, in donations Bernie is cleaning up from actives. (But Bernie also cleans up in younger people anyway)
  13. Want to end the war criminals? End the wars and slash the size of the military (and foreign bases) to ribbons.
  14. If not for turnovers, this final score would accurately reflect how dominant osu was in this game
  15. A ridiculous answer to an impractical, loaded question.
  16. And of course it wouldn't be trollpez if he weren't wrong. Peak heat stress, quantified by the wet-bulb temperature TW, is surprisingly similar across diverse climates today. TW never exceeds 31 °C. Any exceedence of 35 °C for extended periods should induce hyperthermia in humans and other mammals, as dissipation of metabolic heat becomes impossible. While this never happens now, it would begin to occur with global-mean warming of about 7 °C, calling the habitability of some regions into question. With 11–12 °C warming, such regions would spread to encompass the majority of the human population as currently distributed. Eventual warmings of 12 °C are possible from fossil fuel burning.
  17. There are many places in the US where women can go topless in public with no issue, like Columbus Ohio
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