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  1. Republicans are becoming real poor winners, when democracy generally requires some degree of humility or Grace is winning.
  2. I'd separate the us from other western countries first of all. And also grouping the "west" together is just stupid anyway once you start getting into the country by country differences, or what defines the west? Is it Christendom? Or white people? Or what? What *is* the west? What constitutes "Western culture"? Or is it just an ideal? And of course they're better off here. Just because we're better than some third world shit hole doesn't mean we're great. In all honesty I don't care about other countries when we have enough problems here. Comparing us to obviously awful countries
  3. You're right. Western culture is superior because we no longer have de jure second class citizens they're merely de facto second class and only mostly based on the color of their skin. And women are equal to men, so long as you don't talk about pay (even controlling for factors such as industry and degree) or expectations in child rearing or home life. There are many other examples but I don't have the time for them. Being a non wasp male is better here then there, but let's not pretend the way things actually are here are worth trumpeting. Our ideals are gr
  4. Jfc, why would I leave a white supremacist society while being white? You silly.
  5. I never said that. And to pretend that Western culture, as defined here in the US, is better than most others is just lol. If you ignore the negatives then yeah Western culture is great.
  6. I don't get what the point of these are. Yeah your precious little one respects women, good for you. I know women who won't go on solo first few dates because they're afraid of being raped. And are afraid to go running at night for the same reason. But yes, the problem is false rape accusations (a common refrain but with little evidence when compared to actual rapes)
  7. Claim to be unapologetically pro "Western culture" which is a roundabout way to say white people. And since culture is very much tied to race and ethnicity so again, distinction without difference. They thought it worth associating with Nazis at Charlottesville as well. And they encourage their members to not masturbate so they're motivated to meet women. Cause that's their problem.
  8. It's not like he's the one who figured this out either. He just said to lawyers do whatever you can to get me the most money.
  9. Too much is going to change in a week for kav to make a difference in a month.
  10. Western chauvinist is what them proud boys call themselves. So it's a distinction without a difference
  11. I take some of this back. Once the pH of the ocean becomes sufficiently low to kill off most algae and other simple organisms that produce most of our oxygen, no human will survive.
  12. Looks like Florida won't be missing out on the "fun" this year Michael strengthens to a hurricane and is forecast to make landfall in Florida as a ‘dangerous’ Category 3 midweek https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2018/10/08/michael-strengthens-hurricane-is-forecast-make-landfall-florida-dangerous-category-midweek/
  13. Any enthusiasm Republicans feel from fighting to support kav will be gone once the first holiday themed coffee cup that doesn't have merry Christmas on it. And also the kav stuff will be forgotten by the right in two weeks when Trump orders a Roundup of puppies for slaughter. The news moves waaaaaay too fast these days for an issue a month away from an election to hold much sway, at least if *that's* the issue that gets you energized.
  14. Conservative bitching about "PC culture run amok" or something like that is them just being pissy that they can't say the n word even in a rap song, or something similar. They can't be assholes to people because of who they are (rather than what they have or are doing/done) and that upsets them.
  15. They might Outlast the majority of us for a few years, but it's highly doubtful they'd make it much further while having even a semblance of their former quality of life. I think I'll be taking my family to new Zealand. About 4-5 years is what I'd need to get things in order and should avoid most of the mass migration that will come with worsening climate change, and should be sufficient to ride out until our ultimate demise.
  16. Manchin won't be 50, but he sure as shit will be 51+ He's not a principled man.
  17. Another way to look at it (now that I've gotten some sleep) is that he won OH, MI, FL, PA, WI, and NC (12 seats) by a very little amount and maybe a few others which were close, and I'd further argue that it was more of an anti Hillary vote than pro Trump. And this class of senators won their seats with Obama on their tickets in 2012
  18. A greater degree of state autonomy would help, but I don't see liberals/leftists going along with it for many things. Personally, I'd be fine with that (aside from a carbon tax) because what we have in this moment is unsustainable, and many of the Republican leaning States need to really reap what they sew.
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