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  1. I mean I got 8% annual salary in profit sharing, but it was contributed at one point at the end of the year, and when I quit I had to wait 10 months for my rollover. Now I get 4% @100% and the next 2% @50% match, in addition to 3% extra as an annual contribution with no need to match.
  2. I honestly thought the campaign was addressing both Bernie and Biden as "Badass Motherfucker" not noticing that there was no comma after their names.
  3. Haha wow maybe they weren't being totally honest and working in good faith last year
  4. Also, thinking back to my hometown, after the power plants surrounding the town closed, many of the residents got jobs at the somewhat nearby GE aviation plant. Hopefully they can avoid a lot of the pain that is coming
  5. I read through some of the LTC portions of the report, and holy cow. I'm not an accountant, actuary, or an expert by any means on many of the items within there, but seeing my company's position given the history and other facts I know of, this is really bad for GEs long term care unit.
  6. We have enough bases.and probably have one there anyway, since Denmark is a NATO Ally
  7. Or use his money raising ability to do some good like Stacey Abrahams.
  8. Yeah I don't give a damn about the business. I, and just about everyone here, will find another job. The fact that people can work their lives only to have everything you worked for taken away so you can afford long term care because you got Alzheimer's is horrible to me.
  9. Do it. Make them a state, too. (Along with DC and PR) I bet the Greenlanders, about half of whom are employed by the government because of subsidies from the Danish government, would love American "fuck you" capitalism
  10. I wonder how much of this rhetoric is coming from the DA himself and what is made up Trump world bullshit
  11. If Congressional Dems had balls they'd refuse to go to Israel and threaten funding of weapons we're apparently selling them until both house Reps, one of whom is a member of the fucking foreign relations committee, are allowed in. If.
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