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  1. he only makes sense for VP if a (nonwhite and/or female) progressive is the pres candidate. He makes no sense to put in VP if a moderate and/or white guy is the pres candidate, passing up better qualified candidates who would appeal to another wing of the party. Two moderates would be a mistake, as would two white dudes, like a bernie/Beto ticket
  2. Republicans did a good job today of proving that Michael Cohen, an admitted liar, is a liar. They did a piss poor job of trying to show he was actively lying
  3. Guys, did you know that Cohen is a convicted felon?!??!???
  4. I'm really curious to see how that data looks after the ACA went into effect.
  5. Bold move, I'm sure this violates his gag order
  6. Not incapable of making sound choices, but it is much much harder for those in and near poverty to make objectively rational choices when those people can see an irrational choice as somewhat rational, if not preferable. If something causes you to lose 13 IQ points, you're not incapable of making good decisions, but those decisions may be harder to make.
  7. I'm just going to leave this here as my rebuttal https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/11/your-brain-on-poverty-why-poor-people-seem-to-make-bad-decisions/281780/
  8. Republican gun control proposals are just goal post shifting, nothing more. The NRA is a wing of the party, and a strong one at that (hence why a Russian spy was able to get close to high up people in Republican politics)
  9. And sometimes it's not about pure income, but the precarious situation by which you earn your income. Unstable but somewhat lucrative work can promote mental stressors just as much as just barely scraping by in a somewhat consistent low paying job. Hell, not even knowing what your work schedule will be like the next week is stressful! What to do about child care, things like that take a toll! For a lot of people this is the once a year windfall, even if it isn't the most economically sound or beneficial, is something to look forward to when they can't manage the self control (or any other reason) needed to save up that money
  10. Are the refundable credits you talk about are primarily the eitc? If so, for a single person with no kids the AGI limit is hilariously low, and the maximum benefit a single person with no kids can get is $518. With kids it's larger, but that in no way offsets any obligation you get from having a kid, and is still pretty low, especially if you live in a moderate to large metro area. You can be working poor and not qualify for eitc, and you can also be working poor and not be in poverty.
  11. For many of the lower class/working poor, the stressors of being poor don't always allow you to make the most optimal financial (or other) decisions. We're talking about people not unemotional machines.
  12. Also most people don't give two shits about an extra $20-40/pay period if they have variable income (like hourly workers) when you plan on getting that big government refund to pay off bills, catch up on other things, or make that big purchase you've been wanting, as you literally had been doing for years. Because spoilers, most people are bad with money for a multitude of reasons.
  13. If only there were a newly elected republican senator who garners national headlines and who once talked a big game about executive overreach.
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