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  1. 15 minutes ago, Uaarkson said:

    None of this shit will change until the entire country goes back to pre-war zoning. The American development pattern of the past 50 years is literally making us poorer.

    Or even just something like what you see in Houston, without the parking minimums and ridiculous covenant restrictions.

  2. 22 minutes ago, BloodyHell said:

    I don’t disagree that your ideas are for the greater good. Im really not trying to criticize them. I just don’t think theres any political will to do it. 

    Flints kids are still drinking lead, rivers are being destroyed with emissions from mines, and minung companies are looking to destroy the last great salmon fishery in the world with a bunch of congressional support. 80% of this country cares for nothing but their own comfort. We can’t even get all Americans to agree killing unarmed black men is bad, and you think they’ll give up their cars?

    Maybe, just maybe, we could fix those things, important that they are they are not relevant with regard to automobiles in cities.

  3. 12 minutes ago, CitizenVectron said:


    I don't get it. So that means the TX Governor can just say "I think the election was tampered with, I give all electors to Trump"? Or that the Governor gets to directly decide on any disputes that come up, rather than a court?

    If there's a legal dispute as to the outcome of the state appointment of presidential electors in texas, the governor has the jurisdiction to resolve the dispute, not an election tribunal or the courts.

  4. You don't have to start, and shouldn't, with simply "remove cars from cities" (and since most cities are in Dillon rule states, the state legislature would need to allow the cities the ability to do so)


    Building quality and better bike, transit, and pedestrian networks first, removing parking minimums and repurposing on street parking spots (outdoor dining or small curbside parks for example) and making pedestrian plazas in dense commercial/residential areas would be the required first steps. Add that along with loosening zoning so, for example, you have the ability to turn a single family home lot into multiple townhomes or rowhomes by right* (as opposed to asking council for an expensive variance) you'd be well on your way to having the political will to seriously reducing the political power of the 2 ton blocks of steel that sit idle 90% of the time.


    *Most houses on my street have lots that have 100' of street frontage with one house per lot. There's no reason why someone shouldn't be able to sell their house/lot and have 5 - 20' wide lots be developed on it, or 2 - 50' wide lots, or similar lots with 2-3 apartments or condos on each as is the case a couple blocks down or even a mix therein. It's not like this is tract development, there's all sorts of architectural styles here from historical homes a century old to mid century to new development! 

  5. 38 minutes ago, Signifyin(g)Monkey said:

    This is exactly what Trump’s going to do, and like I said, Biden has to have an answer.  


    The race is already tightening in the swing states—Trump’s almost within the MOE in most of them, and closer than Hillary was in PA at this point in 2016.

    (Btw, If Trump wins the electoral college, given the leads he has had up until literally two weeks before the election, I will propose a ban on election polls until October 30 of any given presidential election year, and will reassert the relative worthlessness of polling in forecasting elections)

    Washington examiner, dude?


    Keep that high brow breitbart to yourself

  6. 1 hour ago, atom631 said:




    A poll credited with being one of the only accurate national surveys in 2016 has found a sudden tightening in the race between President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe...


    It's one poll and also


    In 2016, IBD’s poll was one of the few to predict Trump’s win — a shocking upset that caught most media and politics professionals off-guard. Its final 2016 poll found Trump ahead by 1.6 points. Ultimately, Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by 2.1 points, but won the Electoral College 304-227 thanks to narrow wins in many states.

    off by 3.7 points is hardly getting 2016 right

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