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  1. Sports is entertainment. Show me a more entertaining baseball offseason than this one!
  2. I’m good ways into the bourbon bottle right now business booming at the drive in and I love Correa more now than ever😎 I don’t wear jerseys but I bought his right now and will wears it to be e wry night. Y’all hater can hate my dumb replica QS rung isn’t goin nowhere clownsoes. goonifhr
  3. Less bad is always better, but less bad in this case doesn’t affect all your white guys so you can just be like “too bad brown folk, we will try again in 4 years!”
  4. You can’t seriously think stop and frisk is remotely on the same level as Trump policies towards brown people. I don’t believe you actually think that.
  5. You think the travel ban will remain in place? You think the immigration enforcement will remain the same. Come on, man.
  6. I’ve always found 10 to be somewhat slower than 7 on the same machine, but not seemingly to the degree you’re experiencing. A clean install sounds like a good starting point to work through the issue.
  7. There is like a 100% chance you’re not any sort of minority if you think Bloomberg is more dangerous than Trump
  8. Like I said, they should have just told everybody to deal with it. You aren’t going to undo what already happened and sports fans don’t actually care whether they are genuinely sorry or not, they were going to forever be the cheaters. Lean in!
  9. Kinda like assuming you would win a series where you only scored .75 runs a game in their 4 losses...
  10. Correa says Reddick and Kemp also didn’t use the system, which is also backed up by the review of game broadcast audio. Reddick SHOULD have used it, the chump!
  11. That’s right, the rat enjoyed his WS ring and WS share. Only didn’t like it when the Astros moved on from him and dominated him with the As
  12. Or just be better at your job and don’t choke when it matters most. If Joc wants to complain, I’ll allow it!
  13. He was talking about the trash can scheme. Talk about poor reading comprehension But somebody who completely choked in the WS at issue probably ought to play better, the Dodgers could have won if he showed up at all.
  14. How is it sketchy at all? The bangs can be heard in TV broadcasts easily, Altuve has barely any bangs and you have to include questionable ones to get even to the 24 recorded. This aligns perfectly with what Correa said. It also aligns perfectly with what anybody who watches Altuve play would know, the guy swings at everything. A point I’ve been making even before the video reviews of most the games showed exactly that.
  15. Correa isn’t lying about Altuve though. This has been verified by video from the games. Here is a quick thread from the guy who went though nearly 60 games You can see his log of the scheme at http://signstealingscandal.com/?mod=article_inline
  16. Non-sense, my love for Correa keeps growing. Be the bad guys! I just bought my Monday/Tuesday night ticket plan for the season, plus the series against the Yankees. Much excite. And he also said what I’ve always assumed and then was backed up by analysis of the video, Jose Altuve didn’t like that trash can banging and told them to not do it during his ABs. Guy doesn’t need any help being amazing
  17. This was a fun read, but the absolute least surprising thing in the article is that TB had very few friends growing up. He strikes me as the “abrasive to everybody to protect himself from the harm of relational vulnerability” type
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