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  1. I rarely post things on Twitter, but the amount of nasty responses I get when saying anything positive about other Dem candidates by Sanders supporters isn’t an imagined experience. It is a problem, but I don’t think Sanders is responsible for it.
  2. I think Warren has a better shot of getting things done via the current controls of the executive in regards to regulatory authority, but Sanders certainly will get up their a bang out his message in a way that does seem to resonate with a lot of people.
  3. I’m down for Sanders despite thinking his policies are largely terrible because I want people to see how little a president can get done without a congress that will work towards their agenda.
  4. Games haven’t even caught up to Toy Story 3 in terms of visuals, they are leaps and bounds behind Toy Story 4. Plenty of room for gaming to improve in visual fidelity!
  5. I like our insurance, but I picked it myself to make sure my employees aren’t boned by such things. I’m often left wondering what people are paying for when I hear the details of their plans.
  6. I assume all people with vanity plates are hiding bodies under their homes.
  7. https://theathletic.com/1614464/2020/02/17/drellich-even-without-granting-immunity-mlb-would-have-had-trouble-punishing-astros-players/ Manfred had no real options to punish the players because of the MLBPA
  8. America would be a better place if everybody in the criminal justice system were treated like rich white dudes.
  9. It’s kinda expensive, but I’ve been really happy with my Eero system. Easy to get good coverage even in my yard.
  10. Price setting is the only thing that brings health care costs down. This should be abundantly clear by now.
  11. 48% is a good second weekend hold for a comic book film, actually. 55-60% is more typical.
  12. Immigration is good for his business buddies, that’s why he’ll reverse course on a lot of that stuff.
  13. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-most-important-bangs-of-the-astros-scheme/ Here is a good article for @rc0101 to look over and see the net effects of the banging scheme. The more data that is collected the worse the benefit looks. This also tracks well with the MLB report saying the Astros players said they ditched all the illicit sign stealing in the middle of the 2018 season because it was found to be ineffective. The Red Sox ditched their sign stealing scheme in the 2018 playoffs and still crushed Houston and LA because there really is little indication sign stealing is a particularly productive strategy. Which brings us back to what @Dodgerjust said about the efficacy not being the issue.
  14. You say they benefitted from it, so the onus is on you to provide substantiation of the claim. And lots of people do things that they think will help their success rate, dumb things like wearing the same socks every day. Their belief in it working doesn’t make it work. So again, let’s look at stats and see what story they tell because if the cheating certainly helps we should see clear evidence of this. Josh Reddick today said he didn’t participate in the trash can scheme specifically because it wasn’t something that he believed would be effective, potentially even detrimental. I’m glad you went right for the strikeout rate! The Astros got rid of their 5 top strike out guys and specifically crafted a team to strike out less, including how they went about off season and spring training changes. You can read articles prior to the season predicting this decline. The decline also persists in 2018 AND 2019 precisely because they made a point of moving away from high strike out players and worked to improve the k rate of their other starters. The best data analysis so far shows small gains in OPS when the scheme called things correctly, but huge losses in OPS when it got things wrong, and largely a wash over the course of the season because of that.
  15. What stats do you see to back up the claim? Looking at the various players, there is no distinct increase in production by any of the players. Most have other seasons with nearly universally better stats. Even outside of my own research, every article that attempts to take a holistic view of the effects of the scheme have the end conclusion of “we just don’t know”, because it’s not like recording an incorrect score card in golf where we can literally count the actual strokes and see you shaved a stroke. That is actually a reason to be even more forceful about punishing this kind of cheating because it’s effects are nebulous and cast a long shadow of doubt across every game in which it was done.
  16. It is really tricky, because everybody else’s contracts are affected by what top tier talents get. Springer is easily a top 50 MLB player in 2020, he’s a guy that was about to get paid big money. Him getting less because of the cheating scandal sets the value for similar producing talents lower, which the MLBPA has to actively fight against. It potentially also rewards the Astros with a lower payroll for the same players it would have otherwise resigned at a higher clip, further negating the already weak punishment of the club itself.
  17. The letter scene is directly connected with Hop’s actions. There is a reason it is read to the audience when it is. Those actions and the meaning of the letter scene are negated by him being alive. Pretty straight forward, tbh.
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