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  1. I don’t think Phil Lord is praising Batista, he’s rightly saying that crediting Castro for positive things in Cuba makes little sense given that Cuba was already good on those fronts prior to Castro. Praising Cuba under Castro for those things only serves to downplay the evils of the Castro regime. But Phil is the DOJ of Cuban refugees, he has a different POV than most of us.
  2. It’s one more example of MS trying to move the Xbox platform into being just a simplified PC and doing away with the traditional concept of gaming generations.
  3. He hilariously side stepped racial diversity in his speech about the broadness of the coalition they are building
  4. Manipulating is probably the wrong word, but my personal experience seems to suggest immigrant voters are more influenced by their politically motivated native children than native voters are by their snot nosed know it all children. I would not be surprised if that is common in the Hispanic community beyond my relatives for which it is true.
  5. The story here is Sanders smart play on hispanics. He is cleaning up with Hispanics three contests in, and that voting demo is much larger than the Black demo that Biden has been favored by. And you’ve got California and Texas looming with massive Hispanic populations. Super Tuesday could be an absolute bloodbath...
  6. You are misunderstanding my point. The lesser candidates need money in their campaigns to keep operations going, not to specifically attack Sanders. See this quote from the article for reference to what I was talking about: The question is will the big donors continue to prop up these campaigns to hold Sanders off from getting to 50%+1. That doesn’t require attacking Sanders directly, which they don’t want to do.
  7. Sanders will almost certainly hit the convention with the delegate lead, but it remains to be seen if big donors want to prop up other candidates in an effort to block him from a first ballot victory.
  8. Is there much data on the effectiveness of union guidance on voting by members? I don’t get a sense from the people I know that they care one bit about what the union pushes as far as candidates, though they are more likely to respond well to guidance on ballot initiatives.
  9. The reason for this is simple, Sanders is a good matchup for Trump in the general and they like Trump in office.
  10. I don’t think Trump spent a lot of time defending his past while campaigning, he has embraced his scumminess his entire public life. Sanders positions himself as being pure, always right, so things that don’t track with that can stick more than repeatedly pointing out that a self admitted bad guy is a bad guy.
  11. Your question was why not move it over to Peacock to get be to use that service, and the answer is Peacock is a rival service to the one that Warner is launching and they own Friends.
  12. Exposure is pretty much the only way to be successful in an industry like gaming, and there aren’t many routes to it. Looking for primo retail shelf placement shouldn’t be your only marketing strategy, but it is a key one. This phenomenon is consistent within digital entertainment. Lots of stories of things like the Apple App Store, podcasts, etc. where relatively unknown companies had their product end up spotlighted and it completely changed the trajectory of the product and often the company behind it. But knowing how difficult that is, you’ve got to pull all the levers and hope for the best.
  13. I would suggest that retail shelf space is valuable, even when that shelf space is digital.If you have the fortune to get prominent placement in that digital retail store, the effects can be substantial. This value goes beyond whatever specific costs are associated with getting the game into the hands of consumers.
  14. https://www.click2houston.com/sports/2020/02/20/social-media-erupts-with-cancelhouston-tweets-after-comedian-slams-astros-mlb/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=snd&utm_content=kprc2 Daniel Tosh’s punishments for the Astros sound good to me. Make him the commish!
  15. The story takes place during Bruce’s second year as Batman, so a decent chance we see a suit upgrade at some point.
  16. Indeed it does. The camera position is tracked in the 3D space, so as the camera moves the background re-renders in real-time to accommodate the perspective change. It is really a massive leap forward for stage work.
  17. Couldn’t make it through the second season. Very disappointed after how much I loved season 1. I’ll keep my eye on the reaction to season 3 and see if I should bother finishing season 2.
  18. Hard to watch the debate and understand a Democrat voting for anybody but Warren. She is head and shoulders above the field.
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