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  1. Our big theater owner convention, Cinemacon, is in Vegas at the end of March. They just sent out a “please don’t cancel on us!” email. All the Chinese companies have pulled out due to travel restrictions, but they make up a small percentage of the attendees both as theatrical exhibitors and vendors. What would really start the ball rolling towards cancellation is if Regal or Cinemark pulled out as they both send there entire senior manager staff from each location and the idea of exposing all of them simultaneously to something like this and taking it back to their various sites could be enough for one or both to cancel. I expect a lot of international conferences and conventions are going to end up cancelled as Covid fears grow.
  2. There is no legal requirement in the US to pay a company to use their product even when a logo is present.
  3. Maybe, I’m also the kind of person who doesn’t want any interaction with waitstaff beyond what is necessary to get my food and drink...but data shows people on the whole really enjoy having personal interaction with waitstaff so I unfortunately get bothered all meal long
  4. Watch the Washington Post video linked above if you think that’s all he was arguing.
  5. It isn’t so much they aren’t allowed to, it’s that the bar a public person must get over to prove their case is really high.
  6. I’ve been pretty disappointed with the lack of imagination by the fans trolling the Astros at spring training games so far.
  7. Cheat like Andy Pettitte back in his Yankees days and hit that HGH hard so you can recover from injury, you know, for the team.
  8. Most HermanMiller office chairs are north of $800 from my recollection, and they get even more expensive from there.
  9. Cohn has an interesting tweet thread on how to approach South Carolina heading into the actual vote.
  10. The more I see things like this and Trump’s own desire to run against Sanders the more I hope it happens and Sanders wins. I love people being hoisted by their own petard.
  11. Begins is the best overall, but good golly, Ledger really is so good as the Joker that he alone makes TDK worth a rewatch from time to time. Best: Begins Highest Highs: TDK
  12. Just a regular reminder that your individual vote doesn’t matter anyway, so don’t feel bad if you “pick the wrong horse” During a primary especially, argue for the candidate who beat represents your policy preferences and let the chips fall where they may.
  13. You just described a bunch of things I legitimately could not care less about. Different strokes, as it were
  14. He stacked 2019 with huge theatrical, theme park, and streaming service launches so he could ride off into the sunset on a record breaking year. Smart of him, and what an unfortunate year to the next guy to take over
  15. Would you accept the argument that Donald Trump improves the economy simply because economic conditions continued the trajectory they had been on the previous 6 years?
  16. Sanders has made too big of a stink about how he’s held the same views forever. He also really hasn’t changed
  17. I personally think it’s fine to acknowledge good things bad people do and bad things good people do. It’s all part of the story, though I can understand why somebody who is the victim or even child of a victim of a oppressive regime has no patience for any positive characterization of their oppressor.
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