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  1. Ok, I'm just beyond done with the childish mockery that persists here. I do no such thing to others, and it is not worth my time to post in a place so overtly hostile to me.
  2. This is what Corman has been saying for months now and has continued to say even this week. The important bit is that the state law defines how they are chosen, which is separate from the actual legal process of appointing them.
  3. Because the federal government can't do anything to enforce them, so it would be completely about @Chris-'s idea that complying would happen voluntarily to a degree that makes a difference. The state governments at least have some tools of enforcement, like punitive actions against businesses who don't enforce the mandates on their customers.
  4. So show me the expected adoption based on a federal mask mandate and the net effects of it. That is how you get to the point of figuring out if the policy does have a meaningful impact. So far you've provided nothing to indicate a federal mask mandate would do anything, and apparently the Biden administration at this point agrees that it wouldn't based on their policy proposals. Or I guess they are fine with people needlessly dying when the issuance of the mandate isn't a particularly difficult bit of policy work.
  5. Read the quoted text carefully, particularly the bit from the senate leader. It does not mean what you are suggesting. But this is the board that was real nervous the courts were gonna be up to no good, while the Trump campaign is now like 0-10 in state and federal court cases regarding the election, so this is probably a waste of key strokes
  6. You don't think it will meaningfully increase usage, but should be done anyway? What is the basis for the idea it will increase usage at all then?
  7. Why do some teams call timeouts when they can't actually come back at the end of a football game? Because they are sore losers, not because they are trying to change the outcome of the game. The GOP isn't doing that though. Random talk radio person, or your aunt on FB isn't the party.
  8. Positivity rates could remain identical if testing increases and actual infections increase proportionally to that. If testing growth outpaces and infection growth stayed flat, you would even see decreases in test positivity. Are you going to suggest that a large scale outbreak is less bad if the positivity rates are low compared to a small scale outbreak with high positivity rates. Because that is the logical end of the argument you are making here. Transmission rates of course are important because you can assess whether community spread is increasing or decreasing.
  9. It's interesting that the original tweet makes no such claim, but you then buy into the conspiracy theory pulled from thin air.
  10. Sorry, had to go dig through my school books which were put away while we moved from the guestroom to the new master bedroom. The best data I have seen was from "Why People Obey the Law", though it's 30ish years old. But the general idea is that normative decision making leads to around 6/10 people following a rule simply because it exists and they would feel bad for breaking the norm. If you want people to comply at higher rates, you need to capture self-interested people too. This is why you have rewards and punishments to induce certain behaviors. If you're asking a
  11. I wanted a Series X to actually play and a PS5 because I’m a big dumb idiot that’s addicted to consumer electronics, and could only get 1 Series X preorder and 3 PS5 preorders. And PS5 demand seems higher. Weird.
  12. If the majors fold, I would expect regional chains to be the interim step towards rebuilding the industry until eventual large scale consolidation. The majors have too many bad leases at this point that need to go away and be replaced with more manageable rates for the next 5-10 years.
  13. I think what we will see is a combination of permanent closures and renovations to decrease screen counts and release square footage back to landlords for other purposes or possibly see the major go the family entertainment center route and putting bowling/pool/laser tag/arcades into previous auditorium space. I’ve long thought 9-12 screens will be the norm for new construction cinemas moving forward. COVID really solidified that for me.
  14. My brother did. His has been in transit since Thursday with a by 8pm Tuesday window
  15. Yankees are first class @ManUtdRedDevils
  16. Sorry, I get that. Positivity rate seemed to matter with regards to controlling spread in the early days, but we are at a level and speed of increase in which it frankly doesn’t matter much if at all. The nominal infections are so out of control, even with those mask mandates in a majority of states, that control of spread is pretty well out the window. Unless we actually lock down again. Physical distance is the only thing that will meaningfully change the game prior to vaccines being widely administered.
  17. Houston’s AMC Studio 30 multiplex permanently closes PREVIEW.HOUSTONCHRONICLE.COM The theater, which opened in 1997, often played movies that weren't showing anywhere else in the market. Here is an interesting piece to the puzzle. They say it’s not related to COVID, just that the landlord isn’t renewing their lease, but that is still a COVID issue. Landlords are going to want their anchor tenants to be in strong financial positions as the anchors are hugely important to cap rates. So what happens when a business is in a very questionable finan
  18. It’s not less than half. The highest 3 day average in the state was about 12k/day and we around 10k/day right now. and it’s the beginning of what will likely turn into a 20k-30k/day period of bleakness in the state over the next 6 weeks. Still not what I said. Non-enforced rules typically have a best case rate of 60-65% adoption, which is already the approximate rate of mask usage nationally. So the question is how many more people could reasonably be expected to comply beyond that? Save the straw men
  19. Texas has the same mask mandate still and like 10k cases a day now, so, thanks for proving the point
  20. Except that the evidence is becoming more and more clear that it isn’t public places driving infection rates to new highs here and abroad. All the good luck convincing people to mask up in their own homes with no teeth mandates. What has been most effective in getting mask usage up has been educating the public about the effectiveness. That is an area where the Biden administration can have positive effects as they try and shape behavior.
  21. This is only true for a portion of the population, typically in the 60-65% range. So I’m not underestimating it, mask usage in the US is already around that or slightly higher. How much more are you reasonable going to capture with an unenforceable mandate from the White House?
  22. Because people who trust they work will do it anyway, which I already said. The people who don’t think they work aren’t going to wear them if there is no consequence for not wearing them. I wear a mask in Harris County even though I know I don’t have to because I won’t get in trouble because my wearing a mask has nothing to do with the mandate.
  23. That isn’t the argument. The argument is that there isn’t any effective way to enforce the law, so there is no point. The lack of enforcement is why people are starting to not follow it.
  24. They can’t fine police departments for not enforcing federal mask mandates 😂
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