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  1. The only reason to “justify” your moral position is to cajole other people to your side. This isn’t possible. It literally wouldn’t matter if we lived in a perfect society in which every need is met for all people.
  2. The nonsense is that the improvement in the material well being of children would change any of your calculus on the morality of choice or anti-choice sentiment. It’s hogwash off the highest order, and you know it You also don’t believe in morality!
  3. Which is fine, I don’t know why so few are willing to articulate that which they quite obviously believe. I think @CitizenVectronis one of the few who will, which I certainly respect. And we know @Commissar SFLUFANis not simply pro-choice but actively pro-abortion (whoops, I just saw his post when I updated in the middle of typing this)
  4. You are correct that it is illegal currently, it is also true that the left in America would like to remove all and nearly all pre-birth abortion restrictions. Some where around 40% of liberals say absolutely no restrictions. And I would be utterly shocked if you (and almost everybody on this board) don’t fall into the 40%. So why not own that position? Why run away from these questions instead of standing firm on your convictions that women deserve the right to make whatever choice they want with their body?
  5. Kermit Gosnell - Wikipedia EN.M.WIKIPEDIA.ORG It actually gets worse than that, but these of course are the absolute most extremes.
  6. Dodger is correct that the discussion almost always devolves to edge cases, which is a diversion. For example, were an anti-abortion activist to grant that rape/incest/ectopic pregnancies/etc. are protected reasons for abortion, the pro-abortion activist is not going to go along with limits on the vast majority of other abortions because the edge cases are not why they support the right to an abortion.
  7. Read the tax filing. It’s all the typical ways money gets funneled to friends and family by paying them for work they don’t actually do, or giving contracts to family members at above market rates. The easiest way to see the griftiness is to see that a bunch of these firms BLM org paid were new LLCs owned by family or close friends of one of the board members. This is the main way people extract money out of organizations, creating for profit entities that charge the non-prof consulting/service fees. The only reason this is coming to light now is that the new board has tried to shine a light on things.
  8. Boston Red Sox starter Nathan Eovaldi the third pitcher ever to allow five homers in one inning WWW.ESPN.COM Boston starter Nathan Eovaldi became the third pitcher in major league history to allow five home runs in one inning Tuesday night, when the Astros tagged the Red Sox veteran in the second inning at... Feel bad for Nate. I really can’t believe Cora left him out there so long.
  9. Gonna look good in a Dodgers uni
  10. I think Musk is probably right that Twitter is lying about the bot numbers
  11. There are plenty of state and local things to vote on too, so don’t throw your hands up over the federal stuff. Gain knowledge on your city/county races, especially in primaries because so many races aren’t competitive by the time you get to the general but are very competitive in the primary. And talk to people in your sphere of influence locally! Make sure they know when elections are. Encourage them to go out and vote for those local races and ballot measures, not just the big federal races.
  12. I think I read somewhere that these sales are typically just because GTA online players get some sort of bonus points that is higher for buying the game than paying directly for the points via the game’s store. It is the only thing that makes sense of it to me.
  13. So there is some talk that the NFL may not hand down a Watson suspension until 2023 now. Which is hilarious because the cost of the suspension literally goes up 5x by happening next season instead of this season because his salary goes waaaaay up in 2023 😂
  14. Some good stuff on Ichiro @thewhyteboar
  15. To me it is mostly a good reminder to look for local opportunities where you can do more direct vetting. Also never give to a non-prof that doesn’t have current tax disclosures publicly available.
  16. After raising $90 million in 2020, Black Lives Matter group now has $42 million in assets. - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM The organization offered the first official accounting of its finances recently, disclosing a filing to the I.R.S.
  17. Watching Messi torch the US live in…2016? One of the coolest sporting experiences I’ve ever had even though my team got dominated.
  18. What was the outcome of that? What has been the outcome of money in politics? What happened on the 6th was anti-Democratic thuggery, and yet it does not compare at all to the issue of money in politics which has eroded democracy in every election and is only getting worse with time. Tax all religious orgs, but don’t be surprised when they become significantly more politically active with their finances and it creates more outcomes you don’t like. There are billions of dollars sidelined simply because of the IRS edict. There are also significant public monies that are not accessed by religious institutions simply because they don’t want to mix themselves up with the government. Remove the tax exemptions and that will also change overnight. And given the SCOTUS rulings of late about public financing of things like religious schools, be prepared for substantial outflows of dollars into those places as they try and get back some of those tax dollars. Get ready for religious schools all over to push really hard for school voucher programs as they try and get property tax money back into their coffers, and see public schools struggle even more in the wake of it. There are so many issues both large and small that would be affected by this and on balance, I don’t think my liberal friends will like what happens.
  19. This just saying things. Religious orgs would start directly funding candidates, and it wouldn’t just be a few of them. Whether the trade off is a good one or not is certainly up for debate, but a significant amount of money would be injected into the political system immediately if tax exemption goes away. Just look at what for profit businesses do currently for a taste of what would come.
  20. I think I had 3 Onkyo units over the years and had good experience with them.
  21. If you think religion in politics is bad now, remove the IRS edict and see it go to 11.
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