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  1. There are definitely “Sang-Woo was right” creeps out there
  2. Have you delivered any surprising orders, like 56 double cheeseburgers from McDonalds?
  3. Yuli Gurriel is soooooooo good. A shame he didn’t get to play ball in the US until his early 30s. Guy would have won an MVP. And not enough can be said of what Framber Valdez did tonight, in that building, against that team. Incredible performance.
  4. Raffy did not look happy to take that cart ride 😂
  5. While I’m not a Dusty Baker fan regarding his managerial abilities, he’s a great dude. Really hope these Astros win him a World Series
  6. This is very nice to see. Framber Valdez is a staff ace level pitcher when he has it going. His ground ball rate is out of this world, and with that infield behind him…this is what he can do. Series ain’t over, Astros have to figure out what was wrong with Luis Garcia as he probably was tipping too. Red Sox line up can turn it right back around. Very excited to be in the building for game 6
  7. One of the absolute easiest fixes in sports
  8. Yordan is so strong. Oppo bomb in a lefty/lefty matchup
  9. Interesting to see that 75% of the time the fateful pitch is called a ball
  10. Listening to the Astros color guy and former MLB player, Steve Sparks, and he said Framber was tipping his curve ball (his best pitch) in game 1. Gotta get that sorted out or it will be another short night against these Red Sox bats
  11. Southwest Airlines will keep workers on the jobs who apply for vaccination exemptions WWW.NPR.ORG The airline says the employees won't be put on leave if their exemption on religious or health grounds hasn't been processed by the Dec. 8 deadline. Seems likely the Chud-out was the cause of the mass cancellations
  12. Rockets are in year one of their rebuild. Expecting a lot of losses, and a lot of hope for the future.
  13. I feel similar that my highs and lows are a relatively tight range, so I don’t tend to fall into the existential dread camp
  14. I wonder how many people got a financial windfall from the accelerated deaths of their parents/grandparents due to Covid? Could be some rather massive wealth transfers to would be workers that allows more freedom to turn down dead end jobs.
  15. No, it absolutely wasn’t. There are probably 10 guys in baseball who could hit that pitch out. Look at Jackson’s 2 strike heat map on his FB. One of his best locations for that pitch
  16. Jackson gave up a home run so high out of the zone that we haven’t seen one like that in 12 years. Sometimes former MVPs just beat you.
  17. Talk about a bad beat @ManUtdRedDevils
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