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  1. Correct, it doesn’t replicate the experience while your home theater set up is directly trying to replicate the experience of a cinema. Nobody is going to a drive in for the A/V presentation. We do FM radio transmission. We also now do mobile food ordering and delivery, in addition to our traditional counter ordering.
  2. Oh, and we had to shut down due to the shelter at home order for Harris County. Working with the county and state on guidelines to allow us to reopen though. Would be printing money.
  3. Jim Crane planned this all out. Hinch and Luhnow will be rehired for the 2021 season. Diabolical.
  4. People want to go out. A good movie is just the excuse. The theaters have been making the mistake of ramping up prices too high. Cinema has been a dominant form of entertainment for so long because it was a cheap night out. When taking your family of four to the movies costs $80 by the end of the night, that $20 premium VOD does start to look rather appealing. i do think the fact that the major studios are punting their big product to theatrical release dates next year should make it clear to everybody that the movie studios still value theatrical exhibition. But my eggs are going more and more into the drive in basket. It’s all about the experience, and even the nicest home theater doesn’t replicate it
  5. And it’s likely that a couple million have unsuccessfully attempted to file, but due to websites/call centers being overwhelmed have not yet. Holy moly
  6. I read an article on NPR thy suggested using CPAP machines was a cause of virus spread because unlike actual ventilators which are closed systems with filtration, CPAP just constantly pushes air beyond the capacity of the individual to inhale so you end up turning the virus into an aerosol...
  7. Because we equate material possessions with the value of a person. Somebody who has no home has essentially no possessions and thus no value. And it’s all probably their fault. We are a sick culture.
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/gov-abbott-overrides-san-antonio-bexar-county-rules-on-religious-gatherings-amid-coronavirus-crisis/ar-BB11Zelj?ocid=sf Governor Abbott’s newest order allows for drive up church services. I’ve already got two churches signed up at $2500 a pop for Easter service at the drive in. Also working on deals to hold graduation ceremonies for a bunch of the school districts around here. This stuff could end up more profitable than playing movies
  9. I’ve been telling people since Cali first announced their shelter at home order that I anticipate we go through cycles of tightening and loosening restrictions for at least a year. I stand by that, but I don’t think we’ve quite reached the peak of tightening in places that do have current shelter at home orders. I can foresee them further limiting the ability to be out of your home.
  10. It’s a fossil fuel state and the “blue cities” are only blue if you think of Houston, Dallas, and Austin as only the people who live in the city limits as opposed to the whole of their metro areas. They lean blue in the center, surrounded by bands of red suburbs.
  11. I know what the chart is. They are claiming close to no new cases.
  12. It’s a cumulative numbers chart. So an almost flat line is close to no new cases.
  13. Yes. There is nothing about China’s behavior in the last month that suggests the numbers more or less just stopped, while mounting evidence that the death totals are significantly higher.
  14. That China line is LOL. They aren’t even trying to make their tomfoolery unclear...
  15. This assumes people actually care about things like facts or data over their preconceived notions about life.
  16. Harris County just extended the shelter at home order though the end of April. They had the CEOs of the major hospitals in Houston at the press conference and said the peak will hit around May 1 in the Houston area if we continue to buckle down.
  17. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/morbius-ghostbusters-afterlife-uncharted-pushed-back-2021-sony-1203549616/ If it wasn’t already clear, there will not be a 2020 summer at the theaters. Now the question is whether we have a meaningful amount of fall product. I’m honestly growing skeptical we have virtually any major film releases in the rest of 2020. Here is my thinking there: the studios are going to be worried after 4 months off and a lot of deaths that folks won’t be eager to return to cinemas, so they will be wary of dropping their major film product after this first wave of Covid peters out in June/July. Warner is hopeful right now with that WW84 date. But what if audiences don’t come back right away? The next issue will be the 100% chance that we have a flare up of Covid in the late fall/winter. Are the studios going to want to ramp up the release schedule only to potentially be dealing with cinema closures in major markets again, and during key months of November and December? Who knows, but I’m basically in prepare for the absolute worst mode right now. What a wild month it’s been!
  18. Lady and Gentlemen, this thing is over. Is this the new thing we will re-litigate over and over for years?
  19. If all these randos saying “I’m pretty sure I had it back in January” actually had it back in January, our number of deceased would be waaaaaay worse than they are and hospitals everywhere would already be completely overrun. The math just doesn’t check out on these claims.
  20. Antibody testing will be a crucial next step everywhere
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