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  1. Just watch out for banks jamming you up with closing costs on refis. I’ve seen some people refi to a lower rate but end up in a worse position because the closing costs ate up the rate savings over the rest of the time they lived in the house.
  2. I actually have never had a mortgage. I actually thought about taking one out on my house as lack of a mortgage history is actually hurting my credit score at this point 🙄
  3. Snyder taking up the mantle of releasing the Snyder cut took it away from his supporters and made it something that female and POC members of his cast and crew had no issue supporting. This doesn’t even address that there still has been no evidence presented of the “Release the Snyder cut” movement being rooted in alt-right/Nazism, which Komusha contends is the particular type of toxic fan that Snyder’s worldview attracts and ultimately gives voice to.
  4. I’ve read the Vanity Fair article, it got posted in another group I am a part of. As always, read the details. Notice how little is spent describing the size of this group of toxic fans. This is exactly what I mean when I say we just see things repeated over and over until they are accepted as reality. Like, in my sphere the only people who I know that seem to be fans of Synder are @Greatoneshere, and a white guy who is a hardcore BLMer. I wouldn’t though make the argument that Snyder fans are all left wing, and yet that is exactly the logic applied to Snyder’s right wing
  5. I’m sorry that I make you feel that way. I welcome your presence, your perspective, and your opinions. At the same time I think it is unfair for you to express an opinion that others are wrong and then in the next breath complain that those people are expressing an opinion that you are wrong. Nobody is attempting to stop you from expressing your views, we are interacting with those views.
  6. A few things come to mind reading this. Snyder’s output has generated 3 billion in box office, so I think it’s safe to say he isn’t just bringing in the Nazi contingent. I mean, one of the more liberal members of this board, @Greatoneshere, is apparently the most pro-Snyder person here. One of the things that I’ve recognized in owning a movie theater and having LOTS of conversations with customers is that most people do not put much thought into what they like about movies. It’s largely about the reptile brain reaction to stimuli. And that’s fine, there is nothing inher
  7. I don’t think anybody is responsible for the views of people who like their work or buy their products. You are responsible for yours and yours alone.
  8. I think the end of all this is day and date for small titles, 17 day windows for mid size titles, and somewhere in the 31-45 day window for big titles. The studios have zero incentive to give up theatrical revenue, but they DO have incentive to use theatrical marketing and the theatrical runs themselves in conjunction with home releases to get the best bang for their buck. Having to do two completely separate ad campaigns for theatrical and then home video is just not going to fly.
  9. Hogwash. You both harbor some...harsh...beliefs, and yet function in society like normal people because actions and beliefs are decidedly not the same thing.
  10. I am asking you this sincerely: why does your co-workers beliefs matter to you? I really don’t care what people believe, I care what they do.
  11. I’m not sure where the “except” comes in. This is exactly the point. The existence of these requirements is a PR thing, so, yeah it is a PR thing.
  12. By definition the things you do outside of work don't create a toxic work environment. Maybe Carano was an insufferable git in the office too, though up to this point I don't think anybody has ever accused her of such. It really is simple, she got canned because she created a headache for Disney they didn't want to deal with. There are tons of actors and directors who actually create toxic work environments that they will happily employ so long as the toxicity doesn't hurt the company or brand. Carano was hurting the brand, so she gotta go.
  13. J.J. Redick ejected because ref didn’t like how he rolled ball to him FTW.USATODAY.COM Really.
  14. Congressional offices actually do lots of things for constituents, even if the actual elected official isn't personally doing so. Some of it is small scale, like writing letters of recommendation, some larger scale like finding jobs or rent assistance. I think many would be surprised what their congress person and senators will do if you just ask.
  15. Cornyn was at least using his website and social media to direct people to needed resources. I mean, baseball players like Alex Bregman were organizing water bottle delivers around the Houston area. Flyin' Ted was busy trying to get them sweet business class upgrades.
  16. I'm seeing this line from normies a lot now, dudes who I know were literally saving lives and property. And they think a senator can do nothing. I don't even think they are being disingenuous, they really believe it it.
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