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  1. She also has literally zero to prove on the field of competition. Nobody is in her league, she’s accomplished everything you could hope for in an athletic career. Time to move on to whatever the rest of her life will be. I kinda hope she finds a place as a leader in USA Gymnastics as they continue to pivot away from the abusive culture of the Karolyi regime.
  2. The DVD sales thing is a great comparison, @TwinIon Things change often surprisingly and rapidly, so not surprising that streaming royalties are lagging behind the revenue generated from it right now. You can be sure contracts will account for shorter and non-windowed releases moving forward.
  3. NFLPA president JC Tretter rips teams' wristband use for unvaccinated players WWW.ESPN.COM Browns center JC Tretter, who is the NFLPA president, blasted some teams' policy of having unvaccinated players wear wristbands, calling them a "scarlet marking." The player’s unions are doing a disservice to their members by allowing the minority of players refusing vaccines to gum up the works when the leagues have wanted to require 100% vaccination. Put a bright colored wrist band on all those guys refusing the vaccine.
  4. At least football players have the excuse of repeated traumatic brain injury
  5. Debating which one is bigger is…not the point. It’s undeniable that 9/11 was one of the most notable events of the last 20 years in America, and there are millions of American children who likely wouldn’t even know what you’re talking about if you asked them what 9/11 is. The fact of the matter is that even things that were a big deal at the time they happened don’t necessarily continue to be a part of the zeitgeist in perpetuity. Not at all weird that a bunch of kids wouldn’t really know anything about the events of the films nearly 40 years later.
  6. Click is doing the Lord’s work
  7. On the note of “people would know!!!1!!1!!” Go ask a bunch of random junior high kids what they know about 9/11
  8. Yeah, seems short sighted for a team that honestly has over-performed the talent level this season. Really don’t think anybody but Astros/White Sox/Red Sox have what it takes to make it to the World Series, even with some more trades.
  9. Yeah, complete radio silence from EVERYBODY who would be in a position to know of an improvement is…concerning.
  10. Ng is really sharp. She’s going to lead the Marlins to a World Series win in this decade.
  11. Regardless of whether you like the move, could not have been handled worse
  12. There really is nothing about this move that makes sense. Toro doesn’t make that team better, dropping Graveman makes them worse. It’s not a situation where they are trading a short term rental for guys who are likely to be very good for years to come, and they certainly aren’t improving for the stretch run. Sooooooo weird.
  13. @thewhyteboardid the Ms forget having a lockdown guy at the back end of the game is pretty important to winning in the playoffs?
  14. Bummer. While my wife has a difficult history with her mother due to some really awful sexual abuse by a family friend that her mom ignored for a long time, she loves her and has been incredibly gracious with her despite my MIL still falling into a lot of the same situations that led directly to my wife and some of her siblings being harmed as children. Obviously now the risk to her is gone, but it does bring back bad memories often and is one of the reasons we don't really trust her mom to keep our kids other than when she is at our house.
  15. It costs you literally nothing to play along with the cultural norms they have in this regard. I think that is one of the reasons I have a very good relationship with my inlaws, I don't buck up against stuff they do that is more or less harmless to me/my wife/my kids. I only push back when it is stuff that I do think encroaches in a negative way, for example, they are all "go give hugs and kisses to so and so" people and I'm very quick to shut that down. If my kids feel comfortable with a family member, they can choose to show physical affection, but get out of here with giving kisses to rando
  16. Naturally. Hale and similar present a threat to the system. The people running the program are the system.
  17. Because you’re pretending like me calling it guidance is some ruse. It’s explicitly what they call it. The media being bad at their job isn’t something I’m going to disagree on. The CDC being bad at messaging is something I’ve been pointing out for over a year. That doesn’t change what the CDC’s actual role is, which is advisory. They don’t and can’t do what you would apparently like them to do.
  18. Yeah, he got a little too locked in on throwing the pitches that were effective the first time through the order. He’s still young, but I feel like Maldonado needs to take control there and make Luis be more dynamic with his sequencing.
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