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  1. Again, I think there is some errant thinking going on because the presumption is that a candidate will hit 50%+1 before the convention and that’s actually not particularly likely.
  2. It’s important to remember that the Dems don’t do winner take all. You can lose and still pick up a decent chunk of delegates. BUT, the momentum narrative will be strong in the media depending on who does what and where which can certainly shift the winds of popular support and fundraising.
  3. Ehhh, I’ll just say there is a reason the black folks in the room were...not convinced of Sanders answer
  4. Sanders with the “economic anxiety” take
  5. Yes, in regards to the 1X. Whatever they came up with was limited by their contractural obligations. Part of the reason that console manufacturers can get prices relatively low is that they agree to buy a significant quantities of the chips they do, which allows the chip makers to plan out their manufacturing for years into the future. A change in the orders wouldn’t be cheap for MS, so they have to decide what need most. Obviously the CPU wasn’t as important.
  6. I’m saying contractural obligations limit the ability to choose what hardware you want.
  7. None of this has anything to do with Crispy’s wrong takes about MS trying to move the Xbox brand to a simplified PC model, which many have pointed out they were attempting to do and he has been insistent they aren’t. But each new round of news makes it more clear that MS is indeed looking to do just that. Whether they can be successful with such a strategy is a different question.
  8. It’s a burner account. But the guy who runs it does have actual sources in MLB and has regularly broken stories. He is also a troll, so who knows what all is true. Trevor Bauer commented on that and mentioned that MLB has some medical exceptions to the PED list, saying he didn’t know Trout’s situation in particular, just that the league does have some system in place to allow for stuff like HGH for legitimate medical need.
  9. 1. Console updates aren’t as frequent, at least not on the Xbox. Don’t recall the PS4 update frequency. I have multiple windows and driver updates each month. 2. Console updates are holistic in nature, so the likelihood of something getting broken in the process is far lower. But let’s pretend the obviously true thing isn’t true. I do recall PS4 updates taking an unreasonably long amount of time.
  10. A few people had concussion symptoms in the days after, so they were taken to facilities capable of properly evaluating/treating. Saved y’all a click.
  11. The same account that tweeted about Beltran getting fired (and hired) before it happened, and claimed Altuve and Bergman were wearing buzzers to get signs also accused the Yankees of video cheating Whatever ends up coming out, this has been one of the more entertaining weeks in baseball off season history!
  12. They literally were going to do nothing until Fiers went on the record with the Athletic. They knew ALL of this for years.
  13. There is nothing besides treason that should void your right to vote. I even think the presently incarcerated should be able to vote.
  14. With consoles I don’t ever have to monkey with settings, deal with a driver update creating a conflict with something else, or have some random windows update break everything and have to roll back to a previous state. Modern OSes are better, but still not as simple as what consoles offer in that regard.
  15. My buddies all game on Xbox, and I almost exclusively play multiplayer games with my friends...so I don’t care. I’ve got a good PC for gaming if there is a solid single player game that I want the best version of.
  16. I know. This is all humorous to me. Josh Reddick’s wife going HAM on Twitter over the accusation that Reddick was wearing a buzzer that signaled what pitch type was coming. Should instead just point out that Josh Reddick has been hardcore trash for three straight post seasons!
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