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  1. That was a bad slider to say the least...
  2. Yeah, got me a little teary-eyed seeing him walk off in pain. What a career though.
  3. 3-1 in the 4th doesn’t feel like much of a lead at all against this kind of offense...
  4. Is it weird that I have no interest in playing but still come check the thread each week?
  5. I really don’t think we will ever live this down.
  6. That looks like the sort of thing I would buy and then play a couple of times and set on the shelf forever. Where do I pay?
  7. So the “I have black friends” defense works for people who say anti-Semitic things, apparently
  8. Well, I think Hinch made a bad call regardless of how it plays out. He just announced that Verlander will start game 5. The doomsday scenario now is that the Yankees win games 4 and 5 and force the Astros to throw Cole in game 6, and then go Urquidy/Bullpen in game 7. If they win game 4, I can at least see the thought about trying to close out the series in game 5 with JV, and thinking Urquidy will be more likely to get a win at home than in Yankee stadium. But right now you have a guarantee of a game 6 start by Verlander on regular rest, and if need a game 7 start by Cole. Why get so cute with it?
  9. From what I’ve read, the husband may not even be a diplomat. Is that right?
  10. Hey man, Kav hasn’t purchased season tickets in a few years now!
  11. Yup, just in reverse for me . I shouted to my wife “Thanks Manfred for unjuicing your balls!”
  12. I admit, I pooped a little when Reddick kept backing up!
  13. A “bad” Gerrit Cole start and the Astros are still up 4-0 in the bottom of the 7th. Feeling pretty good, but the Yanks have a great lineup so it could change quickly!
  14. Of course, black dude does something amazing and people want to caveat it.
  15. Quoting because it really deserves extra love
  16. Cards look like an 80 win team at best.
  17. Beat me to it. What a transparent dude. You don’t create billion dollar personal valuations by doing the right thing.
  18. I get blood boiling mad every time I think about this situation.
  19. Just got to the car. Minute Maid was a mad house when Correa smacked that homer! I’m exhausted.
  20. Man, Mahomes needs to get the ankle sorted out. Texans were without their top two corners for most of the game and he couldn’t take advantage because he just could get around.
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