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  1. I still like to buy discs of games im not sure I’ll like(in case I wanna trade it back in) and still list discs for presents at Christmas cause opening actual things is fun. But yeah it makes sense that a disc-less version of a console is coming. Hell my car didn’t come with a CD player.
  2. I’d go if I wasn’t using up baby sitter hours to see Fabtasic Beasts first
  3. I really wanna see the RDR stuff. Do I need to watch the whole season or can I just dive into these two episodes?
  4. I think it looks fun. Be interesting to see her behind the scenes experiences arriving during the “divas” culture and essentially being the one responsible for kicking off the massive push to get women’s wrestling on the same footing as the men.
  5. Just came in to post this. Amazing they got that piece of crap Poliquin out up there.
  6. Dumbo didn’t talk and there’s ZERO chance the Jim Crows make it into the movie. Trailer looks great!
  7. Damnit I want these iso action RPGs on the Switch. Giv me a great loot game on the go please.
  8. Oh ive got no love for the modern wave of throw back pixel games either. If you’re going do to a side scroller and you want me to play, make it look like Ori or Rayman not Mario 1. Throwback nostalgia holds no weight for me in the video game world like it does in other genres.
  9. Huh, I live in Maine and would have thought we were much lower on cost of living.
  10. Voted. Until I got to all the esports and YouTube categories at the end. Then I just wanted to throw my computer out the window reading those categories.
  11. If RDR wins anything other than technical awards. That game came across like the game version of Oscar Bait.
  12. Not nice enough to hire an actual bartender though
  13. Yeah it’s pretty solid if you can get past her annoying friends. I’m enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would.
  14. So after actually watching the trailer I uhhh kinda wouldn’t mind seeing this. Also Ryan Reynolds has always only been able to play Deadpool. He’s been playing that character since 2 Guys and a Girl.
  15. I literally just watched the first 3 episodes and barely remember the nudity. So whatever it was, it wasn’t a big deal and probbaly just fit into the tone of the scene. As was said. Stop being so American about it. Gratuitous nudity like GoT and Spartacus is one thing, this was most definitely not it.
  16. I would much rather have th ability to fast travel back to my camp and then use the coaches/train to go everywhere else. Fucking annoying always having to ride back to camp.
  17. Checks date. Sees it isn’t April 1st. Is very confused.
  18. God of War is better than RDR2 in literally every concievable way possible. Including “Boy”.
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