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  1. Is that how long you have to be gone to qualify as a new subscriber? I was wondering if the cord cutting experiment doesn't work out how long i would have to have been gone to get their deals again.
  2. Yeah I don’t know that they treat me great but I’ve never really had to call them to fix anything in the years I’ve had them so they seem ok haha
  3. I have them(have no choice) and they’re decent enough. I stream and play a lot of games and never noticed any slow down. I just got an LD B7 OLED so sounds like Apple TV is the way to go. Does anyone know if you can buy different remotes to work with it? I’ve heard their remote is trash.
  4. So I finally convinced my wife to cut the cord. I think we're going to go with YouTube TV with Philo tv to supplement. We already have Netflix and Prime. I wish I could run everything through my LG TV but Philo isn't supported on it yet nor is it on Xbox or PS. I've read a bunch of reviews on all three but they seem pretty inclusive. Figured I'd turn to the fine ladies and gentlemen of D1P for some advice. I think I'm leaning towards Roku Ultra since I'm not very tied into Apple and I've heard mixed reviews on the performance of the Fire TV. What do you guys think? Experiences with them?
  5. I’m still not really sure where they’re going with this. Like, does he convince the symbiote to be good? Is he slowly corrupted by the sympbiotes power and becomes a villain by the end of the movie? Is he just an anti hero? Why are they making him funny? im so confused by this movie but Tom Hardy is keeping me interested by a thread.
  6. I’m personally excited for it. I love shark movies
  7. I can’t see that show working without the Dad. Him being grounded as an Everyman is one of the big reasons the show worked.
  8. I don’t really want to pay for Hulu so I’ll either wait for all of them to come out and binge them in one weekend or wait for them to hit DVD.
  9. Parents got me an NES with the Mario Bros/Duck Hunt/Track and Field cart along with a light gun and pad. Haven’t looked back since.
  10. There’s also a difference between a company that’s content is on late at night and is meant for young adults/adults and to be kinda weird and out of the box. And one of the biggest companies in th world who is literally synonymous with family and children’s programming. The fact that their reactions were different makes sense.
  11. Shark Week sucks and does more hamr than good for Sharks.
  12. If you didn’t like that trailer youre a bad person and your opinions are bad.
  13. All 80’s cartoons were created with selling toys as the first priority. But to laugh them and the people who care about them off is pretty lame. Let’s not pretend like all of those cartoons were terrible, shallow programming with zero merit. There was a good amount of substance to a lot of them and many of them still hold up today.
  14. Meh I don’t like it but mostly cause I just don’t seem to like most modern artic styles. Not that She Ra was realistic looking originally but I like that more real look better. Same with Thundercats. I dont like the super round silly look to them. So I guess that means I’ve reached the “get off my lawn” Stage in my animation tastes.
  15. Blade Runner 2049: 10/10 Now THATS how you do a sequal to a 30 year old movie. Phenomenal. Worst thing about the old boards being gone is when you’re LttP on things you can’t look up the old threads and read people’s thoughts and commentary
  16. As a born and bread New Yorker I can say I've had good pizza in other parts of the country but I have NEVER had a bagel as good as in NY so I'll say Pizza is the most overrated.
  17. This looks entertaining enough. I love the main cast. Vibe kind of reminds me of the latest King Arthur movie. But is there some kind of rule in Hollywood that we can’t get any kind of direct adaptation of English folklore? Can’t we get a straight up telling of the Robin Hood and King Arthur stories? It’s been what 40+ years since we got one for Arthur and 20+ for Robin Hood.
  18. .i enjoyed season 2 a lot but my biggest complaint was splitting up the kids too much. The best part of season 1 was their chemistry and how real it made their friendship feel. I missed a lot of that in season 2. But that tends to be the way with shows/movies I guess. Charm is often sacrificed as the need for a greater threat/more serious tone comes up with any sequels.
  19. Wasn’t that the reason SBC left the project originally? He wanted it to focus more on the darker side of Freddy and include everything up until his death.
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