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  1. well generally speaking I’m talking about games from the Genesis/SNES era. Games like Aladdin, Lion King, Stargate, True Lies, Robocop. Hell even the terrible Jaws and Nightmare on Elm Street games on the NES I loved. That Matrix game is the only “modern” game I can think of off the top of my head that I loved.
  2. I’ve experienced none of this. What aggressive play was rewarded in MW 1/2? Unless you’re referring to those assholes who ran around knifing everyone?
  3. yeah I’m hoping for a simultaneous release. I couldn’t believe how well it was implemented and played with a console controller.
  4. Yeah anyone whose complaining you can’t just sprint around the map can GTFO. There’s plenty of shooters where you just run around till you find someone then jump up and down in circles like an idiot. This brings COD back to the way it used to be. And the complaining about camping is so overblown. Watch the damn kill cam. If the dude goes back into his corner then go find him and kill him.
  5. Yeah for a split second I thought “oh they look too young” then I remembered i was just basing that off TW3 versions and this takes place many years before that I believe. I think they’re supposed to be in their 20’s in this which to me, those actresses look spot on. This show was always going to have an uphill battle with that. Not only are you going against what people already created in their minds for these characters but very iconic versions of them from video games as well. personally I think they look great and I’m excited out of my mind for this.
  6. Well...if anyone had any doubt creep in that Blizzard wasn’t still the undisputed, undefeated God of cut scenes. That settles that.
  7. Def a return to form. I hated the direction the series went with the jump packs and wall running and stupid shit. If I wanted to play Titanfall or URT then I would play them.
  8. No just leave that series alone. I can’t handle being reminded of how such an amazingly built story was just torn down and shit all over. We’re talking the kind of shit that comes from a week of Taco Bell. Fuck everyone involved with Dead Space 2 and 3. I fucking hate all of them.
  9. I enjoyed the contract signing and the Stone Cold Moxley promo. All the matches were eh NXT was great tonight I thought.
  10. Jesus the level of dense this board adapts sometimes when it’s determined to not like something. Launch Trailer just basically means “final trailer” that’s always what it has meant and they have always released at various times leading up to the release of a game. It doesn’t have to release at the same time as the game. Jesus Christ. And now every game has to be innovative? Ok. Because Witcher 3 kicked down so many doors on its way to becoming one of the best games of all time 🙄
  11. I scrolled until I saw RDR2 on the list. Then I checked the list title because I thought I must have clicked the wrong link and was looking at the bottom 100 games of all time. Saw that, no in fact it was a top 100 list. Am now currently working on a way to destroy the internet.
  12. I dug everything but that Doc Ock dude. That seemed cheesy and dumb.
  13. Wait...Lindelofs greatest? Or the greatest show of all time? You can’t possibly mean the latter, right?
  14. The amount of shit you have to download for this is beyond stupid. Someone explain to me why I’m downloading over 100GB including 4 damn “DLC’s” just to play a short campaign MP focused game. Shit is ridiculous.
  15. I don’t believe that for a second. Vince is a lot of things but stupid isn’t one of them. Maybe he was frustrated with how much they dropped but no one expected it not to drop some amount.
  16. If I didn’t question the viability of humanity before...the reaction to TLJ sure got me to😂
  17. That’s every business on planet earth. And saying the MCU saved cinema is about as big of a stretch as you can get haha. It’s not the film industries fault people aren’t interested in seeing certain types of movies in theaters anymore. You really think there was a collective effort to slash their business on everything but high budget extravaganza movies? That makes no sense. The advancement of technology is to blame. People aren’t watching movies on 20 inch SD tvs with crappy sound at home anymore. So many people have mini home theaters as their basic living room set up that why spend $10 to see some comedy on a mega screen when you can wait a little while and watch it at home with an arguably better experience for free? Why do you think theaters across the country are ripping out 50% of their seating capacity and installing giant recliners? It’s less about the novelty of seeing a film and theaters now and more about competing with the home experience.
  18. I liked T3 better than T1 and I’m still pissed I don’t have a direct follow up to T3. Fight me.
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