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  1. This! The people who get annoyed at being demo’d are the likely the same people who complained about getting thrown off a cliff in For Honor. If you’re gonna sit and play goalie, I’m gonna try and blow you up
  2. Just watched it and I thought it was really good. Sure the morale or whatever was pretty obvious but it was executed really well. Still cried like a baby at the end of the movie. Really liked it a lot.
  3. This sounds terrible. Stop doing the animal films and for the love of god give me a live action remake of The Black Cauldron! Actually scratch that. Someone buy the rights from Disney and give me a multiseason show based on all the books and sell it to Netflix.
  4. Some people have a complete misunderstanding of the present and therefore have a misguided view of the future.
  5. Actually from what I’m reading the Fun House Match was predominantly Cenas idea and he was the driving creative force behind it.
  6. Was super into this one back in the day. Optimus Primes speech plus this Linkin Park song was great. (I couldn’t find a clip that combined both the speech and credits 😔) The GOAT ending. Perfect song, and perfect ending to a perfect movie.
  7. Lol Jon Goodman played Linda not Farley.
  8. The Rhea/Charlotte match was poorly booked? 😂😂😂😂😂 ok
  9. I’m not in love with the name. But I don’t hate it either. As long as it’s treated as an important title it’ll be fine. Also please don’t make the center of the belt a big TNT logo in the veign of the WWE and Universal championships. Have it be small and near the top the way the WCW US title was.
  10. Really want to play this but figured I should finish 2016 first. I always forget just how damn good it is until I go back and revisit it.
  11. CM Punk is such a douche. And so are the people who chant for him. Just go away already.
  12. Seriously though...LETS FUCKING GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better than GoT and I’ll fight you over it
  13. LETS FUCKING GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The silver lining to NY is that even though they have the second most cases, they have zero deaths so far(based on an article I read a few hours ago so that could have changed)
  15. Except it is literally impossible to tell at this point. Especially given how extremely mild the mildest form of Corona is. They thought the Flu epidemic in 2009 was severe but after it was over and they could actually calculate the data the mortality rate was less than 1%. Corona seems scary but there is nothing to really back that up other than increased media focus.
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