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  1. Oh so Mandalorian is an actual like culture? Not just a brotherhood of assassins?
  2. Sounds like portraying them as the bad guys was clearly just another opportunity for Disney to perpetuate its century long plan to subliminally create a racist child in every home.
  3. He says all the light touches is our kingdom(or whatever). I don’t think they had authority in the bone yard. This is honestly the most try hard argument I’ve ever heard lol
  4. well given that they turned the pride lands into a shitty place when they got a chance to live there...id say it’s the first one.
  5. wtf are you talking about? They Hyenas are the bad guys. Bad guys live in scary places. Was He-Man making a political statement because Snake Mountain was a shitty place to live?
  6. When we did that “best animated movie of all time” tournament here, didnt Lion King win?
  7. Guys are thinking way to hard about the deeper meanings of the Lion King.
  8. lol you really took all this shit personally didn’t you. Sad.
  9. Ugh that kid is such a piece of shit. I remember when he way mayor the kid just acting like an asshole in the background the whole time with no one saying anything.
  10. I watch every single behind the scenes thing I can on Disneyland/world. Even if it’s repeating known info. The way those parks are put together and operate and utter fascinating.
  11. No never because meeting and talking to women isn’t hard. They’re literally everywhere you look.
  12. Sane thing happened last year with Red Dea...zzzzzzz sorry fell asleep for a second there. Death Stranding def deserves some technical awards but Game of the Year? L O L
  13. Oh man I am LOVING this game. The temple you go through to get your second force power was incredible. This is the first Action Adventure game since, I dunno, the Prince of Persia’s where I actively looked forward to the platforming and platforming puzzles.
  14. I have to disagree with you to an extent. Relying on History books only gets you so far because they're so heavily edited by the politics of the publishing company. Primary sources are the single most important source of learning and understanding history. Of course as someone who these horrible stereotypes were not aimed at I can't begin to understand the effect of seeing something and feeling/knowing it was aimed at me. I do think it's important that things like these cartoons not be erased but there certainly needs to be some kind of safe guard to access the content. A warning is great(the WB one is way better than the Disney one) but maybe not enough, I'd be fine if somethings were locked behind parental locks or something.
  15. Just played this at a friends house and whew what a nice change of pace. I honestly was worried I'd be spending the rest of my year playing Death Stranding 5 minutes at a time(cause that's as far as I can get before falling asleep). Then I got home and cleaned out my garage and realized I actually enjoyed it! So I was gonna light Death Stranding on fire but now I think i'm gonna keep it so I can play it for a few minutes before doing unbelievably monotonous house hold chores in order to make the chores actually seem fun!!!
  16. I think they’re PRIMARILY geared towards 3-12 but they’re audience reaches every age. With the possible exception being 13-17 when kids are in their “too cool” phase. But that’s not really important. I’m honestly a little confused by your other points. The point is that small children wouldn’t realize what they are seeing is inherently wrong. Which is why it’s the parents job to explain it to them or correct the behavior if they emulate it. Sure by the time they reach 10/12 you can begin to have real conversations with them but at that point parents should already have been making an effort/setting the right example. Never really attacked or disrespected you so not sure why you’re jumping to assume I’d be talking out of my ass if I didn’t have a kid or deal with young kids (I have both) plus I have my own personnel experiences as how my parents were able to manage to not raise a racist. And it didn’t involve them pretending racist things didn’t exist.
  17. Wife and I recreated Saturday Morning cartoons for my son this morning. Gummi Bears Tale Spin Duck Tales Rescue Rangers Dark Wing Duck Spider Man was amazing.
  18. Death Stranding has scarred me so much in such a short period of time. I loaded this up thinking I was just gonna run around delivering shipments of pokeballs to other people so they could have the fun. Death Stranding makes me feel like I don’t deserve fun anymore. I thought Death Stranding savagely Murdered my inner child. Luckily Pokemon found it shaking and whimpering in a corner and rescued it.
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