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  1. I beat O+S with no help but good god did it take me a long time. Probably a week or so? Log on, try 10 or so times. Log off and try again the next day. The feeling of finally beating bosses in this game was like a drug. Only boss that took me longer was the wolf with the sword in its mouth.
  2. That’s probably the reason it didn’t bother me. I didn’t read man Superman books except for the Death of Superman arc. I could never get into them. So I really don’t care how anything happened in the books. He doesn’t just flip a switch and become a hero out of nowhere. They show throughout his life that being heroic is in his nature. He saves the bus as a kid. Throughout his adult life he does things to save people that risks exposing himself. It’s when he meets Lois that she kind of pushes him into being an actual hero. That influence isn’t absent from the film it’s just delivered in a different way. The battle he has inside himself over his nature vs what his parents taught him to keep him safe makes him a WAY more interesting character than the kinda bland one he seems to be in the books.
  3. I don’t have an issue with the violence because it seems to fit within the theme of the story they’re trying to tell. It doesn’t seem the violence is taken lightly. Seems to be going to an uncomfortable vibe similar to The Road.
  4. I think the messages that Costner instills is a much more realistic representation of what a lot of parents would do. To selfishly(I guess) fear for and protect their child at any cost. The fact that his real father is the one who instills the morality we more closely associate with Superman makes more sense. He’s fully aware of his sons true power and potential. And he’s already lived to the end of a civilization and he has those experiences and lessons to give to his son. He’s able to see the bigger picture because he’s seen the consequences on the biggest of scales. Man of Steel is awesome.
  5. Ozarks S3: Perfection/10 This is the best show on TV right now and I’ll fight you if you say otherwise.
  6. No amazon and no LGtv? Lol well, there’s $15 HBO coulda had but isn’t gonna get.
  7. That TCM inclusion may push me over the edge on this. But how do you launch with no support for 2 of the 3 biggest streaming platforms in Roku and Amazon?
  8. Just stopped by the remind everyone that Man of Steel is awesome
  9. there’s some because of course you had to have some in a prequel. But that’s not what the entire movie is, it’s not even a majority of it. Rogue One does WAY more connecting to the OT than Solo does. But of course the internet made up its mind before the movie came out so a good chunk of them would rather continue to live with their head up their ass instead of admit that they were wrong. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Finally saw last weeks episode and it was brilliant. The last two have def been the high point of this season so far.
  11. Yes he really really does. I love that movie so much for every single inch of its ridiculousness.
  12. I’m just here to restate that Man of Steel is fucking awesome
  13. I’m 100% on board because of the “when it rains it pours” tagline 😂
  14. Im not sure if you’re being sarcastic but I actually really did love that. It’s a game, we really don’t mundane animations for every little stupid thing. Glad they understand that. Unlike another absolute piece of crap, worst game of all time, stab my self in the head from boredom, game that shall not be named.
  15. I really enjoyed the first episode. Def carries on the vibe of the movie. I really like that you’ve got the same basic conflict of class warefare from the movie but with an added “murder on the orient express” kind of story to add some extra intrigue. Fun little twist at the end. Should be really interesting to see if/how they connect things to the movie which I think happens 8 years after the show? Especially explaining the twist at the end of the first episode. Very much looking forward to next week.
  16. Have they said if you have to choose one path or another? Like in AC you can just run in and kill everyone or try to attack an area with stealth. Its one thing that’s kinda bugged me about AC for awhile. You’re usually so OP in combat that there’s really no reason to play stealthily except you just enjoy playing the game that way. Id love if Ghosts made you choose to be one style or another.
  17. Agreed. I also wasn’t really a fan of anything Naughty Dog did before Uncharted. Hell watch The Last of Us 2 trailer and the whole team keep reminding yourself that this from the Crash Bandicoot developers haha.
  18. I’ll go back when Tenent comes out. Nothing else will pull me back
  19. Exactly! The Twilight Zone has a definite vibe to it. The whole point were the “ohhh I get it” moments at the end. Followed by Sterling literally summarizing the moral for you haha. You can evolve the show a little b it to depart from the heavy handedness of it wouldn’t be progression in the right direction. If you remake such a unique and iconic show then you add your spin to it but you stay true to the form. If people want to watch an evolved version of the Twilight show was then watch Black Mirror. Although that show is pretty heavy handed as well.
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