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  1. I think we’ve seen the pinnacle of what Nintendo has been building towards. At this point I think we just see improvements of the Switch. Getting 1080p in handhold would be the next giant step imo. 

    also for the love of god please get all the old games into the online system the way Wii did. I want to play N64 games on the switch soooo bad haha

  2. Ugh I can’t even think of the series without getting made. 

    I LOVED Dead Space. I even really liked the Wii Spin off and the anime on Netflix. I was 100% all in on the story, the world and the mystery. 

    Then came Dead Space 2. Which was just ok. The setting wasn’t as interesting, the story started to lose some mystery and they changed you from an Engineer fighting to survive with “tools” to Rambo going off with an Arsenal. 

    Then Dead Space 3 was pure and utter garbage. It was like each subsequent game moved further and further from what made the original so interesting and unique. “Hey everyone what’s your favorite thing about the first game?”  “Cool, we’re gonna start doing the opposite”


    Im literally heartbroken about the way that series turned out. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Ghost_MH said:


    My gates are open again with Dodo Code JGMLF


    I have as bunch of DIY recipes up for grabs outside the airport. I'll leave my gates open for the next several hours.

    Thanks man! He almost shit himself when we flew over your island 😂😂


    Hes only been playing a week so we’re still living a pretty rugged life haha. 

  4. On 7/3/2020 at 1:00 PM, Ghost_MH said:


    He's and anyone else is free to visit my island. I might not be around chasing after my kids, but my gates are open with the following Dodo Code: 953V4

    Thanks man, missed out cause we were at Tee Ball but any time you’re willing to open up your island again lemme know. He’s excited to see other places 

  5. 25 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

    Only filmmakers who use cameras that cost AT LEAST $60,000.00 are actual filmmakers despite how well their movies do or are received. Shoot an award winning film on an Iphone or DSLR Camera that costs less than 10 grand? You're just a lazy wannabe filmmaker.  You need that RED 6K yo.

    Clerks wasn’t a real film yo

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  6. 23 minutes ago, Greatoneshere said:


    I totally agree with you and I take your point but to me it's not "I think". The advantages do objectively outweigh the limitations. "Fuss"? "More work"? We're gamers. This is our hobby. That's what I originally meant by "serious gamer" that everyone else seems to have taken defensively because some are apparently insecure towards logic. They're just computers. Learn. If someone isn't willing to put in some work and thinks those kinds of reasons are enough to stop them in this hobby, then yeah, I think that's less enthusiasm. And that's what I'm calling out, lazy hobbyists. :p 



    Well, I'm giving my opinion, and I'm saying that person is a less of an enthusiast because the reasoning is nutty. They can continue to go do whatever they want to do, but I can still say and think what I do about it. Lazy hobbyists are a thing, and I do think that means less enthusiasm or "less serious". Otherwise wouldn't their reasoning make sense? I'd be doing what they're doing if it was better but I'm not because it isn't. 

    People aren’t insecure by logic, they’re just offended by stupid logic. And this is a stupid take so....

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Greatoneshere said:


    I just rewatched it a few months ago to show my wife who'd never seen it. Still good! Though kids may disagree since its old now, but my wife liked it, but she's around my age, so she accepts 90's movies easier more inherently. 

    It’s still my go to movie to show off my surround sound set up. All though there’s not many people that surround sound needs to be showed off to any more lol

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  8. 20 hours ago, ManUtdRedDevils said:

    I guess I am on Seattle Day 1 still, about 6 hours in.  It has been a really chill game so far unlike the first. Most encounters aren’t tense. Maybe due to the amount of materials you get and knowing all of the items and what works best for each encounter. Exploring has been a highlight for me.  If you devote the time to explore, the game rewards you with items and lore. 

    same, I’m about 6 hours in. Just finished exploring the first big area you get to. Def very chill and laid back. Which is in actuality extremely stressful since I keep waiting for whatever moment kicks off the intense brutality lol

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