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  1. 1 hour ago, skillzdadirecta said:

    I'm sure we will, it's not like JJ Abrams or Damon Lindelof are running the show :p


    Or any new GOT shows... or The Witcher for that matter.

    Oh god heaven help The Witcher show if it isn’t the second coming of LotR combined with only the good episodes of GoT. I can already hear the basement nerds cracking their fingers getting their preconceived critiques ready. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, AbsolutSurgen said:

    I'm going to jump on the bandwagon again on this one.  I thought it was a pretty bad episode.  The promise of this series "being movie quality" is just not being met.  The action in this episode wasn't even interesting to me.

    A couple of things bug me with this episode:

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    1) If The Child is so valuable, why does Mando keep leaving him alone?

    2)  Doesn't Mando bring his Disintegration Rifle with him almost everywhere?  No, apparently not on the only mission it would have really be useful

    3)  The wanna-be bounty hunter's decision to try and screw Mando was baffling to me

    4)  Is The Child the powerful force user that basically defeated a mudhorn, or the useless toddler that was captured by a greenhorn bounty hunter





    1) reasonable question. although more because he knows BY is curious and likes to explore. He never stays in one place. 
    2) how would they collect a bounty if he disintegrated the Target?

    3) I feel like that was explained pretty well. Mando was a more valuable target. 
    4) he’s a child so he’s naturally trusting. He acted to save Mando when Mando was threatened. A child wouldn’t know that bounty hunter was a real bad dude. That’s the whole idea behind teaching kids stranger danger and all that. 



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  3. 2 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

    Rey is a politically correct Mary Sue that is single handedly tanking the franchise :angry::angry::angry: And How DO bombs fall in space? Why did Luke become a psycho for a fraction of a second after 30 years??? Kathleen Kennedy NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!!!! 









    Did I do that right?

    You forgot...The characters didn’t change at all from the OT this is bad and lazy writing. Why did they change the character so much from the OT they would never have done that! This is bad and lazy writing!

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  4. 9 hours ago, sexy_shapiro said:

    There isn’t a clear answer. Art isn’t quantifiable. That was my point. That’s exactly what I said in my post. If you think art can be measure and somehow empirically “proven” to be good, then you miss the point in art altogether.


    Basically what you’re saying is that anyone who isn’t making a lot of money from their art isn’t successful. That’s a real insult to local artists. Art is so much more than popularity and money.


    You know what else was successful financially, critically, and popular? Birth of a Nation. The metrics you use to quantify good art are questionable.

    Yo are you fucking kidding me with this shit? I’m getting real tired of your little act man. You’re not even reading what people are saying, just cherry picking what you want to hear then inserting some high and mighty faux bullshit counter point that involves accusing people of being racist or homophobic or like hitler or whatever. Shit is tired my man. 

    Never, in anything ANYONE in this board has said, has someone said that profitability is THE metric for judging the success of art. NO ONE SAID THAT. It was listed as one of the ways something can be judged as successful. Along with critical acclaim and acclaim from the general public. Those are 3 ways that if combined you could say something is generally successful. Of course everyone has their own personnel take on what is and isn’t good art. No one is belittling that point. 

    But this shit where every time someone disagrees with you, you jump out and accuse them of thinking like a racist or nazi or whatever is bullshit and needs to stop. Grow up man. Grow. Up. 

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  5. 8 minutes ago, sexy_shapiro said:

    I see where you coming from. I also hold a lot of minority opinions. I tend to have a low opinion on the average filmgoer, to be honest. Few people actually engage with the text like we do. Most people will just like a movie if it kept their attention for 2 hours.


    Let me reframe the original context. CV simply said that Disney made a mistake by rushing the movies out. The response was that no they didn’t make a mistake, because they were financially successful. Clearly CV wasn’t saying the movies were financial failures. He was criticizing the production schedule, and hell, even Disney agrees because they are changing it up after this movie.


    My big fear with Disney early on was that releasing a movie a year was gonna significantly kill the hype for future movies. While people on here argued against me, even Disney is seeming to wise up and realize that scarcity is what makes Star Wars movies a big deal.

    that was me that said that. And to be fair I said it wasn’t a mistake because it was financially successful AND critically praised AND loved by the general audiences. I feel like when you hit all 3 of those it’s hard to say a mistake was made. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, CitizenVectron said:


    The end of ROTJ was supposed to put an end to Palpatine (Lucas even created an entire new trilogy around the idea of this being the end result of the Prophecy). Luke accomplished this by throwing away his weapon, and his father then sacrificed his life to save his son. The ST has brought back Palpatine, making Vader's sacrifice pointless and unnecessary. This would be similar to if, after destroying the One Ring and leaving Middle Earth, Frodo and co. later find out that Sauron is back and bigger than ever.


    Some may disagree that this is a bad thing, narratively, but I don't see how it can be considered to not make sense.

    I just don’t see Sauron and The Emperor as on the same level. The quest wasn’t the same. The stakes weren’t the same. The Emperor is barely even in the OT let alone the central source of conflict like Sauron is. Also the scenario you described is literally the plot of LotR. Sauron has come back from the dead. Also the Emporer isn’t the main evil in the ST either. I mean maybe they reveal him to be behind it all but outside of the PT he’s never front and center the way Sauron is. They’re not the same kind of antagonist. 

    I’m not saying there’s no chance the Emperors use in the new movie won’t be stupid. Won’t know till it comes out. But I’m not willing to dismiss his mere existence as a terrible story idea without seeing how the story plays out.  

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  7. 2 hours ago, CitizenVectron said:

    I saw a good comparison on GAF about bringing Sheev "The Senate" Palpatine back. Basically, imagine if Tolkien had written LOTR 2, and it was revealed that lol, the One Ring wasn't actually that important, and Sauron still lived, and a new team was required to beat him. It would devalue the original books immensely, especially the sacrifices made. That is actually why Tolkien decided against writing sequels...and why the same should have been done with Star Wars. Or at least mainline saga sequels dealing with the Sith! It would have been so easy to introduce other stuff as a threat to galactic peace.

    Wait what? This analogy doesn’t make any sense at all. 

  8. 3 hours ago, CitizenVectron said:

    So the entire movie is basically leaked at this point. I won't provide any spoilers (unless someone PMs me and wants them). But what has also leaked (well, actually in an interview today lol) is Colin Trevorrow's version of IX.


    Let me be the first to say, having read both the leaks and the Trevorrow plotline...that I wish Trevorrow had been kept on, and just given more time to do re-writes as he requested. I never thought I would say that.


    I think looking back on this trilogy, regardless of what people think of the final products, we will all agree that Disney's greatest error was forcing a two-year release schedule for the movies instead of three, starting right at the beginning by forcing JJ (and Arndt before him) to release a year earlier than they requested. This trilogy would have benefited so much from allowing it time to breath and for nailing down the overall flow. Maybe even having a single writer/director team to tackle it (I don't care about that point too much).


    But yeah, Trevorrow's version of IX would have fit perfectly with the themes of TFA and TLJ (conflict and push/pull/redemption between Rey and Ben). And no Palpatine (confirming that it was never the plan, JJ brought it in after he took over). Trevorrow's IX was basically the best parts of TLJ continued (Ben and Rey's emotional conflict with each other, no big bad). Just a big character story about two people somehow tied together and who need each other but also unable to convert each other. 

    Disney’s error? What error? So far they’ve released two MASSIVELY successful movies. Two movies that made an ungodly amount for money and were, and I know this board doesn’t want to hear this, for the most part universally praised. So what mistake did Disney make? That they didn’t make 3 low budget Art House versions of Star Wars with Daniel Day Lewis screaming at Wilem Dafoe for 3 hours?

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  9. 7 hours ago, TheLeon said:

    My favorite part of this episode is when they reinforce that each planet in this galaxy is just 1-2 locations. “Well, this planet is taken”. Why, because this lady has a hotel room in the one village? Hop in your SPACESHIP, fly halfway around the planet in a few seconds or whatever, find another shitty little town to lay low. You never have to cross paths with her again. 

    maybe it’s a really small planet. 

  10. 7 hours ago, TheLeon said:

    My sister only makes it to the theater for a couple non-kid movies a year. After I wouldn’t shut up about it,  she and her husband went to see Knives Out over the Thanksgiving break, and they loved it. Having the extra time due to the holiday was key there, since they’re usually too busy. 

    Same. My wife and I only get to 3 or 4 movies a year at this point. There was no way we were missing Knives Out. So good. 

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