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  1. I wasn’t sure till Cooper, Del Toro and Fox Searchlight popped up. Now I’m def in.
  2. I believe the contract wasn’t exclusive with SDS. Just no one else decided to make a game.
  3. Where’s the Trish one!!!?!?!! Also I’ve already determined this is the greatest show of all time.
  4. That looks great! And at least it seems to be an example of “only make a sequal when you’ve got a story worthy to tell”.
  5. Jesus I can’t believe some of those were this decade. RDR(the good one) feels like ages ago.
  6. Yes. But it’s more frustrating than its worth to get it from Dathomir. After you finish the first story on Zeffo go back to the original planet and explore with your new force power. You’ll find it there too and it s much less frustrating.
  7. A) just ignore him. He gets lonely under his bridge. B) I like White Chicks a lot C) Can we please not have the Star Wars debate take over every other thread. D) Noelle 4/5 Very fun and cute for what it is. Anna Kendrick is so damn adorable in spite of her creepy legs.
  8. Lol at that second take. Just stopped watching the movie before Luke sacrifices himself to save the day I guess. What a coward. Lol.
  9. Oh god heaven help The Witcher show if it isn’t the second coming of LotR combined with only the good episodes of GoT. I can already hear the basement nerds cracking their fingers getting their preconceived critiques ready.
  10. Yooo was she lassoing Lightning?? That trailer was awesome! Music was perfect and they showed a lot still left a sense of mystery to the actual plot. Nicely done DC
  11. You forgot...The characters didn’t change at all from the OT this is bad and lazy writing. Why did they change the character so much from the OT they would never have done that! This is bad and lazy writing!
  12. This. If we’re being honest I really think a large chunk of the Marvel movies are kinda boring and forgettable. Even the bad DC movies I find more interesting and memorable. BvS is probably the only one I really kinda go “ewww” at.
  13. Can’t say I’ve felt disappointed at all by any of the episodes yet other than I wish they were all longer. I get the desire to have the shows story continually pushed but I’ve really enjoyed the last two episodes 🤷🏻‍♂️ Also I feel like I’m the only one that really really likes the music. Like a lot.
  14. Yo are you fucking kidding me with this shit? I’m getting real tired of your little act man. You’re not even reading what people are saying, just cherry picking what you want to hear then inserting some high and mighty faux bullshit counter point that involves accusing people of being racist or homophobic or like hitler or whatever. Shit is tired my man. Never, in anything ANYONE in this board has said, has someone said that profitability is THE metric for judging the success of art. NO ONE SAID THAT. It was listed as one of the ways something can be judged as successful. Along with critical acclaim and acclaim from the general public. Those are 3 ways that if combined you could say something is generally successful. Of course everyone has their own personnel take on what is and isn’t good art. No one is belittling that point. But this shit where every time someone disagrees with you, you jump out and accuse them of thinking like a racist or nazi or whatever is bullshit and needs to stop. Grow up man. Grow. Up.
  15. Good that looks great. Hopefully it’s more Casino Royale and Skyfall than Specter and that other one.
  16. that was me that said that. And to be fair I said it wasn’t a mistake because it was financially successful AND critically praised AND loved by the general audiences. I feel like when you hit all 3 of those it’s hard to say a mistake was made.
  17. I just don’t see Sauron and The Emperor as on the same level. The quest wasn’t the same. The stakes weren’t the same. The Emperor is barely even in the OT let alone the central source of conflict like Sauron is. Also the scenario you described is literally the plot of LotR. Sauron has come back from the dead. Also the Emporer isn’t the main evil in the ST either. I mean maybe they reveal him to be behind it all but outside of the PT he’s never front and center the way Sauron is. They’re not the same kind of antagonist. I’m not saying there’s no chance the Emperors use in the new movie won’t be stupid. Won’t know till it comes out. But I’m not willing to dismiss his mere existence as a terrible story idea without seeing how the story plays out.
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