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  1. I think we’ve seen the pinnacle of what Nintendo has been building towards. At this point I think we just see improvements of the Switch. Getting 1080p in handhold would be the next giant step imo. also for the love of god please get all the old games into the online system the way Wii did. I want to play N64 games on the switch soooo bad haha
  2. Ugh I can’t even think of the series without getting made. I LOVED Dead Space. I even really liked the Wii Spin off and the anime on Netflix. I was 100% all in on the story, the world and the mystery. Then came Dead Space 2. Which was just ok. The setting wasn’t as interesting, the story started to lose some mystery and they changed you from an Engineer fighting to survive with “tools” to Rambo going off with an Arsenal. Then Dead Space 3 was pure and utter garbage. It was like each subsequent game moved further and further from what made the original so interesting and unique. “Hey everyone what’s your favorite thing about the first game?” “Cool, we’re gonna start doing the opposite” Im literally heartbroken about the way that series turned out.
  3. I was annoyed there wasn’t an option for “Yes, for the first couple hours. Then it will be set in an underground research facility”
  4. I wanna say no but at the same time, in Judge I trust. There’s nothing he’s done that I didn’t find hilarious.
  5. Who was the actress with the tye dye type background? She was the only one I couldn’t figure out.
  6. Thanks man! He almost shit himself when we flew over your island 😂😂 Hes only been playing a week so we’re still living a pretty rugged life haha.
  7. Thanks man, missed out cause we were at Tee Ball but any time you’re willing to open up your island again lemme know. He’s excited to see other places
  8. I’m about to have two Switchs in my house since fucking Nintendo won’t let me have two damn islands 😡😡😡😡😡
  9. People aren’t insecure by logic, they’re just offended by stupid logic. And this is a stupid take so....
  10. An empty box filled with false promises and some tech they’ll abandon after a single generation in order to chase something else one of their competitors is already doing.
  11. I always play through the story once solo. After that I’ll seek out people to run through the game with.
  12. I used to crush Code Red in college. But now it makes my stomach hurt when I drink it 😔
  13. It’s still my go to movie to show off my surround sound set up. All though there’s not many people that surround sound needs to be showed off to any more lol
  14. What an incredibly odd movie to remake. I feel like the original has aged really well
  15. No because she annoys the hell out of me on Top Chef. seems like there’s a bunch of shows trying to fill the massive hole left by Bourdain and all come up way short. Gordan Ramsey’s Show isn’t that great either.
  16. same, I’m about 6 hours in. Just finished exploring the first big area you get to. Def very chill and laid back. Which is in actuality extremely stressful since I keep waiting for whatever moment kicks off the intense brutality lol
  17. Ended up getting my son the game and he’s loving it! He really isn’t sure what he’s doing but he’s enjoying it a lot despite all the reading and text. He’d love to visit some other people islands if anyone is open to that.
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